Menu Plan Monday

We’ve had some drama in our house over the weekend, so I’m getting a late start to my week.  Also.  The blog design biz is booming, which is a GOOD thing since the kids need fall clothes and school supplies, but I seem to be able to focus on only one job at a time.  Either I’m in design mode, or I’m in writer’s mode.  If only there was a cleaning mode and a laundry mode…

Add to all that, I’m supposed to be starting my Candida diet this week, and suddenly Menu Plan Monday just suddenly seems like a lot of work.  Bah humbug.

Of course, with a very specific diet, menu planning is also essential.  Otherwise, I will instantly regress, as I did this morning when I poured myself a bowl of granola with milk.  Since dairy and gluten are two huge no-no’s on the Candida diet, that was a huge step backwards.  I only just started observing the diet yesterday.  Yeah, go me!

I really should get all temptations out of the house, but my family might revolt.  So I guess I will need to develop some will power.

All that to say, here is my very loosey-goosey menu plan for the week:

MONDAY: Leftover hamburgers and hot dogs

TUESDAY: Chicken in a Pot, fresh steamed green beans, quinoa

WEDNESDAY: Something fishy?  I will go to Wegmans and see what looks good.

THURSDAY: Gosh this is hard. Um… Let’s go with steak on the grill and a veggie.  Maybe corn or potatoes for the fam.

FRIDAY: Pork?  Chicken again?  I have to keep things pretty simple, but I’m certainly open to suggestions.

Really, could I BE any more boring today?  I may have to stop Menu Plan Monday posts for a while. Never fear, I’m working on a post about my favorite back-to-school products and I still have a few book reviews in the works from my vacation reading series.  Stay tuned…