Nylons, CHECK! Earrings, CHECK!

All that’s left now is to get my nails done, and I’m all set to party the night away tomorrow night.  I don’t think I have EVER put this much time and thought into one of Husband’s office parties before.  I don’t know why it seems so all-fired important this year, but I’m having fun. 

I usually don’t pay much attention to my accessories.  Once I get my outfit and shoes, I’m good to go.  But this year, after reading Megan’s comment on this post, I’m bound and determined to find some Totally Wow Earrings so I can put all the best pretty up where people’s eyes are gonna be

At first I wasn’t sure what I was looking for, and then I got my mind set on some sparkly chandelier earrings.  And would you believe that I looked in probably ten stores and didn’t find anything that really spoke to me?

The party’s tomorrow, so this morning I realized I was running out of time.  It was time to get serious about what was slowly becoming Mission Impossible.  I dropped C at preschool and wasted no time driving straight to The Most Wonderful Place On Earth — Nordstrom, of course!  (If you thought I was talking about Disney World, you might be on the wrong blog.)

And of COURSE I found The Perfect Earrings. 

For a price. 

A hefty price, let me tell you.  I’m talking more than The Dress itself.  And I’m ashamed to admit that I actually pondered purchasing them.  Because I clearly have no shame. 

The devil on my left shoulder tried to convince me that they would be a worthwhile investment in future office Christmas parties for years to come.  But then the angel on my right shoulder smacked me upside the head with a reality check, and I sensibly told the salesgirl I was going to look around a bit more and then wandered out into the mall to see what else I could find. 

And then I happened across The Second Most Perfect Earrings at, believe it or not, one of those kiosks in the middle of the mall.  And I didn’t even have to cut off an arm to afford them.  Score!

I still think longingly of the ones at Nordstrom; they really are divine.  But I’m thrilled with what I found and am sure that in the dim party light they will look just as good as the ones that cost four times as much.

In my meanderings, I also picked up some ultra sheer thigh-high nylons.  (I don’t need anything binding the belly area to prohibit me from enjoying my surf and turf to the fullest.)  So I think I’m all set. 

I can’t WAIT to put everything together tomorrow night.  Then I’ll put my narcissism away for another year and it will be back to business as usual here on The Blawg — snotty noses and complaining about the weather.