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Summer Fashions Try-On Sesh

I’ve been collecting pictures from my try-ons at the mall and here at home for several weeks, and I finally got around to putting them in a post. I hope it’s helpful as you navigate the MDW sales today and tomorrow. 

MDW Sales + What I’ve Worn That’s On Sale

The sales this weekend, you guys. They are are pretty stellar!!! I’ve rounded up a list of what I think are the best sales for you to check out, and I’ve also got some outfits I’ve worn that are on sale. I also want to do a Shop With Me post because I have a lot of dressing room selfies I’ve taken over the past couple of weeks with some great finds, and a lot of them are on sale as well, so be looking for that later today!

Summer Sweater Outfit + LOFT Sale

A summer sweater may sound like an oxymoron, but I’m a big fan. I like how easy they are to throw on and go, and they don’t tend to wrinkle as easily as a blouse or tee. This pointelle flare sleeve sweater as well as these cropped jeans are 40% off right now at LOFT!