Out of the Mouths of Babes

On Saturday night, we made a stop at our favorite local ice cream parlor after my son’s baseball game. My parents were with us, so my dad and my husband claimed a table while my mom and I placed our order. The kids were bouncing back and forth between the table and the ice cream counter while we waited for our order, and meanwhile a studly-looking guy with a goatee and a shaved head sat down in the couch that backed up to our table.

R, who is 3 going on 6, immediately took notice of this newest patron. I was standing by my mom about 3 yards away when I heard her excited chatter loud and clear, “Gwandaddy! Gwandaddy!” (To my father.) “Dat man doesn’t have any hair! Gwandaddy, look! Dat man! He doesn’t have any hair!”

Now, if I could hear what she was saying at several yards away, I am quite confident that the man sitting a couple feet away overheard her plain as day.

I looked over at him and he had a faintly amused expression on his face, but he never turned around.

Of course my mom and I got a good laugh out of it, but I can’t say I didn’t consider for a moment abandoning the establishment for the sanctuary of my car.

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  1. Could have been worse. She could have said he looked so old he was dying like Baby Girl did a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t stick around to see if these people had an amused expression or not.

  2. At least she didn’t say something like one of my nephews: “That person is fat!”

  3. My poor mother had the pleasure of both her children loudly pointing out fat people’s behinds (we did this five years apart) and then my nephew also did it while she was babysitting him. She’s the only woman I know who had to endure scathing looks from overweight people on three separate occasions.

  4. Hilarious! You prompted my memory of a very embarrassing kid moment a few weeks ago. I blogged it just now! Thanks for the prompt. =)

  5. That’s hysterical thanks for the laugh. My kids always say the most embarassing stuff as well. The list is way too long to mention.

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