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My Go-To Kitchen Gifts for the Holidays

When I want to give a gift that is practical and useful, I usually get something for the kitchen. I mean, who doesn’t love fresh new dishes or cookware? And if it makes their life easier, even better. This year, my go-to kitchen gifts are cookware and accessories from Our Place, and right now they’re having their biggest sale of the season!

In case you’re just tuning in, Our Place is the maker of the highly acclaimed Perfect Pot and Always Pan. They’re sold separately or as a set called the Home Cook Duo. Together, these two pieces of cookware can replace a stockpot, dutch oven, sauce pot, roasting rack, steamer, colander, braiser, and spoon rest. Seriously!

Perfect Pot // Always Pan // Home Cook Duo

What I love about these pans, besides their versatility, is they’re non-toxic, non-stick, super lightweight, and easy to clean. Not a day goes by that someone in our house doesn’t use at least one of these pans. I especially love the built-in spoon rest on the Perfect Pot and integrated spatula on the Always Pan.

To refresh your memory, the Always Pan is a multi-use 10″ pan that comes with a nesting beechwood spatula and a custom stainless steel steamer basket. This pan works as a fry pan, sauté pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, spatula, and spoon rest. It really is a genius invention, and it’s currently on sale for $99 — that’s a savings of $46!

And the Perfect Pot is a 5.5-quart multi-use pot that comes with a straining lid, beechwood spoon designed to nest on your pot, and a nonstick roasting rack that doubles as a steamer. It also has a modular lid that allows you to strain and pour.

Perfect Pot

Our Place also makes plates and glassware in the same modern, minimalist style; and I love how they’re all designed to be stackable to save you shelf space. They all come in sets of 4 or 8, and are offered in a range of coordinating colors.

Side Bowls // Main Plates // Drinking Glasses // Always Pan ($99!) // Dinner for 4 ($100 off!)

The 6″ porcelain side bowls and 9.75″ main plates are hand-painted with a glossy, hand-speckled finish on top, and they’re currently on sale for $15 off the sets of 4 and $25 off the sets of 8. These dishes are all lightweight and durable as well as dishwasher and microwave safe.

Side Bowls // Main Plates // Drinking Glasses // Tabletop Set ($50 off)

And these hand-blown 12 oz. drinking glasses are sustainably made from recycled glass and sand and naturally dyed with elements from the earth. I really like the unique shape, and how they’re all stackable.

These glasses are also on sale for $10 off the set of 4 and $30 off the set of 8, and I chose the color Dusk to coordinate with the plates and bowls in the Steam.

Drinking Glasses

Any of these products make great gifts, and you can save even more when you purchase as Bundles. Gift them as sets, or break them up to spread among several people on your list.

Dinner for 4 includes the cult-favorite Always Pan along with a set of 4 drinking glasses, 4 side bowls, and 4 main plates for a cost savings of $100. This is the perfect gift for anyone starting their kitchen collection or wanting an update.

Side Bowls // Main Plates // Drinking Glasses // Always Pan ($99!) // Dinner for 4 ($100 off!)

I’ve also been enjoying the Knife Trio and this gorgeous Walnut Cutting Board. These can also be purchased individually or as a bundle for a cost savings of $115.

Serrated Slicing Knife // Everyday Chef’s Knife // Precise Paring Knife // Knife Trio // Walnut Cutting Board // Fully Prepped Bundle

Shipping and returns are always free at Our Place, and you can try their products risk-free for 30 days. While the Bundles definitely give you the biggest savings, you can use my code JOLYNNESHANE10 to save 10% off any of the full-price items.

If you don’t look this happy when you’re cooking, you might need to rethink your cookware… just sayin’.

Whether you’re buying for yourself or someone else, you can feel good about purchasing from a company that is committed to producing ethically sourced, sustainable kitchen products that are thoughtfully designed to be functional and look good too.

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photos: Alison Cornell

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18 thoughts on “My Go-To Kitchen Gifts for the Holidays

      1. How do you like your induction cooktop? Is it pretty easy to clean? I have a glass cook top now, oven gave out and shopping for a new one. Thanks!

        1. I like it a lot, but I wouldn’t necessarily go with this brand again. We had some issues with it… hopefully they’re resolved now. But I do like the induction a lot! Boils water so fast, easy to clean, very responsive, I was afraid I’d regret not getting gas, but I am very happy with it.

  1. Is the pan truly non-stick? I bought cookware last year that claimed to be non-stick and certainly looked it but after a year, things are beginning to stick.

    1. It doesn’t have a Teflon coating but food doesn’t stick to it. When it does, it cleans off easily.

      Edited to add: that probably sounds contradictory, but I hope it makes sense. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I always choose the always pan when I go to make eggs or anything like that. I also notice I need less oil than with my stainless or cast iron pans.

  2. I’m thinking of getting these plates. What color is “steam?” Off-white or light gray? Hard to tell on their website and in your photos.

  3. I bought both pots after you featured them, Jo-Lynne as we are renovating a house and purchased an induction cooktop. I love these pots as much as I love my Le Creuset and Staub pats. The nice thing is that the pot is so light. And the non-stick that is not a chemical coating is amazing!

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