Got nothing. So tired. So busy. Can’t keep up with it all.

Got 10 posts budding in my drafts folder, none of which are blossoming at the moment.

Got homework to assist and piano lessons to remember and doctor appointments chauffeur and dinners to prepare.

Got blogs to design and posts to write and children to tend to and laundry piling higher with every passing day.

And yet there’s life going on out there.  I feel self-adsorbed . . . consumed with accomplishing what needs to be accomplished inside these four walls.

And I forget.

I forget about those around me who are struggling.  Sick, jobless, husbandless.  I could do so much.  But I don’t.

There’s always one more post to write . . . one more email to answer . . .  one more tweak to this design or that design . . . one more load of laundry to fold . . .  one more dish to wash . . . one more toy to put away . . . one more child to kiss goodnight.

THIS is my mission field.  I know this.  I take comfort in that.  But there is life beyond these four walls.

I want to do more.

I want to BE more.

Am I REALLY doing the best I can do?

Are any of us?