Mom Fashion | What I Wore This Week 12.21.11

This week is all about neutrals! You wanna know why? I got myself a Christmassy red manicure last weekend, and now I feel like everything I own clashes with it. So be prepared to be wowed by GRAY!!! I know, I’m such a plain jane. So let’s get this over-with already.

I have no idea where I wore this. I can’t remember, how pathetic is that? Anyway, this dolman-sleeve sweater was an impulse buy at Nordstrom Rack last fall when I went shopping with a gift certificate they sent me. I haven’t been back since, but I really should go at least once a month and see what they have. It’s a great place to go when you don’t have anything specific in mind and you want to find a good deal. The cropped cords you’ve seen eleventy-trillion times, and I wore these black patent ballet flats (from Nine West, like 2 years ago.) The handbag is another oldie-but-goodie, my first Orla Kiely. I still love it. Chunky hoops, a long chain necklace, a beaded bracelet, and a watch with red band complete the look.

what I wore thursday

Oh I remember now! I wore this to church (like two weeks ago – I guess I forgot to post it last week?) And also, sometime after I took this photo, I ditched the necklace and wore a plum scarf instead. I thought the outfit needed color. So there. Mystery solved.

Okay so this? I wore to a casual family Christmas party at a friend’s house. You’ve seen the sweater, but I paired it with jeans instead of the gray cords this time.

This is what I wore to the Christmas Tree Farm. I love this white puffy coat and gray faux fur lined hood that I picked up on sale at Nordstrom a few years back. I wore a gray turtleneck sweater (a different one from the one above.) I’m beginning to think I might have a slight surplus of gray in my wardrobe . . . WHAT? Shaddup!

Aaaaaand I wore the same skinny jeans tucked into the same gray boots. Okay, well. I’m nothing if not predictable!

And finally, DATE NIGHT! My husband and I hired a sitter and spent the evening at the mall eating dinner and Christmas shopping, followed by a spontaneous trip to the grocery store to stock up before the holidays. The man knows how to romance me, eh!? No, seriously, this was my request.

I was determined NOT to wear gray so I went with black instead. Bwahaha. No, really, I was determined to wear something with color so I went for this teal ruffle-neck top with the tan cords. I like to wear my brown suede boots with this outfit, but it was raining so I grabbed my trusty Dansko Brinkley boots that I got for review last winter and topped the outfit off with a cozy black hooded cardi.

I couldn’t decide which picture to post so I used all 3! I did add earrings before going out for the evening, not sure why I forgot them when I put on my necklace and bracelet.

And that’s a wrap. As usual, I’m linking up with the What I Wore Wednesday and Monday Mingle blog carnivals.

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13 thoughts on “Mom Fashion | What I Wore This Week 12.21.11

  1. It struck me the other day when I was looking at my closet and noticing that I have mostly solids in there that I’m not the only one… I always think I should add some interesting detail with a pattern of some sort, but I’m drawn to solids, so I wear them and it seems like I’m the only one around here. At least when I see your Wednesday posts I see that someone else likes solids too 🙂

    1. I do prefer solids. I’m TRYING to venture out more, but I haven’t done very well with that! I really am very much a plain jane when it comes to my outfits, which is why I am always amazed at how much people like these posts. They do challenge me to try to put my clothes together in different ways, when I typically wear the same exact outfits over and over. But I’m not much into accessories and layering, or printed fabrics either, and I wear jeans almost every day! LOL. I think in the end, style is more about fit than anything.

  2. I seeeeee. YES the skinnies look GREAT on you. Now I see what you meant on my *ahem* skinny jeans post. Thanks for the encouragement. And the WIWW is AWESOME. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You are really inspiring me to get my fashion act together for the new year. I wouldn’t consider myself super diva or anything, but before I had my daughter I was VERY into what I wore (and have the stale wardrobe to prove it). Getting my act in gear, and thank you for the motivation. I always gravitated toward prints and fun colors, but I’ve been getting more neutrals lately and doing fun accessories. I love outfit #1. Have a good day Jo-Lynne.

  4. gray boots. I know you have worn those gray boots before but I am on the hunt for some gray boots…..and was just curious what brand yours were? Hey, I am loving the gray in your wardrobe…..wish we lived closer.

  5. I love gray!! It’s my new favorite color in clothing. I have way too much of it, but my eye always goes toward anything gray.

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