My Spring-Summer Closet

Now that spring is officially here, I have finally removed the last vestiges of my winter from my closet, and it feels AMAZING! Of course, that means it will probably snow this weekend. Ha! (I really do hope that’s a joke.)

Admittedly, our weather is still up and down, but I’ve spent the past 6 weeks styling spring clothes, and I’m ready to start wearing them. I love the feeling of getting my closet completely switched over, so I took some time to organize it, and now I love getting dressed in the morning!

I had Alison take some pictures when she was over here last week because I always get requests to share my closet and what I kept for the season.

Bear in mind, I have more clothes than the average woman because I need a variety to work with in order to style new outfits for blog posts and try-on hauls. And of course, my closet is never static. I’m always cycling things through so that it doesn’t get too overwhelming, but as it stands now, this is what you see when you walk into my closet.

The drawers house my undergarments, socks, pajamas, and workout tops and shorts; and the bottom one is a laundry hamper.

The center shelves are full of sweaters in the fall-winter season, but for now, I have sweaters on the bottom shelf, joggers and leggings on the next one, shorts on the next, and a few sweatshirts and long sleeve tees on the top.

As we progress into summer, I’ll probably spread the shorts out onto two shelves and stick the sweaters up high with the sweatshirts because I won’t wear them as much as I do now.

That section is flanked on either side by hanging space for tops and pants, and then I have my shoes on the left wall.

I tried to arrange my shoes so that the ones I’m wearing most right now are most visible, but yet still have some color order going on. Sneakers are on the top, pumps are on the bottom, and sandals and loafers, etc. are in between.

I have my short sleeve and sleeveless tops on the bottom hanging rack, arranged light to dark. When I feel like I’m forgetting what I’ve got in the back, I switch them around and hang them dark to light. That may sound weird, but it helps.

My blue jeans are all hung on top. They’re currently arranged light to dark, but I do tend to move them around as I wear them, and the ones I don’t wear as often usually end up in the back.

I have more jeans than I need right now, as denim styles are in flux, and I’m holding onto some that I haven’t worn much lately… just in case. I feel like the ones I gravitate to will change when the weather gets warmer and I’m wearing summer tops.

For spring-summer, I moved all my non-blue jeans to the top right hanging rack. (My olive green joggers are missing — they usually go there as well. )

In the winter, I had all my pants and jeans altogether on the left, but now that I don’t need this space for boots and workout clothes, I decided to spread them out. (You can see my fall-winter closet HERE, for comparison.)

And under that, I have all my cardigans and hoodies as well as my workout jackets.

Over on the right, I have two shelves of handbags, and then I have longer hanging space below that. That’s where my jackets and dresses go.

It looks like a few things are missing down there — I think my denim jacket was in the wash. I also found a couple dresses from last year packed away in the basement, and I brought them up after we took these pictures.

So yeah, that’s about it! I have a dresser in my bedroom where I keep some of my out of season clothes, as well as items I don’t wear much — like extra pajamas and workout gear, shapewear and strapless bras, bathing suits, etc. But everything I wear in a regular basis goes in my closet. It’s so much easier to figure out what to wear when it’s all together in one place.

My Spring-Summer Wardrobe

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it’s a good idea of what I currently have in my spring-summer wardrobe.

Tops, Jackets & Dresses

Jeans, Pants & Shorts

Shoes & Bags

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87 thoughts on “My Spring-Summer Closet

  1. I realize we ALL have different tastes in clothing AND color choices so you’re ‘closet’ pic’s today struck me as VERY boring! More of a Fall/Winter wardrobe. Personally, Spring and Summer is where I indulge in color. Neutrals are great for adding color to them but not wearing every single day. That’s too depressing for me. So, I splurge in color but of course, in color’s that are flattering for me. Please don’t be offended….like I said, we all wear what is comfortable and flattering on us but honestly, I think you really need to consider adding more color to your wardrobe…..not just neutrals. If you’re hiding the colors and simple showing us what your USE to style clothes for us, that’s not fair to us!

    1. Did you just accuse me of lying? Hiding the colors? lol! Who has time for that? No, this is indeed my current wardrobe, and it may be boring to some, but no one else has to wear it. 😉

  2. Love seeing your closet! I did the exact same thing last Monday. I finally removed all traces of any fall and winter items and cleaned , organized and packed them away.. I have a cedar chest but most go in the large zip storage containers from ikea and go under our bed! It feels so good to just look at spring and summer in the closet. We too had a few cool days of course after I did the switch always the way. I have my clothes arranged very similar to yours.. but my dresses and summer cardigans hang in the guest room closet for space reasons. I move my shorts lower too and sweaters higher when needed! I was surprised that you didn’t seem to have many sweaters in your cubby ( now I don’t feel so bad lol) the last few days we haven’t even needed a jacket when going out it’s been heavenly!! I only keep my dress shoes or those I don’t wear a lot in my closet all the other outdoor footwear stays in our front closet. Thus our rule for no shoes in the house… I would only be carrying them downstairs to put on🤷‍♀️
    Have a good one!

      1. In Austria, almost no one wears shoes indoors. Nearly every home I’ve been to has a shoe cabinet in the entry hall. We have a shoe cabinet and a couple of shelves where we put the shoes we use most often. In some small apartment buildings (I’m talking buildings with just 4 to 6 units), some families even have a small cabinet or shelf just outside their front door where kids can leave their dirty shoes. We don’t do that, and nobody in our building does either, but I’ve seen it in other places when visiting friends.

          1. ha ha Im in Australia and always wear my shoes inside and Most people i visit do also

      2. Great closet system! We have something very similar.

        We discourage shoes in the house, too. My family enters our home through our garage about 90% of the time, so I purchased a shoe rack that holds about 20 pairs.. These are all the casual shoes like flip flops, hiking shoes, sneakers. We keep our nicer shoes in our individual clothes closets. The front entry closet then has enough space to hold the few remaining odd pairs, like house slippers.

      3. We have shoe racks and a hanging shoe compartment.. we also switch out our foot wear just like our coats and clothing by season. The shoes we don’t need often are on a rack in the basement. It works well seeing as our shoes come off at the entrance.

  3. There’s a 40% chance of snow here in Harrisburg, PA, not sure which part of PA you’re in but we are definitely have a cold spell today (April 22nd)- so typical lol. I had a summer kimono on yesterday morning, I had switched to a sherpa pullover by the afternoon. Gotta love spring!

    1. Yes, it is COLD here today, but thankfully no snow. It is definitely an ironic day to choose to publish this post. I wrote it a couple days ago, when it was much nicer. 🙂

  4. I’m always intrigued with closets as I’m always tweaking mine. Not sure if it’s a lefty righty thing or just personal preference but I’ve always put jeans and pants on bottom row of closet and tops on top since that is how we dress it visually helps me put outfits together.

    1. Yes, I used to always do that too, but then I learned somewhere along the way that you can see things better with the pants on top — they don’t come out as far, thus blocking the view of the bottom rack. I switched mine and liked it so much better, I eventually switched Paul’s too, and he agrees. You may want to try it… although I do hear you on how would be the opposite of how you dress.

  5. Very nice!I like your hangers. In the spring our weather in Texas is up and down as well. But I have been gradually removing sweaters and long sleeve blouses from my closet. I double up on the hangers and hang lightweight jackets over tops I don’t wear as often, but it takes more time to find what I’m looking for. I just need to buy more hangers, or less clothes😉thanks for sharing.

    1. I have a “rule” that when my hangers are full, I have to purge. It helps me keep things pared down. It can be a challenge during transition season, but otherwise, it works pretty well.

  6. Your closet is amazing! I’d have a hard time getting dressed with so many items that I love. Have you done a piece lately on the items you gravitated to in the past season and don’t part with or need to replace? Just an idea. It might be too late for this past season. Enjoy your new cliset!

  7. Thank you for sharing your closet! I always enjoy seeing others closet and how they choose to organize. I am a neutral gal myself and desire a wardrobe where all pieces work nicely together, so I appreciate the tight color palette and variety of neutrals. Also, I know this is the beginning of the season and assume being a blogger, you would start the season out with more basic pieces and add favorites as the season progresses. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Agree with this 100%. I also gravitate towards neutrals, and this felt very pleasing to my eyes, and just very harmonious. Now I just need to organize MY closet a little better! 🙂

    1. I agree Mary, it was harsh and rather rude, If one doesn’t like or care how another’s closet is organized or lack of certain colors then move on and follow another blogger who matches your style.

  8. I think your closet looks wonderful and is organized very sensibly. We are in the process of restoring our 1923 Craftsman Bungalow and I can’t wait to get the master bedroom – and closet! I’ll be coming back to your closet to refresh my memory when planning mine! Have a great day!

  9. I love this post so much that I’m saving it in my new house folder to refer back to when we design our walk-in closet. We’re going with IKEA because we already have one large piece. We’re just getting ready to renovate a small house on our family farm and are turning a tiny bedroom into a walk-in closet rather than moving walls. I’ve been grouping my clothes by color and but not light to dark and I like the idea. Where did you get your hangers, Jo-Lynne? I have flocked but I think I want to go to the larger hangers in the new closet. The wider ones would allow me to hang my jeans and they’re less likely to make puckers at the shoulders on tops. As for your clothes looking boring, I laughed out loud when I read the comment. My closet looks just the same as yours color-wise and always has. I have a few colors but rarely wear patterns or bright colors and that has always been my style.(Though I LOVE jewel/royal blue and snatch up pieces in that color when I see it– which isn’t often.) I see this style as being classic and chic.

    1. I did this as well, with a spare bedroom. I planned and planned out my PAX cupboards. I’ve done one wall, and am currently doing the opposing wall. I’ve changed things as I’ve been using them, but I really love my closets!! I get inspiration from these posts!!

    2. My hangers are from Amazon – https://shopstyle.it/l/btRzd – I know they aren’t as space saving as some, but I like how it keeps my clothes spaced out so I can see them.

      And I laughed out loud too. I like neutrals. They make me happy. And I do have some color, just not a ton right now. That may change as we get into warmer weather… or not. We’ll see!

  10. Great ideas for when we are in our new house, and I will unpack all my clothes and figure out what I want for our master closet. I am trying to pack what I don’t think I will need for the next 6 weeks haha! (And today I am wearing a long sleeve t-shirt with a black heavy cardigan because it is cold! I want to start wearing clothes for warmer weather! I know I will need to keep out more summer clothes for when we arrive in North Carolina, and we don’t have our belongings for about a week until the movers arrive.)
    Do you hang all your t-shirts? I have them folded in the drawer, but I tend to wear the ones on top, and I forget about the others.
    I have a lot of tank tops (not just for working out), and I fold them in a drawer, but I find that I keep wearing the ones on top. Wondering what would be a better suggestion.
    Thank you, Arna

    1. I hang all my tops except workout tops. Those I have folded KonMari style in one of the drawers in the middle section. It’s easier to see them that way. Google it and maybe try it. Nothing gets lost on the bottom that way.

  11. I see plenty of color in your closet, so not sure what that comment is about regarding only showing neutrals. I wish I had a closet as big as yours with the nice shelving system, but I have to share a closet with my husband and I make the best of the standard shelves, I guess it’s called wire shelving. And I have way more clothes than you do, but a lot of it is previous years’ clothing. I know you have to update with current clothes you can link. Do you keep “old” stuff in your closet too that you love and don’t want to part with?

    1. Yes, I do — more so in the winter, I think. I keep a lot of sweaters from year to year, especially the higher quality ones. Someone actually suggested doing a post on that. Could be interesting!

    1. I think white denim is a classic, and it’s still very popular right now. Styles are really in flux, and anything goes. I have some skinnies, a straight crop that is distressed, and a crop flare with a raw step hem.

  12. If my closet was that pretty I think I would set up a chair and just sit and admire. Lol

    I did switch mine out a couple of weeks ago. I have sleeveless tops, then short sleeve, long sleeve, jeans, pants, shorts all sorted according to color. My dresses, long sweaters, jackets hang on another wall. My shoes, sandals and fashion sneakers are on shelves underneath the clothes. All neatly organized! Why is it we get such pleasure out of a newly switched and organized closet? It seems like a fresh start.

  13. I have a question about storing out of season shoes. I was considering buying clear shoe boxes for mine, but recently read that’s not a good way to store them….that shoes need to breathe, etc. and storing them in boxes can cause the leather or other materials to break down or deteriorate. What do you do? Especially with special occasion shoes or other types of shoes that may not be worn often. Maybe this would be an idea for a future post?

    1. I keep out of season shoes in the basement on a shelving unit. I keep a lot of them in their original boxes, and some I just put in a big plastic bin — I try to lay them carefully, but it’s probably not ideal.

  14. Do your cardis get the puckers in the shoulder with these hangers? I’m always torn between hanging and folding but when I hang them I get those puckers. Your closet looks great!

    1. I was going to ask the same thing. I always end up with those puckers on cardigans/sweaters when I hang them. I’ve even tried fabric covered hangers with really sloped shoulders to no avail.

    2. Kim & Ashley,
      Someone told me to hang cardigan inside out and any bumps or puckers are on the inside? Not as noticeable?
      So far seems to be true for me

  15. This post is very timely – I am organizing (and purging) my closet now too. I’ve always folded and stored my t-shirts in my dresser, but I was noticing that when I pull them out, they’re almost always wrinkled, so I made space in my closet to hang them. Ha ha ha, We’ll see if I can keep it up. First world problems I suppose. Happy Earth Day

  16. Your Spring/Summer Closet is Beautiful. I showed my husband and he said, “And I thought you had a lot of clothes. Especially the jeans and shoes”. I like you, wear jeans just about every I go unless it’s shorts. Well I have to go work on my closet. You have inspired me. Hope you have a Great Day!!🌞🌷

  17. Love your closet. I think you have the right amount of colour. I share mine with my husband so he gets all the top racks for his shirts and suits. Does your husband have his own closet?

    1. He does – his is on the other side. There is a walk-through from the bedroom to the master bath, and our closets are on either side of that. His is the same as mine, maybe a tad smaller.

      1. My daughter bought a new home recently and one of the reasons she picked it was the his and hers closets on either side of the hall to the bathroom. His is a mess. She keeps the door closed lol. Hers is gorgeous. It’s big enough for a ‘Real Housewives’ style round tufted ottoman in the center (granddaughter called it a tuffet!) and she put in a chandelier instead of the ugly single bulb with opaque white ball. She said her Laboutins deserved it. She grew up her with a shallow single shelf bypass door closet 5’ wide and 18” deep. Which is what I have also. We added some shelves but it’s still teeny. Next house gets closets at top of just have, just under gas stove and indoor laundry.

  18. Thanks for all the shopping links. I just ordered a pair of Mother Weekender white flare jeans using your link. I need another white jean option besides my old white cropped skinny.

  19. Love this post! I obviously have too many clothes!!Would you consider a post telling us how you decide what to keep/store/donate?

      1. Thank you! I recently started following you and am playing catch up but I can see you are my kind of gal! 🙂

  20. I currently avoid my closet and use a bamboo hanging rack. I love it because apparently, I enjoy the tops of hangars at eye level. I would be interested in the heights of the top and bottom hanging racks that you have. I feel like I may actually enjoy using my closet if I wasn’t squatting on the ground or craning my neck upward to choose items!

  21. Well, we got snow 2 days this week, so obviously I still have winter clothes in my closet. I actually set aside some winter clothes and keep them out all summer. Our Chicago evenings can get quite chilly especially at night. I am getting ready to fold and put a bunch of clothes away. I love how organized your closet is. Everything is so neat and tidy. Thanks for showing us how your organize. BTW some people need to be a little more kind in their comments about your clothing colors. The point of the article is organization, not personal choice.

  22. Love your closet! I’m inspired to finish going through mine for the season change over now. Yours is always so light and bright! I think I need better lighting. Ha.

  23. So neat and tidy. Great job. Mine is all turned over to Spring too. Will add Summer later. Really not much to add. Just shorts and skirts.

  24. Love your closet and your colors! I was interested in ordering the Eileen Fisher espadrille. Does it run true to size and is it wide? I’m on the narrow side! Thank you!

  25. My husband’s side of the closet fell to the floor last week, so he had to rebuild it. I’m not sad about it because it forced him to go through it, 4 big bags for Goodwill! I need to force myself to do the same, I find it so hard. I think your closet looks really nice!

  26. Wow I wish I was as organized as you.. I have yet to put away my winter clothing. It was 32 yesterday… I hope soon..

    Thank you for this post Jo-Lynne..


  27. Love your closet! We just moved into a new house and I tried doing what you do with hanging tops on bottom rack and pants on top rack! I have to say it’s a brilliant idea! I’m short 5’2” so I can now see all my tops and find myself reaching for ones I rarely did before!
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  28. Thank you so much for going to the trouble to photograph and explain clearly how to create a classic, beautiful and versatile summer spring wardrobe. I have been following you for a few years and can honestly say that you are bpth fashionable and elegant always. I aspire to have a wardrobe that expresses who I am and can be mixed and matched effortlessly, Your neutral rich wardrobe allows you to branch out including using color when you want to. I am very offended by the offhanded rebuke in one of the comments. Why do people feel the need to express anger and attempt to judge others, especially a quality fashion and lifestyle blogger like you? You don’t deserve that. Through this pandemic, we have all suffered and sometimed talking about fashion and style and dreaming of the day when we can all walk freely and enjoy our personal style is something I am personally looking forward to, You are a ray of sunshine for all of us and we appreciate you. Ignore the haters. The rude comment above prompted me to comment on your post. Keep posting and ignore the haters.

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