Note To Self:

Burritos for dinner the second day of the Kick-The-Nexium-Habit? 

NOT a good idea.

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  1. ohhh nooo….bless your heart! Hubby can’t tolerate BBQ now and he is taking Nexxium. He really needs to go to the dr for a full exam but that’s a man for you!

  2. Kind of like going to Starbucks when you’re trying to kick caffeine. “Sure I’ll just have an strawberry frappuccino…”
    I have no willpower. God forbid I have to give up any of my vices! I don’t drink, smoke, or snort cocaine, so I gotsta have my coffee!

  3. Hmm….yikes. Still up for Chickfila for lunch tomorrow? I’ll try to call ya in the morning, if that’s ok. I pick up Nathan around 12ish so shortly after then would be great. 🙂

  4. I’m sorry to say that I rolled around laughing at this post for a good ten minute. Yeah. My dh thought I was super nutso.

    But I did not laugh out of lack of sympathy, honest!

    I hope you feel better ((Hugs))

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