My hair and I have come to an understanding.

Or perhaps I should say, I have come to understand my hair.  It is determined to flip.  Ironically, the flipping is less dramatic when I work with it rather than against it.  After much experimentation, this is the final product:

Dontcha like how I’m getting all creative with my poses?  Lookout middle mommy age models, there’s a new girl in town!  Ha!

I actually think I would like it more if the length were a half-inch shorter.  Or if that shortest layer weren’t so thick.  But for now, it shall remain. 

Next time I think I will go for a different cut altogether.

I think I might like to go back to the cut I had last summer.  What do yall think?

Nevermind that one side is an inch longer than the other.  That was the hairdresser who always gave me lopsided haircuts.  (I can’t find the post where I talked about her to link you to.)  I loved the way she cut the rest of it, but I never got the hang of cocking my head to my right at an 85-degree angle at all times so that the length looked even.

Okay.  No more hair posts, I promise.  At least until I can justify another haircut.

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12 thoughts on “My hair and I have come to an understanding.

  1. Susanne – It’s brown and white, and thanks, I love it too!! That picture was from our church directory, and the lighting is strange. It does look silver and black.

    Midlife mom – I actually do have bangs. They are just swept to the side. I had the heavy curtain of bangs for so long that I just can’t bear to go back to it, even if it is all the rage.

    Karla – LOL! Doesn’t play nicely. Well, mine isn’t playing nicely in my new cut. It seems frizzy or something. It’s weird. I’m trying to like it, but it’s not making it very easy.

  2. I like your new hair but I think the one from last summer is very stylish too! That inch shorter really suits you. And I’m liking that black and silver top you’re wearing!

  3. I like the hair cut too but I still say you would be even more adorable in bangs! I just read that bangs are in again. Whew! Maybe I am in style for once!

    Fall has Fell here too! lol! It’s rather nippy at night and mornings. I like it though, it’s better then that humid sticky stuff!

    Go for it C! Happy shopping!

  4. I love last summers cut! Is it beveled in the back? My hairdresser ALWAYS leaves one side longer than the other too….I think my head may be lopsided.

  5. Ok…so instead of thinking about your hair, I was wondering why in the WORLD you didn’t have BUTTERED BUTTERED POPCORN? You are so tiny!!!!!!! Oh, and your hair is cute too 😉

  6. Ok you want to see bad haircuts . . . head over to my blog and check out my post about my new do. It was a few posts back, so you’ll have to find it there on the side, but you’ll see — she butchered me! Darn near shaved my head 🙂 I like your cut now, but really love last summer’s do.

  7. It doesn’t matter who cuts it or how I get it cut within 24 hours my hair looks exactly the same as it’s looked for the last 10 years (not good). I won’t leave any hair advice for fear of passing my jinx to you.

  8. Oh yes, I remember that post about the uneven cut because my stylist has done the same thing. I’m going in for a new do tomorrow so I’m already thinking of a tactful response just in case it happens again. I stand before you today to say I won’t leave that salon lopsided!

    Your hair looks really nice. I like it either way…both styles are great for you!

  9. Both look good, but I actually like last summer’s haircut better. Your hair looks fuller in the second picture. BUT–the current haircut looks great too. I always think about growing my hair out a bit so I can have option in styling, but I lose patience too quickly. And I HATE drying my hair, which is necessary regardless of length, so at least short gets dry quicker.

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