No, we’re not selling our house and moving across town.  But after two years of happily typing away at the little computer armoire tucked in a cozy corner of our family room, I am officially moving up.

I had been outgrowing that little mini-office for some time.  When we got the new iMac, we had to bust out some of the shelves from my little home within our home to make room for the monster screen that I love and diva kiss at least once a day.  (You know the diva kiss — the kind where you don’t actually touch your arms or lips to the object of your affection because you might muss your perfect makeup, or, in the case of my beloved iMac, leave a smudge on the pretty screen.)

Then, as I spent more and more time designing blogs and buttons with my right hand on the mouse and my arm dangling off the flimsy pull-out keyboard tray, I began to develop pain and numbness in my arm and elbow.  I know two people who have had carpal tunnel surgery in the past year, and I knew that I could not continue working in that situation.

I told my husband of my discomfort a couple of days ago, and he immediately moved the computer and all its paraphernalia to the dining room, where I now sit with a pastoral view out my double window and the morning sunlight pouring in.  It’s a much more pleasant place to work, and I have all the space a girl could want, plus the support of a stable table beneath my arms. 


This is my DINING ROOM.  It is furnished with a formal antique furniture and intended for entertaining, but it’s awfully hard to entertain with a 24-inch computer monitor monopolizing half the table along with two laptops (husband’s) and a bunch of other crap clutter that is too unimportant to list.

I do, however, have another option.  There is actually a room in our house designed to be an office.  It is located right inside the front door, and at the moment it contains half our children’s toys.  When we moved in, we didn’t have a finished basement, and we didn’t have office furniture, so that room became a playroom.  And while having a playroom on the main living level is incredibly convenient, it isn’t a particularly attractive sight when you enter our home.

If we were to move the toys to the basement, then I could have my very own office.  But that would involve furnishings.  Which we don’t have and really don’t care to purchase at the moment.  And I would be more secluded from the activity in the house.  Which may sound like a pro, but I consider it a con.  With the ages of my children, I need to be visible and available.  Which I was in the family room, and I still am to an extent in the dining room, but the office?  Notsomuch.

It would also mean that my 2-year-old and 5-year-old would have to play in the basement, which isn’t ideal at this stage of life.  I prefer that the basement be the place I send the big boys when the weather isn’t conducive to playing out of doors.  I fear they would damage the little girl toys with their rambunctious boyishness, and when they are all down there together, they tend to fight. 

It’s so nice having two designated play areas.  Yes, I realize no one NEEDS that much space, but it sure has is convenient.  Besides all that, I just like having my girls playing on the same floor of the house that I am habiting.

So basically, I either give up my dining room or my playroom, each with its own set of pros and cons.  Which would YOU choose?