Mother’s Day Tea

Is there an apostrophe in Mother’s Day?  I never know.

Today was the annual cryfest Mother’s Day Tea at my daughter’s preschool.  I don’t know when I’ll learn to bring a Kleenex to these events.

I arrived at the school on time and looking like a drowned rat, thanks to the monsoon outside.  I stood in line in the hallway with the other mothers as we waited to be escorted one-by-one by our children into the classroom.  I had tears in my eyes before I even entered the room.  When the little girl in line before mine came out to usher her mother into the room, she looked up with such love and adoration that I had to blink fast to stop the tears from spilling over.

Soon it was my turn to try to fit my adult-sized rump into a miniature chair. In my place was a pretty potted plant, a tissue-paper flower corsage, and a handmade card from my little princess. She was eager to tell me how she made the ladybugs on the pot with her thumb prints.

After we were all seated and welcomed, our children brought us each a plate of cookies and a single chocolate covered strawberry. Fortunately, the teachers passed out the lemonade so we moms didn’t end up wearing it.

I had to fight my daughter for the strawberry. I told her that only a mother’s love would cause me to turn over that delectable treat to her grubby little fingers.

After snacks, we were treated to a short presentation and then the teacher read a paragraph from each child about their mommies, and we had to guess whose was whose. It was clearly a fill-in-the-blank form with their answers at the end of each sentence. Mine read as follows:

“I love my mom because she plays Uno Attack with me. She is prettiest when she wears dresses. My mom likes to make Cheerios. My mom always says good night. My mom is funny when she is never funny.”

I must say, this was quite the learning experience. First of all, if Uno Attack is so important to her, I probably should try to play with her more than once a week.

And I think she has seen me in a dress all of two times in her entire life. Evidently this has made quite an impact on her. I see a few new dresses in my future.

My culinary prowess is evidently lost on my child. I may just give up cooking and resort to Cheerios for dinner, if that is her meal of choice. Hey, more time for blogging, eh?

I was trying to figure out why, out of everything I say to her, “good night” is what she remembers most. Then I deduced that this is probably because I say “good night” with such glee, knowing that the house is finally ALL MINE for a couple of glorious hours.

And finally, and perhaps most sobering of everything I learned today, I am not funny. EVER. Perhaps I should just shut down this blog and take a job as a professional mourner or something. Maybe that would be better suited to my lack of humor.

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  1. What a sweetie! I went to the same Mother’s Day Tea today! They had a slide show of pictures of the kids with their moms, and had them write something about us. It was really cute! Before HipChick got out of the car this morning, she said, “Remember, wear something fancy!” The teachers about had a heart attack, since they’re so used to seeing me in my pajamas!

  2. Whatever, C. I can attest that you mom is HILARIOUS!

    Last year Ellie filled in the blank with my favorite thing being “going shopping all the time.”

    Husband LOVED that one.

  3. It sounds like a wonderful time! And what does a 4 year old know about humor – you are too funny. Don’t worry, I think M would have said that I am funny when I yell all the time.

  4. My daughter, when prompted to compare her mum to her favorite things, wrote the following:
    My Mum is a lovely bowl of Irish Stew!

    We don’t have Mothers Day Tea here in our playgroups, but sound a great mix of cuteness and an excuse to eat strawberries with chocolate – however I think they should have served 2 strawberries, to avoid all that therapy later in life, as the kids deal with the devestation!

  5. I know why your daughter doesn’t think you’re funny.

    She’s not old enough to realize it – and appreciate your humor.

    I LOVE your sense of humor. Your interpretation of her Mommy paragraph is hysterical!

    Save that one!

  6. Every year I say I want to do this with my class and every year I stinkin forget. Isn’t funny finding out the little things that make such a big impact on our kids. And don’t worry, I think you are funny!

  7. there is in fact an apostraphe in Mother’s Day. It’s a possesive noun. It’s YOUR day, you possess it, and therefor deserve the apostraphe!

  8. Too,cute. Please have C contact me at anytime and I would be willing to fill her in on just how funny you are even when you aren’t trying.

  9. This is hilarious. I had the pleasure of a kindergarten Mother’s Day Tea yesterday, where I found that I am special because I take my daughter for walks. Today was the preschool Mother’s Day Tea, where I also was treated to TWO chocolate covered strawberries. Apparently my 3 1/2 year old doesn’t like them. I don’t know how that is possible, but I was glad to eat hers!

  10. that was just tooo funny & weepy all at the same time! I’m thinking she has a brilliant teacher!

  11. Man! It doesn’t matter where you live, if you are a mom you have one of those ladybug pots with the blue rim. It must be a pre-school secret.

    I love mine!

    Looks like you both had a fun morning.

    Happy Friday!

  12. This is the first year I didn’t do the tea since my daughter graduated from kindergarten last year and is a big-time first-grader, soon to be second-grader. I can totally relate to the “cryfest.” You go into the whole deal thinking it’s going to be real cute and fun and then, you’re given this stuff that your child makes for you and says about you …. then, bring on the waterworks. It only gets worse with time!

  13. Jo-Lynne, I could not stop laughing at this post, so your little one is definitely wrong about the “never funny” part. It was so funny that I read it aloud to my hubby (who hates when I do that) and he laughed too — which is more that I can usually get him to do. Seriously — are you sure she’s not 16? Happy Mother’s Day!

  14. Ha! I love that she said you’re never funny. But I bet if you asked her she could come up with a trillion funny things daddy does. Dads are funny. Moms aren’t. Moms are soft and warm and safe and pretty in dresses. They should all be morticians. 🙂

  15. HA…don’t you love those letters from children. It’s like, um thank you. I think.

    xo. Have a very happy Mother’s Day!

  16. Save the pot. It is priceless, trust me! 30 years from now!! About the “funny” discussion. I think, it has everything to do with C’s definition of “funny.” Maybe she thinks it means “funny weird” not “funny ha ha”. Seriously. She adores you – wants to be just like you – and she would never describe you as “funny.”

  17. What a wonderful time! Even if C doesn’t think you’re funny, rest assured that MOST kids don’t think their parents are funny either. You’re in good company!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

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