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I didn’t get to see the doctor today as I had hoped.  Tomorrow.  Meanwhile, my hand continues to cramp, and I have a weird tingly sensation running from my elbow to my hand.  Grand.

Why are you typing, you ask?  Because I have an addiction.  There.  I said it.

I bought a proper desk chair this morning that I can adjust to the proper height.  Perhaps that will help?

Also.  I am getting QUITE adept at mousing with my left hand.

I printed out 2 copies of my Google calendar and taped one to the desk IN MY NEW RED OFFICE (okay, that’s getting old) and one to the side of the fridge in the kitchen.  I am determined to become organized. 

I know it might seem to make sense to just buy a paper calendar, but my husband and I like to sync our electronic calendars online.  It keeps us from double-booking, which is good for the marriage.  I know, some couples use the telephone to communicate.  This works for us.  Don’t judge.

The sun is shining, but it’s flippin’ negative 55 degrees outside.
Okay, so it’s not really negative.  It might as well be, though.  THIS IS MAY, NOT MARCH.

That’s all.

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  1. Try getting a mouse pad that has a gel wrist pad. They also may them to go in front of your keyboard. My hands really hurt when I use my laptop because I can’t raise the angle of the keys.

  2. Can you type with one hand??? If what’s his name from Dancing with the Stars can dance with one arm, surely can type with one! Just kidding… Hope you feel better and hope you’re able to keep blogging! We need you!!

  3. I got those same symptoms back when I did graphic design/publishing right out of school. Try wearing a wrist brace while you are working and also while you sleep. Works wonders.

  4. I definately recommend the wrist supports and brace. Also when your off the computer, try to heat/ice it. See if that helps. I am sorry that your in a lot of pain.

  5. Its cold here too. Its all I can do to restrain myself from digging out warmer clothes. At least the sun is shining. I hope you’re feeling better soon.
    Maybe you need more than a new chair to heal everything. Shopping would get you away from your computer addiction.

  6. Want an excuse to go to Target? (like any of us need an excuse)

    They sell a very nice wrist brace for women. I have one for each wrist and they fit so much better than the one my doctor gave me.

  7. My hubby and I communicate best on IM – so I totally get the electronic calendar thing!

    Hope your tingling turns out to be nothing serious. (how long did you last? You said to slap you. 🙂 ) Seriously, we would miss you if you had to be gone for too long.

  8. I don’t think there is anything wrong with synching calendars. My husband and I send “appointments” to each other via email, so we know who goes where when!
    Keep at it and being organized will become easier.
    I think the wrist braces are a good idea, they helped my mom with her carpal tunnel. Take it easy, I really do enjoy your blog, so I would miss you if you had to slow down too much!

  9. Girl, you need to get thee to a regular yoga class. I’m dead serious, it is THEEEEEE best cure for carpal tunnel or anything similar. After the first class your wrists hurt like hell but that’s GOOD and each class they feel better and better.

  10. I will pray that you get some relief soon. However, like you, I am an addict but my addiction is as a reader (and commenter) not a blogger. If you get in control of your addiction I fear that mine addiction will need to be medicated resulting in a potential new addiction…lol.

  11. I am addicted to paper calendars. They were large and in the form of ‘day runners’ before I had kids. Now I try to find the smalles one possible that can hold it all and still not take up unnecessary space in the diaper bag.

  12. Here is your chance. If you have to wear a wrist thing you can design pretty ones and market them. Cause if I know you, you won’t be seen outside of your office with one of those on. I can hear it now when you come outside to kibbitz with the neighbors – “Oh Damn I forgot to put my teeth in & I left these ugly things on my hands!” LOL

  13. I’m not taking the time to read through all the comments but I’ll at least second the wrist brace comment – you can get them at Walmart or Target and it helped me tremendously when I was feeling wrist pain. Also, when I worked all day in front of a computer, pre-children, I got one of those squishy mouse pads that had a wrist bumper thingy attached at the bottom of a regular mouse-pad part. It helped A LOT, too.

  14. I wish we could put our local temps together and get the average for both of us. That would be a comfortable 70 degrees or so. Our high is 95 today with a big does of humidity to go with it. Ugh. And I’m taking myself and 4 kids to watch Princess at Field Day. I am a glutton for punishment.

  15. I have carpal tunnel and those are the exact feelings that I have most days. I’ve been told to get surgery but it’s scary. My neighbor just had it done but they have new ways to do the surgery now. I might reconsider as my wrists have been hurting a lot this week. I feel your pain!

    I just love the water too. I thought I was a mountain type girl but after all the spiders and bugs, no. LOL I do like going there but not to live. But if we were blessed to have the opportunity to live on water I would SOOOO love it!

    I also love the picture of you and your daughter. So cute!

  16. I used a brace but it didn’t help. For me, relief comes with gentle stretches (gave to me by a chiropractor) and icing the sore area!

    Good luck!

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