No Way!


I’m in SHOCK.  I cannot believe who went home tonight on Dancing With The Stars.  I won’t say more because I know not everyone has watched yet.

But, YIKES!!!!!!!!

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  1. I totally missed the show tonight!! I had to call my sister to find out who it was. I’m in shock!
    By the way- I tagged you for a meme :).

  2. I am in shock too! I can’t even begin to figure out how that happened. And the one who knew she should have gone was in even bigger shock, I think. I’m pretty sure I saw tears in just about everyone’s eyes. I honestly don’t think there’s ever been a shock -in any season- quite this big! Something went very wrong!

  3. I just posted about this and didn’t even think about warning people about spoilers! oops!

    I am soooo upset. I looked forward to watching her every week. I’ve already taken DWTS off my DVR line-up. I’m that upset.

  4. I almost fell off the sofa! So sad that she got the boot. Now Marie Osmond is a lovely gal and I have watched her career for years but come on, she just doesn’t have it in the dance department! And Jane Seymour, again a lovely lady and a good actress but she just doesn’t have it even though she thinks she does. Did all of this make sense?

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