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My Spring-Summer Closet

Now that spring is officially here, I have finally removed the last vestiges of my winter from my closet, and it feels AMAZING! Of course, that means it will probably snow this weekend. Ha! (I really do hope that’s a joke.)

Admittedly, our weather is still up and down here in Philly, but I’ve spent the past two months styling spring clothes, and I’m ready to start wearing them. I’m about at the point where I’m going to wear spring clothes whether the weather cooperates or not.

I love the feeling of getting my closet completely switched over, and I always get lots of questions about it, so after I got it organized, I took some pictures.

My 2022 Spring-Summer Wardrobe
Bear in mind, I have more clothes than the average woman because I need a variety to work with in order to style new outfits for blog posts and try-on hauls.

And of course, my closet is never static. I’m always cycling things through so that it doesn’t get too overwhelming, but as it stands now, this is what you see when you walk into my closet.

The drawers house my undergarments, socks, pajamas, and workout tops and shorts; and the bottom one is a laundry hamper. The center shelves are full of sweaters in the fall-winter season, but for now, I only have sweaters on the bottom shelf.

Then I put tank tops and shorts on the next shelf, and some leggings and joggers and sweatshirts on the next. The top shelf just has a few random items I’m holding onto to see how they fit after my surgery, which is next week. Eeeek!

As we progress into summer, I’ll probably spread the shorts and tanks out across two shelves. And the sweaters will move to the top shelf because I won’t be wearing them as much as I am now.

That middle section is flanked on either side by hanging space for tops and pants, and then I have my shoes on the left wall.

My blue and white jeans are all hung on top. This configuration makes it easier to see what I have because the pants don’t stick out as far as the tops do. The jeans are currently arranged dark to light, but I tend to move them around as I wear them, and the ones I don’t wear as often usually end up in the back.

I have my tops on the bottom hanging rack, arranged light to dark. When I feel like I’m forgetting what I’ve got in the back, I switch them around and hang them dark to light. That may sound weird, but it helps.

I arranged my shoes differently this season. I used to organize them by type of shoe and then by color, but this year I tried doing it entirely by color, with the exception of the sneakers at the bottom.

And I didn’t know what to do with those bright colored shoes, so they’re sort of stuck in the middle somewhere. Also, I haven’t reached for them at all. Old habits die hard, I guess. I still really prefer a neural shoe.

So far, it’s working out okay this way, but I think I prefer to have similar styles together. I feel like it’s easier to pull outfits together that way. No matter what I do, it’s hard to see what’s on the top, so they tend to get forgotten.

To the right side of the drawers, I hang my non-blue and white jeans and pants in the top section. In other words, black, grey, and olive. I used to keep all jeans on the left side with the white and blue, but I tend to keep more jeans nowadays than I used to, so I spread them out.

Underneath the jeans are my jackets. I have amassed quite a collection! I read somewhere that having a variety of jackets is the secret to having stylish, put-together looks, and I’ve found that to be true. I like having a bunch to choose from, especially for going-out looks.

You can pretty much wear the same t-shirt and jeans and just change the jacket and look like you’re wearing a new outfit every day. I still like to have a variety of jeans and t-shirts, but they have a way of all looking the same. Having different jackets really does help keep it interesting.

Over on the right wall, I have two shelves, where I keep some of my handbags. The rest are downstairs in my office. These are the shelf dividers I’m using up there. And as you can see, my belts are hung on the wall with a Command Hook.

Then I have longer hanging space below that. That’s where my dresses and jumpsuits go. And because I don’t keep a lot of dresses, I’ve also hung some of my workout jackets and long sleeve workout shirts there for easy access, but I will be putting some of those away soon.

My fuzzy leopard print Barefoot Dreams cardigan is also tucked in there, although I’ve actually found myself hanging that on the other side, under my jeans. My Athleta Pranayama Wrap is also hung over there; I wear one of the two every morning over my pajamas.

So yeah, that’s about it! I have a dresser in my bedroom where I keep some of my out of season clothes, as well as items I don’t wear much — like extra pajamas and workout gear, shapewear and strapless bras, bathing suits, etc. But everything I wear in a regular basis goes in my closet. It’s so much easier to figure out what to wear when it’s all together in one place.

And I always get asked about my hangers. They’re wood-look plastic coat hangers, and I love them, but they were discontinued and I can’t find anything else quite like them. They’re thin and lightweight, and I love how they look and also how easy they are to use. Everyone loves the velvet kind, but I don’t like how my clothes “stick” to them. I prefer my clothing to slide easily on and off my hangers.

Shop My Closet

This isn’t everything in my closet, but it’s a pretty good representation of what I have and the pieces I would want to replace if I had to start over right now.

Tops & Sweaters

Jackets & Cardigans

Jeans & Pants

Shorts & Skirts


Shoes & Sandals

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31 thoughts on “My Spring-Summer Closet

  1. Jo-Lynne,
    What is the size of your adorable and functional closet?
    Shhh 🤫 I want to share with my husband your layout.

    Thank you!


  2. Thanks for letting us take a peak into your closet! It looks so neat and tidy…. I wish! You are inspiring me!

  3. My master closet is huge…but it’s always a mess bc I have too many clothes and it’s not organized well–seems like it needs more built-ins or something??? Do you have a good basic blueprint of a well laid out closet?

    1. I completely relied on closets by design to help me figure out the best layout based on how I shop and what I keep in my closet. I have a lot more clothes now than I did then because I’ve been collecting more quality pieces over the last few years, but when I run out of hangers or shelving space, I get rid of some clothes and/or shoes. That helps keep it manageable .

  4. Love the look of a well organized closet!!! You mentioned the non-slip velvet hangers. I switched out my hangers to that style a few years back, but like you, I hated that come clothing items that I’d like to just pull off the hanger wouldn’t! But I found a solution!! When walking through the closet storage section in Walmart, I saw these Mainstays Plastic Slim Line hangers, Pack of 10 for $2.98. They’re thin like the velvet ones. Took a package of them home and they’re the perfect mix! I need a thin hanger as I don’t have a large closet, so these are real space savers. And my clothing that I didn’t want to stick, doesn’t!! I did however, keep a some of the velvet ones for tops that had wider necklines. I wouldn’t hang anything real heavy on them though! I still use the sturdier hangers for my coats and keep them in a separate closet! Since we’ve been empty nesters I have taken over more closets…..

    1. There’s also a similar style but with a rubbery material instead of velvet. Enough friction that the clothes don’t fall off like plastic but they slip off easier than velvet. They’re slim with a metal top just like the velvet. I got a set at TJ Maxx but Walmart has them in the better homes and garden brand

  5. Love your closet. I’m currently house hunting in my new city & will be looking to do this type of closet update. Sooo excited.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  6. I appreciate the timing of this post; after two weekends in a row of ‘spring shopping’, I came home to clean out my closet and rearrange so it feels fresh and ready. My space is similar to yours except I have workwear (college administrator), casual wear, going out-casual (you know what I mean), exercise attire and everything in-between. My wife gets two full closets as her looks are twice mine. I can’t imagine how anyone can survive without closet organization!! Thanks for the post.

  7. Thank you so much for the tour of your closet! My closet is a mess and your post has inspired me to get my closet in order. Best wishes for your upcoming surgery. If it helps, everyone I know who has had this type of surgery have been very pleased with the results. Keep us posted! Hugs from Virginia

  8. Your closet looks great and what a great post to give links at the end of all that you have represented in your closet. Going to save this post for sure when referencing things you’ve styled and love.

  9. PS What day is your surgery? I will be praying on that day. I already have prayed ahead of time for the doctor team etc.

  10. I’m glad to see someone else has as many white/off-white jeans as me! Enjoyed your organization, and those purse dividers are perfect.

  11. Your closet looks great! I’ve got mainly spring in mine as it’s not near warm enough yet for the shorts and tank tops but by the May long weekend I’ll have them out!
    I’m getting more comfortable with letting clothing items go that I just don’t reach for anymore and keep what makes me happy ! It really does make a difference when choosing what to wear!

    1. Yes! It really does. I have too much right now and it is overwhelming me. I just don’t quite know yet what I will reach for b/c it still isn’t that warm here yet.

      And I wouldn’t have my shorts out yet except for those 2 Florida trips. 🙂

  12. I have closet envy!! Yours is so streamlined and neat. Mine is a hodgepodge of way too many Marshall’s/TJ’s impulse items. You have been inspiring me to purge and only keep what I love. I’m doing it in stages because if I were to get rid of everything right now that is just so-so, I would barely have anything left😩
    Prayers to you for your surgery and a speedy recovery💕

  13. Thanks for sharing this! It’s very inspirational to help me clean out and reorganize mine. Prayers are being sent your way for successful surgery and a speedy and smooth recovery.

  14. Your closet looks great! I’ve got to work on my handbags and shoes again, since I’ve made some purchases of both. Since I do t have your address to send you some cards, please know that you will be in my thoughts and daily prayers.

  15. I enjoy your blog!!! Could you please recommend a couple of brands of black jeans that don’t attract every piece of lint? Thanks!

  16. I love how you have your shoes turned differently so you can see the toe and the heel of each pair! I never thought to do that but going to my shoe rack now to change it! Several years ago my husband converted our daughter’s bedroom to a master closet/dressing room and he built open racks for our shoes so mine is a similar set up. So glad I stopped by today 🙂 I am behind on my blog reading. Not sure what surgery you are facing but will pray for your speedy recovery.

    1. It also helps you fit more shoes.

      I’m having breast reduction surgery.it should be pretty easy but I appreciate the prayers.

  17. I have admired your HOBO cassie crossbody for so long but could not find that particular one. Just found the Cassie style on Amazon in the Flint color and it is such a pretty darker neutral and I love the design and how it is so lightweight. Just received it yesterday and know I will enjoy it for a long time as the leather is so nice, prefer this over the some I have seen that are shiny. As always, thanks for your tasteful ideas.

  18. Next week?!?! Eeekkk!!! I am so excited for you! (I hope that’s not too weird since we really do not know each other, lol) I’ve been praying about it for you! I will miss your posts while you are recovering, but I know we all want you to have the easiest experience. I’ve been purging my closet like crazy for several weeks (lots of breaks have been taken lol) and it feels so good! I love your closet set up!

  19. This is such a helpful post to see how you divide up the sections in your closet! Also, thank you for being so open and honest about your surgery. I have thought about it myself and will be very interested to hear your experience. I feel like it could change so many parts of my life and so many inconveniences. Good luck and have a speedy recovery!

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