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Hi there, I hope you’re having a good weekend. Ours has been busy, but in a good way. It was beautiful here yesterday, so I went for a 3-mile walk/run to test out my new Hoka One One sneakers. Spoiler Alert: I’m a fan.

Then I puttered around the house for a bit while Paul worked outside cutting back some trees and underbrush in our backyard. After that, we went to see our daughter compete in the semi-finals with the indoor drumline, and then we grabbed a casual dinner before returning home to watch the end of the Villanova game with our son.

I also went out with friends on Friday night, so all in all, it’s been a fun weekend, but I really need to stop eating out so much. It’s not good for my waistline!

In other news, it never occurred to me when I decided to announce my upcoming breast reduction surgery in Friday’s Try-On Haul that anyone would think I was trying to make an April Fool’s joke. Sorry about that! (I received a couple of private emails in addition to the one comment.) I would have chosen a different day to break the news if I thought it would cause confusion.

I was writing about whether to keep or return certain items from the haul, and I’ve been holding onto things I would otherwise return in case they fit better after my surgery, so it seemed like a good time to mention it. I was a little nervous about sharing this information, so I’d been waiting for the right time. I guess I botched that, haha!

This is obviously a very personal subject, and I wouldn’t be sharing it with the world if it didn’t directly impact what I do here on the blog. Having this surgery will affect how my clothes fit, and since I share so much information about fit and proportion, I don’t see any way to have this surgery and not be open about it.

Plus, it’s an opportunity to be a resource for other women who may be thinking about it, so I’m happy to answer questions and share my experience.

When I tell people I’m having this surgery, I get some interesting responses, but the most common is, WHY?

Most people don’t realize I’m large enough to warrant this surgery, but I was a 34DDD by my senior year of high school, and I’ve spent my entire life dressing to downplay my large chest. I started talking about having breast reduction surgery when I was in college, so this has been a long time in coming.

I looked into this surgery a few times over the years and always chickened out. Usually I would lose a bit of weight and a bra cup size, and I’d feel better, but that is working for me anymore. Not only is it getting harder to dress the girls, but I’m growing increasingly uncomfortable as I get older.

The final nail in the coffin, so to speak, was a few months ago when a friend with a similar bra size and body type told me she was having this surgery. Her experience went very well, and she’s thrilled with the results. That was all I needed to see.

I started researching plastic surgeons right away, and within a few weeks, I had a surgery date. I haven’t wavered once since making the decision to go ahead with this. In fact, I get more excited the closer it gets.

I realize that some of you follow me because you have a similar body type and rely on me for help dressing your shape, and you may be disappointed by this news. I get that, but I’ll do my best to continue providing insight into dressing a larger chest as I style clothes for the blog.

As far as my plans for work and recovery, I will definitely need to take some time off. I have some easy posts planned for that week that can be prepared ahead of time, but I probably won’t feel much like working much for a few days, so I’ll play it by ear as far as my posting schedule goes.

Even though I’ll probably able to get back to working at the computer after a few days, I’m sure it will be several weeks before I feel like modeling clothes. Plus, there will probably be a bit of a learning curve involved with dressing my new shape. It’s going to be interesting, but May and June are always my slowest months, so this seems like a good time to have this done.

I plan to stock up on light reading and Netflix shows to binge watch while I’m tricked out on meds and taking it easy. Suggestions are welcome!

So, back to blog-related topics… I didn’t do a Top Ten in March post this month, so I thought I’d share the top selling products from last month here in this post.

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80 thoughts on “Not An April Fool’s Joke #CoffeeTalk

  1. I had breast reduction in college – back in the late 80’s. It was the best decision I made. Now, years later, I probably need another. But that’s after gaining lots of weight during two pregnancies. You will love it and it is absolutely worth it – best wishes for a quick recovery. I don’t remember being any pain and aside from changing dressings it was really quite easy.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful job you do on this blog. It’s always informative and I appreciate that it’s not something that comes together in a flash, but rather it is the product of a well thought out plan and probably lots of trashed photos. And the effort you take makes everything come together and look great! Good luck with your surgery when it happens. A couple of books I’ve recently finished and would recommend are The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley and The Diamond Eye by Kate Quinn. Each a bit different, both really great reads.

  3. Good for you in deciding to have breast reduction surgery. I’ve always been “large busted”, wearing a 34 H, but at 73 think it’s too late for me to undergo the surgery. So wish I had done it earlier. Good luck and best wishes for a smooth and speedy recovery. Can’t wait to see how you style your beautiful new self? 😊

    1. Me too Chris.
      I am the same size and 68.
      I think cosmetic surgery 30 years ago was a bit scary (at least to me) Now procedures seem so advanced.
      Back then it was difficult to find a surgeon. And I had no experience with anyone having it done.

      Odd, it was kind of something that wasn’t talked about much back then.

      1. Yes, the surgeon says this was a much more invasive procedure when I first started considering it back in college. He says that now it’s quite an easy recovery and has a very high satisfaction rate. So I’m hopeful it won’t be too bad! I’m a big baby about medical procedures.

  4. Best of luck with your surgery! I have a friend who also had breast reduction. She is petite with slender hips and was getting backaches. She went from your size to a B. It was drastic but she is now well proportioned. Not to mention running will be more comfortable!

    1. Yes, I was running on Saturday, and bouncing around even though I’ve got a really good bra. Lately, it’s been too small but I didn’t want to bother replacing when I know I’m going to need a smaller size in a few months. All that to say, I was thinking what a difference it will make for running.

  5. One of my friends had this done last week and is having an easy recovery. I wish you the best with your surgery. I feel if anyone is uncomfortable, make a change!

  6. I had a breast reduction as part of reconstruction following breast cancer. Different paths, but you will be thrilled! I am excited that I don’t have to wear a bra a lot of the time and especially great options for sleeveless tops and dresses. You will quickly learn what suits you. Best of luck.

  7. I am happy for you to take charge of your health. I grew up with older siblings that have struggled their whole lives with this same issue. Finally one of them had her breast reduced and wish she would of done it years ago! I wish you the very best in this journey. 💕

  8. I am a nurse and have taken care of women post breast reduction. Most experienced resolution of neck and shoulder pain as a result. Recoveries went very smoothly.
    Good for you for! And thank you for having the courage to trust us to treat your news with the respect it deserves.
    Best wishes for an easy recovery!

  9. Good for you! I had this done when I was 43, after having two children and nursing both of them. BEST thing I ever did. I’ve always been active but it was getting harder and harder and my backaches were getting more and more frequent. It would go up my neck and then I’d have a backache and a headache! You will not be sorry and I applaud you for being open. I had a friend who had it done and if she hadn’t been so open I wouldn’t have done it either. Best of luck!

    1. Yeah, I have trouble with aching in one shoulder, and I assume this is why. (It’s the one on the larger side.) I will be curious to see if that goes away after this.

  10. Enjoy your Hokas! I love mine and I am on my 3rd pair-Gaviota 3. Blessings and best wishes for your upcoming surgery.

  11. I wish for the very best possible outcome for your surgery! My daughter did this just as she graduated from college (had already been experiencing issues), & as far as I know, has been pleased w/ the results for close to 20 years.

  12. I’m sure you are going to do great on your breast reduction. Please take the time off you need. Be assured we will all be here with understanding hearts.Health first! It will be so much fun seeing how you style your new self (well kind of new..) I want to hear about the Hokas I heard they are insanely comfortable. I’m eyeing them. are you doing
    post on them? Should I order up (like in many running shoes)?

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

    1. Yes, definitely order your normal size in running shoes. I tried 3 styles – you can see them on my IG Story (saved to the Try-Ons highlight.) I can include them in my next try on haul too.

  13. I have also thought about getting a breast reduction but at 36 D-DD I’m not sure if I would be seen as big enough to warrant going through surgery. But I have pretty chronic neck & shoulder pain and I wonder if it would help. They just feel so heavy sometimes and it’s hard to find a comfortable bra. Take the time you need to recover Jo Lynne.

  14. I have a friend who got breast reduction surgery about 6 years ago and she has never regretted it. She was starting to have back pain and it has really helped with that among other things. Good luck with it all. I’m sure it will be a benefit to you!

  15. Many of our high school track runners switched to this brand of running shoes and love them. I tried her pair and plan to get a pair too. So comfortable and light.

  16. I have always been a believer on doing what is right for you. I hope your surgery goes as planned with a quick recovery time. Your fashion sense has always been spot on and will continue to be. I look forward to your posts daily and if you need to take time off, please don’t feel obligated to post. Looking forward to what you have in mind for us. Btw, a recommended book list from your readers would be good about now.

  17. JoLynne,
    I am delighted that you have decided to do the procedure! I know a couple women who have and they are happy with the results. I certainly wish you all the best and please take your time with your recovery.

  18. I’ve been running in Hokas for a few years now and found that once I moved from my beloved Ghosts to these, a lot of hip/lower pain/knee issues cleared up. I’ve been a fan ever since! Glad to hear you’re making the leap to do something for yourself – if it makes you feel better physically and mentally, then that’s all that matters. Prays for an easy recovery.

  19. I had a breast reduction my senior year in college. It was one of the best things I have done for myself! My mom commented that she had never seen my clavicles before! It is a recovery, but we’ll worth it. (And, I am sure it has gotten easier since 1993!)

  20. My daughters friend had this also and has been so happy about the choice. I will be praying for you and looking forward to you resuming work whenever it is right for you. Be patient with yourself, don’t feel any pressure and know we are in your corner!

  21. Thank you for sharing about your upcoming surgery. I support you in your decision, and am praying for a smooth and steady recovery! This is certainly a part of overall health and wellness for many women. I’ll be 49 this summer, and like you, I used to be able to lose 10-15 pounds and go to a different bra size… ah, those were the days! Peri menopause has changed all that (insert eye roll). Now instead of my shopping splurge of ‘buy the shoes’, it’s ‘buy the pants that fit’! I think we all have to give ourselves grace on our journey of health and wellness, no matter what that looks like for each woman. Have a blessed Sunday!

  22. Please know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. I’m glad that you are now ready to have the breast reduction after wanting to have it done for way too many years. While I will miss your usual posts while you are initially recovering, I totally understand and will be patient. I actually purchased 4 of the March favorites, which is a record for me. Have a beautiful day!

  23. I don’t know when your surgery is, but good luck to you! I hope it’s a good recovery and that you’re happy with the results after you heal. 🙂

  24. I’m so behind on emails as I’m out of town so I missed your news! I’ll keep you in my prayers and wish you a successful surgery and speedy recovery!

  25. Best of luck with your upcoming surgery. I hope you have an easy recovery as well. Thank you for sharing this personal information with all of us. 💕

  26. Good luck with your surgery! Hope all goes well and you recover quickly! Don’t worry about the blog, I’m sure everyone will understand you need some time off to heal. Would you mind making a list of the book suggestions you get? I’ve got a beach trip coming up and would love some lighthearted fun reads!

  27. Hi Jo-Lynne! I just turned 51 and always have been a 34DD … the last year , my breasts really have changed so much!! It’s been a year since my last period and now they don’t get tender or swollen , I have seen a difference in size too …
    I don’t know if it is a common experience… but I feel like it’s more manageable now ☺️

  28. Good Luck with your surgery! Wishing you a speedy recovery… Was wondering – are you happy with the size of your Gracefull PM? I’m looking to purchase but I’m torn between the PM andMM size. Does the PM have enough “hobo” style drape? Just curious if you had any suggestions regarding sizing.
    Thank you,

  29. Thanks for being so open about your surgery. It is such a personal topic, but in a way, what choice do you have but to share since it is a fashion blog? This is something I have thought about for years, and I even went online recently to learn more about it. Do you have some advice on how to research the best surgeon? I don’t have any friends who have had plastic surgery so I have to rely on my own information gathering.

    1. I ended up with the one my friend went to, but I also asked my cosmetic dermatologist for a recommendation, and I have another friend who had implants a few years back and I talked to hers as well. I talked to 4 but only met with the 1.

  30. Jo Lynne , I’m excited for you. As my husband would say No Guts no Glory!!! Haha. I have a feeling you will figure out what tops you can wear after your surgery very quickly. I’m sure you will be so glad you did it! Thanks for sharing your struggles. Wd all have them in done form of another. Have a great week. 😊

  31. Good for you. I’m sure all will go well. I had reconstruction after breast cancer. Not pleasant reason but it turned out good. Prayers.

  32. Hi Jo-Lynne,
    Best wishes on your upcoming surgery, as a lady who is your same age and size I will be following closely,and praying for a speedy recovery.
    I work at a high end shoe store and we do really well with Hokas. A note for your followers, the Gaviotas have the most structure and support, followed by the Arahi. The other styles are neutral running, or daily wear shoes with varying degrees of cushion. The Bondi has the most cushion, but that can lead to a loss of stability, so that’s good to keep in mind if you are older, or tend to roll you ankles. Thanks!

  33. Hi Jo-Lynne,
    Wishing you the best of luck with your surgery. I’m sure it will have a positive effect on your quality of life. Take as much time as you need to recover, we’ll all be waiting patiently for your return. Prayers for a speedy recovery!

  34. I admire your courage and transparency! I too have considered a reduction surgery. At 5’2 I’ve always felt disproportionate with 36 DD or DDD breasts. Self-conciously trying to minimize them, with so many trial and error of bra styles. It’s caused me to avoid certain outfits and activities due to discomfort. I’m an easy size 28 petite in bottoms, but go from a L to XL in tops.
    Best of luck on your surgery and recovery! I can’t wait to hear how you feel afterwards, and how it changes your style and activities and comfort going forward!

  35. Thank you for sharing with us your upcoming surgery. A close friend has 2 daughters who had the surgery recently, one is 16 and the other 27. They are both so happy with the results! Good Luck! We’ll be praying for you.

  36. Best of luck with your surgery Jo-lynne. Hopefully any pain will be manageable for you. To tell you the truth I have never noticed that you have a large chest even though you have mentioned it so you do a great job styling all your outfits for us.

  37. Sending good wishes for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. As one reader commented, take your time getting back to work, we will still be here!


  38. Hi Jo Lynn, I’ve been following you for a few years now and your fashion/life emails are one of the highlights of my day. I love that you share some of your

  39. I am so excited that you decided to follow through with the breast reduction!! My best friend is in your size range, and she started looking into surgery when she was younger. Now, at 79, she feels the risks are too great. She has always regretted not doing it. I am a nurse, and I remember a patient who had one at 80…and she was soooo pleased!! You go girl!!

  40. Oh sweet lady. It pains my heart that anyone would give you a hard time about this. I, for one, am thrilled for you!! I’ve already started praying for your surgery and your recovery and I believe that this will be wonderful for you. I will miss your posts while you are down, but you will need to rest and recover and I think we all want you to do that. I’m really happy and excited for you!

    1. No one gave me a hard time. 🙂 A few expressed concern that my outfits won’t be as relevant to their body type anymore, but I think everyone understands I have to do what’s best for me.

  41. Jo-Lynne,
    I had breast reduction surgery a few years back (am 57 now). I’ve always had large breasts but not to the point that they’re painful, just that they were big enough that it was difficult to find properly fitting clothes based upon that and the rest of my body structure. I’m very glad I did it. HOWEVER, one thing to keep in mind, in my case, not only did they reduce a couple cup sizes, they lifted! So in the end, the way clothes fit wasn’t as drastic of a change as I had hoped. But I am lifted, so that’s good! I went from a 38DD/DDD to a 38C/D. I have very broad shoulders and the doctor didn’t advise that I go too much smaller than that.

    So anyway…just a thought. Don’t get rid of too much stuff right away. It takes awhile for the healing to occur to get to your final size. Go slow and follow the doctor’s instructions for recovery. I think you’ll be very happy with your results!

    Best of luck!

    1. Good to know, he is doing a lift as well. He says he always does a lift with a reduction except for in very young patients. I was never “lifted” even when I was very young, lol! So that will be quite a novelty, haha.

  42. I see Kellyann already commented. That was the first thing I thought, was that I knew she’d had this same surgery. Prayers for a successful surgery and easy recover in the weeks ahead, Jo Lynne. I’m sure you’ll figure out your new body time in no time at all. XOXO

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