My hair and I have come to an understanding.

Or perhaps I should say, I have come to understand my hair.  It is determined to flip.  Ironically, the flipping is less dramatic when I work with it rather than against it.  After much experimentation, this is the final product:

Dontcha like how I’m getting all creative with my poses?  Lookout middle mommy age models, there’s a new girl in town!  Ha!

I actually think I would like it more if the length were a half-inch shorter.  Or if that shortest layer weren’t so thick.  But for now, it shall remain. 

Next time I think I will go for a different cut altogether.

I think I might like to go back to the cut I had last summer.  What do yall think?

Nevermind that one side is an inch longer than the other.  That was the hairdresser who always gave me lopsided haircuts.  (I can’t find the post where I talked about her to link you to.)  I loved the way she cut the rest of it, but I never got the hang of cocking my head to my right at an 85-degree angle at all times so that the length looked even.

Okay.  No more hair posts, I promise.  At least until I can justify another haircut.