My Son, Sports Enthusiast

I’m not into over-scheduling the summer, so I only signed my son up for one camp.  And it’s this week.  D is so excited, not just to play 15 hours of sports this week, but also because his best neighborhood buddy, who usually spends his sumer days at daycare, is going to spend the week with us, going to camp with him in the mornings and then coming back here to spend his afternoons.

This morning, the boy arrived bright and early, and his mother informed us that her waterslide is still set up in her backyard from the weekend, and we are more than welcome to make use of it this afternoon, seeing how it’s supposed to hit record-breaking temperatures here today on the east coast. 

So I had these glamorous visions of spending the afternoon soaking up rays, throwing back a cold one (Coca-Cola, of course, what do you take me for, anyway?), supervising three rambunctious kids while the baby naps.  It doesn’t get much better than that!

But when we arrived home from camp today, the boys informed me that they didn’t feel like playing on the waterslide this afternoon.  Um, say what???  These kids just spent three hours on the hottest day so far this summer playing soccer, basketball, and baseball.  Surely the allure of the cold water and the thrill of the inflatable slide is bound to entice them!

When I asked them what they wanted to do instead of partake in the refreshment the waterslide could offer, I fully expected them to hit me up for an hour of video game playing or maybe a video.  And truly, they’ve probably earned it.  It’s supposed to hit 98 degrees here today.  By east coast standards, that’s gruesome hot.

But no.  That isn’t what they had in mind at all.  Rather, they want to finish their game of "wall ball" — some made-up game that requires a baseball and the cement wall of our walk-out basement.  At mid-day.  In 98-degree heat.  They’re hard-core, these kids!

Oh, and the consensus on camp is, "soccer is boring", baseball was "too easy" (these are seasoned pros, dontchaknow), and basketball was "The Best! So! Much! Fun!" 

So it sounds like I might be looking for a basketball league this winter.  And I guess I’m not in any danger of becoming a "soccer mom" any time soon.

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2 thoughts on “My Son, Sports Enthusiast

  1. Well, then he will be a small version of his BBall playing Daddy, right? I am still in awe of you having a sportsy kid. I just keep seeing our awkward attempts at home aerobics and self-choreographed dances…scary!

  2. Well, at least you can take comfort in knowing that his head will crash when he hits the pillow tonight. I think in that kind of heat I’d be the one out on the waterslide!

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