Mom Trends In My Neighborhood — Western Philadelphia Suburbs

Katja from Skimbaco wants to know:  What are the mom trends in your neighborhood?  (Hat tip to Steph at Adventures in Babywearing.)  Her specific questions are:

What’s the most seen stroller?  What’s the official "Mom Uniform"?
Mini Van, SUV or something else?  Strolling around . . . with a jogger or
pram?  What’s the IN babywearing?  Or no for slings?  Chai Tea or Non-fat

What’s the product everyone has?  How do the moms in your
neighbourhood dress their children?  Sporty or preppy?  Classic or
trendy?  Minimalistic or ruffles and bows?

Write about the
products Moms use in your neighbourhood – not necessarily what are your
favorite products, but what are the most used products in your part of

People in my neighborhood don’t spend a lot on their clothes and aren’t usually concerned with brand names.  The "Mom Uniform" is pretty basic.  Most of us wear t-shirts or tank tops with capri pants in the summer months and jeans or khakis in the cooler months.  The moms in my neighborhood shop mostly at Kohl’s and Old Navy, the younger ones at the Gap and American Eagle.  Some of us like Ann Taylor Loft. 

This is my signature fall outfit.

A v-neck t-shirt:

With my favorite Lucky jeans:

I also notice a lot of "activewear" among the moms dropping kids off at preschool in the mornings.  They must be working out while their kids are in school.  Or at least that’s what they want us to think.  Or I’m feeling defensive because that’s what I’m supposed to be doing; I just haven’t gotten around to starting yet.  Yes, procrastination is alive and well here at Casa de Housewife.  But I digress.

On the feet?  Sneakers, flip-flops, or comfy slip-on styles are popular.

When we go out at night, we dress up our usual capris and jeans with a cute top or sweater and maybe a high-heeled shoe or boot. 

Vera Bradley and other patterned bags are a common sight.

Kids in my neighborhood dress mostly from Target and Kohls, as well as some Old Navy, Gap, and Gymboree.  The older girls like Limited Too.  They are pretty trendy, I guess, but they aren’t overly concerned with brand names.

My son’s favorite outfits involve "activewear". 

My daughter’s
favorite outfits involve a skirt of some sort.  And pink.  There MUST
be pink in every outfit.

Crocs are all the rage, of course. 

There are wealthier parts of the Philly suburbs where trends differ a bit.  (There you will find a lot of Lilly Pullitzer dresses and
big hair bows on little girls, boutique styles and such.)  But where I live, the trends I’ve
described above are pretty much the status quo.

I haven’t noticed any particular stroller trends in my neck of the woods.  I see lots of Peg Peregos at the mall.  And there are always the Combis and the Gracos.  There’s not a lot of babywearing, but I do see slings occasionally.  Personally, I have a love affair with my Maclaren Quest.

Minivans and SUVs pretty much rule the parking lots.

The product everyone has?  Our neighbors are into their toys.  Many have those huge inflatable backyard water slides.  That’s definitely the latest trend in kids’ toys around here.

Conclusion:  The Philly mom spends her money on gadgets and toys over clothes and shoes.  Priorities depend largely on where you live in the suburbs, making it hard to generalize.  Styles are what I’d call preppy/trendy.  There isn’t a lot of originality.  The chain stores are pretty all we have out my way.  The boutiques are more common in Philly and in the "Main Line" suburbs.  The crunchy lifestyle hasn’t really taken hold here yet, but there are pockets of the suburbs where that is hip.

So what are the mom trends in your area?  Leave me a my comment, or do your own post!  If you post, be sure to sign Katja’s Mr. Linky.