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I know it’s been a little bit heavy on sponsored posts around here. It’s always crazy this time of year, with brands clamoring to spread the news about their best products and services for holiday gift giving. Please know that I choose carefully those brands I will promote here, and I only participate in those campaigns which allow me to write the post in my own way and tell my stories. 

But today I’m going old school blogger, and I made up a fun little meme. I hope you’ll play along!! You can post it to your blog or share your answers in the comments. 🙂

My Favorites Meme

My favorite new song :: Brighter Than The Sun (I love running to this song. It makes me want to lift my face towards the sky, put my hands in the air, and spin around in circles. But don’t worry, I resist the temptation because it might scare the neighbors.)

My favorite new toy :: Okay, I guess I’ll go with my iPhone.

Transitioning from Android to Apple has not gone as smoothly as I’d hoped (in fact, I have a post in the works about just that!!) But I am still glad I got the iPhone for several reasons, one of which is . . .

My favorite new app :: instagr.am (Funny, at first when I saw people posting photos from instagr.am, I didn’t get it but now I LOVE it. For those who don’t know, it enables you to crop your photos and apply a filter of your choice, which gives it a retro appearance, reminiscent of the Polaroids of our youth. Or at least MY youth. Some of you young’uns probably don’t even REMEMBER Polaroids!)

Favorite (old) Christmas story :: Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree (Seriously. Best secular Christmas story ever! I had it when I was a kid, and I bought it for my kids. They never tire of this story.)

Favorite new snack :: Kettle Brand Sea Salt Potato Chips

Favorite new recipe :: Gluten Free Banana Bread (I’m still amazed at how good this is. Seriously it does NOT taste like it’s gluten free in the least.)

gluten free banana bread

My favorite new TV Show :: Parenthood (Okay, it is not new, but it is simply the best show on TV (in my humble opinion), and I don’t have any new shows I’ve started watching since I discovered it. If you haven’t seen it, start with season one, and watch them all. You won’t regret it!)

Favorite new lipstick :: Chanel’s LÈVRES SCINTILLANTES in #84 — IMAGINAIRE.

Favorite new accessory :: Vera Bradley Frill Button-Up Tote (Mine is lime green and black, but there are NO photos of it online and I’m too lazy to take one.)

Favorite Christmas tradition :: For sure, going out to cut down our family Christmas tree. I look forward to this every year! (We STILL have not gotten our tree this year. I don’t think we’ve ever waited this late. Fortunately, thanks to my mom, I have lots of other Christmas decorations around to make our house feel festive.)

Favorite New Beverage :: Gewürztraminer from Castoro Cellars (See my review here.)

My favorite indulgence :: UGG – Cozy Knit Slippers (Seriously so comfy.)

ugg cozy knit slippers

How about you?? What are your favorites??

Feel free to play along! If you post to your blog, please link back here so I can be sure to see it!

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  1. I’ve been neglecting the blog, so I’ll play along. I’ll come back and add a link later. I love the community aspect of IG too. Have you seen StickyGram? You can get magnets of your IG photos, cheap! I’m giving some to godparents, since we never print pics of our kids.

  2. I might do this as well and will link back. I never had a smart phone until this past September and I honestly love my iPhone. We also just got the iPad and I’m starting to play around with that too. I just downloaded Instagram and Luuuuuuuuuurve it!!! I’ll have to start following you – I’m still new at it so I’ll have to figure out how to start following people. It’s very cool though and I feel like I’m starting to see the beauty in things I would otherwise not photograph. Fun post Jo-Lynne!

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