Note to Self: BRING A CAMERA

I have been to two Mother’s Day Teas in two days and I forgot my camera both times.  At least I had my Blackberry at my daughter’s event yesterday, but I forgot to bring even that today when I hopped in the car to go to my son’s 3rd grade classroom before the rooster crowed this morning.  Okay, so it might have been a few minutes after the rooster crowed, but trying to get myself out of bed and dressed and presentable in time to get to my son’s class at 8:30 was quite a feat.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t know how working mothers get out of the house every morning without forgetting an article of clothing or a child.  Or their Blackberry.

So what it is about Mother’s Day school events that has me in tears before I even enter the building?  It’s like you say “Mother’s Day” and you might as well say, “Cue the tears.”  And my son’s teacher pulled out all the stops today.  She had the kids make this precious paper flower where the leaves are the child’s foot prints and the flower petals are his hand prints.  There was a baby picture taped onto the root of the flower and a current photo taped in the center of the flower.  Then there was a sentimental poem written on the stem, that the children read out loud while the mommies pretended to have a speck of dust in their eyes rather than nostalgic tears.

Afterwards the children served us tea, and then they were in the middle of a skit when the fire alarm rang.  It immediately brought me back to my years as a 3rd grade teacher as we were all ushered out of the building to stand in a line while the teacher took the roll call.  Finally we were allowed back in and the children started their skit over and completed it uninterrupted while I tried to think about something funny or boring or NOT SAD.

My husband was kind enough to take the morning off from work so I could go to the school unencumbered by superfluous children, so when I was done with the Tea I somehow got lost and ended up at the nail salon.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I think I’m about ready to take off for our night at the Hyatt.  I still have to throw a few things in a bag, but that shouldn’t take long, seeing how I’ll be gone for less than 24 hours.  Although a lady should never underestimate the value of fashion choices when packing to go away.  Nor the value of her camera.  That will be the first thing I pack.