Mom Fashion | What I Wore This Week

Considering that I spent the better part of the past week on the couch with body aches, cold chills and a constant need for the, erm, facilities, I don’t have much to show you in the way of fashion inspiration. But I do have a couple of pictures.

Yesterday was unseasonably warm in Philly, and it’s expected to be much the same today. The temps reached 60 according to the thermometer in my car!!!

I have one question. WHERE WAS THIS WEATHER WHEN I WAS HAVING MY WORKSHOP??? Oh well. Clearly it was not meant to be.

I used the opportunity to shuck the boots and galavant around town without my coat. (I also went on my first run since my infirmities.) It. was. glorious.

Here’s what I wore running errands. Nothing too exciting, but I do love this embellished tee (that seems to be shrinking in the dryer. It’s getting too short. Drat. Hate it when that happens.)

embellished tee from LOFT Outlet

black hooded drapey sweater from Nordstrom

gray skinny cords from Bloomies on sale end of last winter

black flats by Nine West (years ago)

long silver necklace (not sure where it’s from)

And on Monday, my first day off the couch for three days, I wore my cream Athleta sweater, but instead of pairing it with jeans, I tried it with these tan cords.

I like the color combo, because it allows the blue tank to pop more, but I had no idea what shoes to wear with it. I went with my brown suede boots, but they really aren’t working for me. The sweater has an athletic vibe going on, and the boots . . . well, don’t. But I didn’t want to wear sneakers. Thoughts??

I just had to put those pictures together. Doesn’t it look like I’m looking at myself?

I think I’m saying, Dang girl. You look skinny. You must have had the stomach flu last week. 

Heehee. I crack myself up sometimes.

(I lost 8 pounds last week. Which might sound glorious, but trust me, I wouldn’t advise it — not by this method, anyway. And before you yell at me, I’ve already gained 3 back. My muffin top will be alive and well in short order, I’m sure.)

Oh yeah, here’s what I’m wearing:

Athleta Rib Zip Hoodie

blue tank from Banana

tan cords on sale at Bloomies last winter

brown suede boots from Nine West Outlet last fall

necklace by Grace Tags

And also please note my new necklace!

My good friend Janelle is making jewelry stamped with Christian messages and scripture verses. Mine says By Grace Alone. I love it.

Stick around, as there just may be a Grace Tags giveaway in the near future!!

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