Now THIS is vacation.

Sitting in a quaint coffee shop, drinking a latte, and taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi.  Kids are at the lake with their grandparents.  Hub is sitting across the room on a cozy couch instant messaging me from his Blackberry.  We’re such geeks.

A guy just came in and pulled an iMac out of his tote bag and set it up on the coffee table.  Now there’s an idea.  Maybe I don’t need a laptop after all.  I should just pack up my iMac.

The weather’s kinda crappy, and it’s not supposed to improve much.   It’s the perfect opportunity to hunker down with a good book.  Speaking of which, I’m about to turn the laptop over to Hub and finish the book I’ve been devouring – S is for Silence.  Do I have any fellow Sue Grafton fans out there?