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So it seems from the comments on this post that most of us are still favoring the bootcut style.  And it’s no wonder.  It does seem to be the most universally flattering style of pant.

Personally, on me, the bootcut is my favorite all-around cut of jean, and it’s definitely my preferred cut for wearing with heels.  I hope they stay around for-EV-er.

But.  I do like to wear straight-leg jeans with a ballet flat.

The straight cut is a great way to get in on the skinny jean trend without actually wearing skinny jeans.  Because, as Sheila pointed out in my comments, anything with “skinny” in the title has a little too much expectation.  (That cracked me up.)

I would go so far as to say that skinny jeans are flattering on approximately 1% of the general population, and of that 1%, only a small fraction of them are women over 30.  Straight-leg jeans, however, are much more forgiving.

Here’s how to tell the difference.

Then there is always the wide-leg jean.  I’m not a huge fan of it, but I know that it can be flattering on some.

I’m pretty sure how this is going to play out, but out of curiosity, here’s a poll.  What’s your favorite cut of jeans?

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  1. I am huge fan the boot-cut jean, but I also like the wide-leg as well…I do have to wear boots or high heels with the wide-leg though.

  2. Haha! It is funny you are talking about this. I am feeling less and less comfortable in my wide legs. I was always a big fan of straight cut jeans, personally, but since the flared look came in I haven’t worn them! It has been a long time. I do NOT like skinny jeans, but obviously if that trend comes back in to stay for some years, I will be wearing them. *rolleyes*

    Anyhow, I say it is funny you are talking about this, because my eldest dd and I have been discussing it a lot lately. I say that I am glad straight is coming back and she (in total denial) says, “I will never wear skinny jeans!!” hahahaha I tell her “JUST WAIT!” 😉

  3. I can do bootcut or wide leg but usually end up with bootcut because Honey isn’t a fan of the wide leg. But I get more compliments on the wide leg jeans at work. So I’ll vote wide leg just to be a little different.

  4. i voted boot cut (like 2/3 of the people so far!) but i must admit that i do love a good trouser jean and my pair of straight legs. thank goodness of gap and old navy and their affordable jeans selection so i can try everything!

  5. I went for bootcut. What can I say, I’m petite. Bootcut jeans with heels is one of my favorite looks. Straight leg jeans are tricky to me–some women look too hippy in them. Like the picture you showed, I don’t think it is a terribly flattering look on the model. But what do I know?

  6. I used to be all about the straight leg jean – mostly because I grew up in the 70’s and had a hard time thinking about going back to the “bell” bottoms and the fact that I was a good amount overweight. In the last year I have lost 45lbs and can now wear the bootcut jeans and actually look pretty good in them. I’m just happy that the rise is getting higher. We have a saying at our house. “Just say no the crack” and we don’t mean the drug!


  7. Old Navy Sweetheart jeans in Short length are the best jeans I’ve found for myself so far. The bootcut balances out my hips, thighs without making me look like I have bony ankles. The seat and thigh are roomy for the junk in the trunk. I always have to buy jeans for how they fit at the hips and they are always big at the waist. Oh well I wouldn’t trade my butt in for jeans that fit at the waist… LOL

    Oh yeah and no butt cleavage… crack kills!

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