Mom Fashion | What I Wore This Week 12.28.11

This week has been a whirlwind here at Casa de Musings, as I’m sure it has been in most houses across the country! And yet, I still had time to grab some photos, go figure. I guess it’s just become part of my routine, lol.

For those of you who aren’t regulars and are wondering what the heck is she doing? Lindsey started this blog carnival called “What I Wore Wednesday” to keep herself accountable to getting dressed every day. Like many stay-at-home moms, she found herself resorting to yoga pants or even pajamas as her daily mom uniform, and she decided to get out of that rut. Her blog carnival has taken off like wildfire, and moms everywhere are linking up and posting photos of their daily outfits as a means of holding themselves accountable to looking put together for their families, and whoever else they might come in contact with. (I’m sure that postmen across the country are thanking her! HA!)

It’s also become away to get fashion inspiration, as many fashion blogs have joined in the fun. I admit, I feel awfully silly posting all these pictures of myself, but these posts are consistently among my most popular every week, and I have to admit, the accountability really has helped me get out of my pajamas (most days!) I am so much more productive when I put myself together and feel a lot better too.

These pictures are from last week, I think. I found them on the recesses of my camera’s photo roll. I was proud of myself for wearing a pattern! These are all pieces I’ve worn many, MANY times before, but I had never put them together until last week.

everyday syle

Okay, here I’m going to show you something. This right here? THIS is what most of my “What I Wore Wednesday” photos look like before editing. Lest you think I live in a perpetual state of perfection.

Yep, that is my kitchen, in all its glory.

After a little cropping, a little color straightening, a little color correction, voilà!

casual mom style

As the incomparable Alli Worthington once said, “It’s either me or the house!” That pretty much sums it up around here too, I’d have to say. I have never developed the knack of keeping a tidy house. I would love to be one of those moms when I grow up. If you’re one of those moms, what’s your trick??

By the way, that is the outfit I wore to volunteer in my daughter’s classroom and help out with her Christmas party. I love the evergreen color of this sweater. It’s Christmassy without being cliché.

Speaking of cliché, the day I helped out in my other daughter’s classroom, the now legendary day of the waffles, I went all out and wore red.

everyday mom style

Here I am trying out my new boot socks.

I always feel cute in this brown hoodie, but  when I see pictures I always think it looks dumpy. I’m sure I’ll continue to wear it because it is so comfy and I like the colors, but I wouldn’t be posting it except that I love the boot socks! I think I’ll scrunch them down just a bit more next time — they’re kind of high. And also, this outfit needs a necklace. Truthfully, I did well to get dressed that day. It was only the motivation of wanting to try out my new socks that got me out of my sweatpants.

And finally, this is what I wore to church on Christmas Sunday.

Christmas Sunday Outfit

That tweed pencil skirt and a magenta cashmere sweater I’ve had for ages. I wish I’d gotten a close-up shot of the suede pumps. They are DIVINE. My mom bought them for me a few years ago, and I pull them out for special occasions.

As usual, I’m linking up with Monday Mingle and What I Wore Wednesday.

Did you play along? If so, let me know so I can come check it out!