Nina Garcia’s The One Hundred

When I was asked to review Nina Garcia’s guide to The One Hundred stylish pieces every stylish woman must own, I eagerly emailed my contact at Collins Publishing with an enthusiastic YES! 

I am an avid watcher of the hit TV show Project Runway, and I adore
Nina Garcia. I love her understated sense of style, and I always
anticipate her colorful descriptions of the outfits on the show. I have
had the opportunity to review quite a few style and beauty books by
famous style icons, and this is hands-down my favorite so far.

Read more at 5 Minutes For Books.  And be sure to leave a comment for your chance to win a copy of The One Hundred!!  (The comment must be on the post at 5M4B to count!!)

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  1. Hi, saw your post on 5mfb and just had to come visit. I am a Project Runway fan, too. 🙂 I am so excited about tonight’s finale, but so sad to see it end…my Wednesday nights will not be the same lol. I enjoyed reading your review and visiting here on your blog!

  2. I know I’m totally late in commenting on this, I’ve been behind. lol We moved, didn’t have internet for two weeks, then tried to catch up, didn’t catch up, now I’m visiting my mom! LOL SO …. ANYWAYS…. I TOTALLY need to search out that book …. is it plus-size figure friendly? That’s one thing I can’t stand about some awesome fashion icons – they don’t say ANYTHING about plus sizes. 🙁

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