Now THIS is vacation.

Sitting in a quaint coffee shop, drinking a latte, and taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi.  Kids are at the lake with their grandparents.  Hub is sitting across the room on a cozy couch instant messaging me from his Blackberry.  We’re such geeks.

A guy just came in and pulled an iMac out of his tote bag and set it up on the coffee table.  Now there’s an idea.  Maybe I don’t need a laptop after all.  I should just pack up my iMac.

The weather’s kinda crappy, and it’s not supposed to improve much.   It’s the perfect opportunity to hunker down with a good book.  Speaking of which, I’m about to turn the laptop over to Hub and finish the book I’ve been devouring – S is for Silence.  Do I have any fellow Sue Grafton fans out there?

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  1. I hate it that the weather is not so good. But I love the fact your in a little coffee shop without kids….how wonderful. Enjoy this time alone.

  2. I live in the Portland area. I think we’re supposed to have nice weather tomorrow, but rain the rest of the week. It is good reading weather. What about a Maine author- Elizabeth Strout is good.

  3. I love the Sue Grafton books! I have saved all the Kinsey Milhone books. She’s a great writer, I hope she doesn’t retire after “Z”.

    Love your blog, and Chic Critique, too.

  4. LOL! That is so funny that someone put their iMac in a laptop bag and travels with it! It is small enough but it is still so funny!!

    i JUST lifted mine up and it is heavy!!!

  5. Sue Grafton is one of my long time favorites. *I* just keep hoping she doesn’t DIE before she gets to Z! I need to know how Kinsey comes out in the end! (I was shocked to see she actually entered 1988 in the last book! I think all the other books have been set in 1987! LOL!)

    Enjoy the peace and quiet!


  6. You guys are geeks. 🙂 But here’s a little secret: Jeff and I would probably be doing the same thing. Shhh!

  7. I would give my right arm for a day like that. I spend today at the beach with the 4 kids. Well, just 1 hour – that’s all I could take! That is a post for another day!
    Enjoy your vacation!

  8. Sounds PERFECT. Weather notwithstanding 😉 A good book is definitely my idea of a pleasing vacation accomp… accomp… accompn’ment. 🙂

  9. Sounds like you are having a good time with your coffee house visits and your naps in the afternoon! I’m just sitting here fighting a stomach bug!!

  10. Curling up with a good book is perfect for a dreary, rainy day in Maine! (with hot coffee, too, well that is priceless)
    We’re in NH, heading Down East in a couple weeks, and since I have no laptop it will be sans computer. I definitely need a good book.

  11. Sometimes we are crazy and drive from Colorado to Georgia. I heart Cracker Barrel because you can rent audio books and return them anyway. I usually get a Sue Grafton book, so I’ve heard several of her books. They are great for road trips!

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