Playing Dressup

I mentioned that our weekend was a bit of a whirlwind. My son and a group of his fellow 5th graders along with a few very patient and dedicated teachers had been practicing for their 5th Grade Play for months, and this past weekend was the culmination of all their hard work. He had two performances scheduled as well as a baseball game and his acceptance as a member of our church. In honor of all of those events, my parents were planning a visit.

Here he is in his costume. Adorable, no?

Then a few weeks ago, soon after meeting fashion designer Liz Lange and her sister and Shopafrolic partner Jane Wagman at the Getting Gorgeous event in New York City, Melissa and I were contacted about co-hosting an event with the stylish duo. They were planning to be in town this very same weekend and wanted to have the event on Friday night. Well, far be it for us to make demands. We’d make it work. And we did, but not without a LOT of help from Noelle, the lovely PR manager at the King of Prussia Bloomingdales.

I reached out to her because I had worked with her once before for an Arts & Crafts event, and she went all out to make our Night of Style a huge success. From the DJ, to the decadent display of mini cupcakes, to the tasty hors d’oeuvres and wine being served, to the displays for our door prizes, it was a class act all the way.

Noelle also arranged for Chanel to provide mini-makeovers to our guests, and many of our friends came out to support us and enjoy a night of style and pampering.

At the end of the night, we gave away five spectacular door prizes, including a Lucien Piccard Watch, a Chanel master class for the winner and 10 friends, a Tassimo Brewbot, a Ralph Lauren Layette Set and a Lilly Pulitzer dress.

photo credit: babypopdesigns

Now I ask you? What could be more fun than that? Okay, well maybe a $1000 shopping spree would have added to the festivities. Maybe next time.

Mega thanks to Noelle and her team at Bloomingdales and everyone who came out to help us celebrate All Things Chic, most especially Jane Wagman and Liz Lange!

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  1. you are living the a life of fun and luxury 🙂
    and yes, your son is adorable

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