Our Official Anniversary Day!

Today is our official anniversary.  (Happy Anniversary, Babe!)

Happy Anniversary

Don’t mind the odd angle.  My 7-year-old son took it for us.

Dinner at Ruth’s Chris last night was divine.  I had the Petit Filet with the lump crab and hollandaise on top.  Yum-Yum-YUM!!  Our meat came still sizzling on 150-degree plates, and who had to touch them to see how hot they really were?  I’ll give you a hint.  It wasn’t me.

**I’ve been corrected. The plates were 400 degrees.  An even better reason NOT to touch them, wouldn’t you say??**

For dessert I had the chocolate special, which was okay, but if I ever go back, I will get the creme brulée.  I had a bite of my husband’s, and it was TO. DIE. FOR.

We did get a picture before we left the house, but after all my yammering about the dress, I’m afraid it’s going to be a letdown.  It’s a pretty basic dress, really, but I felt great in it and my husband loved it.

I have to say, though, speaking of my dress, that I was appalled at some of the attire I saw last night, especially for a Saturday night.  There were people in casual shorts and t-shirts, men in sandals, and not just one or two people either.  Ironically, I had worried that I might be under-dressed in the halter top and jeans I’d been planning to wear.  As it turned out, that would have been just fine, but there were plenty of people dressed nicely too, and I felt confident and pretty in my new dress!

Before we left the house, I gave Paul the electric razor I’d picked up earlier this week.  He was psyched.  He’s been using a regular disposable razor ever since his last electric one broke, which was several years ago.

And when we got in the truck to go, there was a gift bag in the passenger seat with THIS inside!  He picked it out all on his own.  Didn’t he do a good job!?  And he told me, “I know you already have a bunch of them, but this is the new fall 2007 line!”  Oh that boy knows me well.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! You look fantastic and I LOVE the dress. My husband and I are going out tonight to celebrate our anniversary which is on Tuesday! Now I’m even more excited!

  2. Your dress looks great! And what a great husband – somehow I knew when I clicked on the link that it would be a Vera Bradley purse!
    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I love the picture, you guys look great and it sounds like you had a wonderful time. 🙂

  4. YAY DATE NIGHT! and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Date nights.are.heaven. Glad you got the chance to get OUT and enjoy each other. There is so much to be said for time alone as just a man and woman in love! It gets you through all those tough times. We would do it every week {read: DAY} if we could! But we’ll have to settle for taking our chances whenever we can! You guys look cute together, congrats!

  5. Aw, you got married on my 15th birthday! 🙂 (You did say 12 years, right?) You look beautiful and I love that dress! Happy Anniversary!

  6. Happy ‘Versary! You look smashing! Really love the shoes, too. P. is the best for getting you a surprise VERA! Glad you had a fun night out.

  7. Everything about your night sounds amazing–the dress, the shoes (!), the MEAL, the dessert, and the gift (how sweet!)! Happy Anniversary!

  8. You look fantastic in that dress! You make a really great looking couple. And Ruth’s Chris? *drool* We don’t have one any where near us, but I’ve heard how wonderful they are. Major brownie points to your hubby for the cute V.B. purse! I would love one too! My middle daughter’s name is Maggie and that would just be sweet! Happy anniversary!

  9. Happy Anniversary and Congratulations! I’ve been popping in from time to time reading your blog. Great pic – cute couple!

  10. Well by golly, he better know you by now! Of course, some husbands STILL don’t get it, do they?

    I know what you mean… that an outfit can make you feel like a million bucks, but the photo doesn’t reflect the real look. You do look FAB U LOUS!

    P.S. We tend to go to Park City when we do big dates like this and you’d be appalled at the people there too. I guess that’s what we get for a ski town, but we dress up for the $100 meal, the rich folks don’t.

  11. Well, I haven’t read your meeting post yet, but I want to say your dress IS AWESOME! You look gaaaahgeous daaaahhhhhling! Yep. You are one hott mama! 😉

  12. Look at you! You look beautiful. We have a lot in common – I call my husband Babe, too, and we cruise around in his truck for all our romantic dates!

  13. Don’t you look great!

    My mouth is watering for that creme brulee. My favorite dessert at a fancy restaurant.

    Great purse, too! What color did you get?

  14. First of all, Happy Anniversary!!! You both looked adorable and I love the dress.

    We ate Ruth Chris for our anniversary last year. I loveeeeee their food. So yummy!!! The Creme Brulee really is to die for.

    And lastly, love the purse. He done a great job!

  15. GORGEOUS PICTURE OF YOU BOTH! Happy Anniversary!!


    I had the Petit Filet with the lump crab and hollandaise on top.

    HELLO! Yummmmmmmmm.

  16. Happy Anniversary! You guys look great! And yes, the Vera Bradley bag was a great gift! Any wife would have been pleased with that one! The steak sounds yummy! Glad you guys have fun. BTW, I love the dress!

  17. Happy belated anniversary! The purse is really neat. My husband keeps telling me that we are going to go to Ruth’s Chris for dinner since i have never been before. it was good to hear your comments on it.

  18. Love the dress and the purse. I think it is great to get dressed up for a night out. We stay-home moms need those kinds of opportunities, even if the general public thinks casual is the way to go all the time. Happy belated anniversary!

  19. OK, this is an old post but I am commenting anyway because I am nothing if not a rebel.


    Yeah, Ruth’s Chris. Waited tables there for 2 years while in school. One of my very close friends is still there. You are right. Food – fab. Attire – abyssmal. Seriously. The mgt should be absolutely appalled that they allow men in TANK TOPS and women in ratty jeans in a restaurant that is of the white table cloth variety. Drives my friend who still works there batshit.

    Nevertheless, food is fab. See, now I’m hungry.


  20. Oh goodness gracious, I don’t know HOW I missed this post. Congrats!

    I totally love Ruth’s Chris. I would SO pick that if I were given one restaurant in the world to go to right now.


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