My Lastest Mommy-Of-The-Year Moment

Note to self:  When your child tells you her milk tastes weird, you should take her seriously.

I have taken to purchasing organic milk, in my latest attempt to feed my children better.  As you may or may not know, organic milk comes in quantities no larger than a half-gallon carton.  Because, you know, if you saw the price per gallon, you might go into sticker shock and never purchase organic milk again.  But when they price it by the half gallon or quart, you are less likely to overlook that your arm and your leg are missing after you make your purchase.  So half-gallons it is. 

Now, when I buy half & half (you already know where this is heading, don’t you?) I always buy the largest possible quantity that I can find.  Because running out of half & half in this house is akin to losing our electricity or hot water.  We are SERIOUS about our half & half around here.  So a half-gallon it is.

Well, this morning I poured C a bowl of cereal with "milk" and absentmindedly picked up the half & half instead of the milk carton.  I was busy doing housework reading blogs and didn’t pay much attention when she told me the milk tasted yucky.  I figured she had seen the carton and assumed it wasn’t regular milk.  She can be peculiar like that. 

So I basically told her to put up and shut up (well, I was a tad more diplomatic than that) and went back to my housework blog reading.  Later in the morning, after I had emptied her soggy half-eaten bowl of extra-thick cereal into my sink and STILL hadn’t noticed anything was amiss, I went to the fridge to grab the half & half, and the light dawned.

That poor child.  No wonder she didn’t want to finish her cereal.