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Save, Spend, Splurge: Spring Handbag Roundup


Handbags are my love language. What can I say… it’s the one wardrobe item that always fits no matter how much weight you gain or lose, and it’s something you can use every day. I’ve had a lot of questions about what handbag styles and colors are trending this spring, so I decided to do a roundup!

Try-On Haul // What I Wore

I’ve had quite a few requests for the return of my Saturday Try On Hauls, so here we are! This is a mix of try-ons and what I’ve been wearing, and they’re all pretty much mirror selfies. I know, I’m really going all out with the quality photography, folks! I got a new box from Trunk Club this week, plus the Bloomingdale’s Friends & Family Sale just launched, I tried on a few things at Nordstrom one day, and I’ve got some Loft try-ons and a dress from Ann Taylor. Then I’m sharing some of my recent outfits. 

When The Calendar Says Spring But The Weather Says Brrr!

The days are getting longer, the trees are starting to bud, and I can hear birds singing outside of my office windows in the mornings. It’s as if they’re trying to usher in the spring weather we’re all so eagerly anticipating. Even though it’s still chilly around here, spring has definitely sprung, and it’s time to ditch the dark colors and heavy layers in favor of lights and brights.

Living Her Best Dog Life with Chewy

It’s been a long, cold winter, and we all have a touch of spring fever around here. Even Savannah, our sweet rescue pup, seems to be itching for nice weather and everything that means for her — long walks around the neighborhood, lazy afternoons napping by the pool, and playing catch in the front yard. When the weather is nice, she prefers to spend the better part of her day outside, and I just discovered a new resource that makes shopping for outdoor (and indoor!) pet supplies easy and stress-free.

Singing The Blues…

Honestly, I’m doing anything BUT singing the blues this morning, but it seemed like a good title for this outfit. Why am I not singing the blues? Because after having a couple of rough days with my vertigo, thinking it was getting worse, I woke up this morning and it seems to be gone. This is exactly the 3-week mark since it started, and it tends to run a 3-4 week course, so… I am cautiously optimistic! Meanwhile, I shot this spring look on Monday and thought I’d better share it before anything starts selling out.