Menu Plan Monday

Here we go again! I can’t believe how quickly Monday comes around. I’ve taken to keeping my calendar clear on Mondays, and it’s amazing what that’s done for my mental health. Have you ever tried it? If you hate Mondays as much as I hate Mondays, you should give it a try.  Having the day to recuperate, reorganize, and plan my week helps me feel more in control and at peace with the busyness.

Today’s Goals:

1. Bake bread for the week
2. Make meal plan for the week
3. Make shopping list
4. Grocery shop
5. Write 4 posts for Eat Local Philly and schedule
6. Write 2 posts for Therapon and submit for review
7. Go running

And not necessarily in that order. If I leave running for last, that’s a sure guarantee it will never get done. (That’s a sure guarantee as opposed to any other kind. Heh.)

Thanks to this post, I got to cross two items crossed off my to-do list, just like that!  SCORE! (I should have added this post to the list simply so I could get the satisfaction of crossing three items off my list instead of just two. Yes, these are the mind games I play with myself.)

Here’s my menu plan for this week. As I wrote this out, I also made my shopping list. I’m trying to make the most of the fresh produce that is still available in our area.

Menu Plan:

MONDAY: Broccoli and Cheese Soup with freshly baked homemade bread
TUESDAY: Tilapia Parmesan with Braised Winter Squash* and collard greens
WEDNESDAY: Chicken Scallopine and roasted brussels sprouts
THURSDAY: Beef Burritos (I’ll make 2 batches and freeze one for future.)
FRIDAY: Lentil Vegetable Soup (This makes a TON; I’ll definitely be able to freeze half for dinner another week.)

*recipe to come

How about you? Have you been meal planning lately?