No Stain, No Gain

One of my house rules is that all crayons and pens stay in the kitchen.  (Stay tuned for more house rules, as I was recently tagged for the Personal Policies meme that’s going around.)

So anyway.  No writing implement of any kind is supposed to make it to the second floor.  With an ink-happy 4-year-old and a 20-month-old who can create chaos in the most benign of environments, it is just easier to keep all art supplies under lock and key and use them only in the kitchen where I can supervise and where they can be the least destructive if they find their way into the wrong hands.

There is one exception.  In the rare event D wants to do art with a friend, I will let them go up to his room.  He is generally responsible, and he has dark blue carpet that doesn’t stain very easily.  And they are usually good about keeping the door shut because they don’t want any little intruders bothering them anyway.

Well, today was one such day, and as my friend and I were visiting downstairs, it occurred to me that all of the kids were upstairs.  We went up to check on them and found D and his friend playing a game in the hallway and his bedroom door wide open with all the art supplies scattered about, in plain view and easy access to curious little fingers.

It was R that I was most concerned about, but she wasn’t to blame for what I found next, which was this:

A generous portion of C’s gorgeous Pottery Barn Kids quilt was covered in itty-bitty ink dots.  Laying nearby was the incriminating evidence — an assortment of pens and a large sheet of paper with about eleventy-hundred little holes poked through it.  Lovely.

So.  This is where YOU come in, dear Internets.  HOW, pray tell, do I get the ink out of this quilt without allowing it to bleed and make a bigger mess?  I am counting on you to have a reliable solution.  Give me your best shot.