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January Reader Favorites

Ever wonder about the most popular products among JLS readers? I wanted to make this reader favorites post a regular monthly feature and run it the first day of the following month, but I had the giveaway to post this month, and then yesterday was Fashion Friday, so here we are!


How To Elevate A Classic Utility Jacket for Spring

Who has spring fever? I know, this is the time of year I start to give y’all whiplash by alternating between winter and spring outfits. While we’re still dressing for winter here in the northeast, most of us are hankering for springtime, and it doesn’t help when my southern sisters start to ask for spring fashions! Today’s post is for those of you who are tired of winter outfits and are eager to think ahead to the next season. I’m teaming up with Lucky Brand to talk about how to elevate one of the most essential wardrobe basics for spring — the utility jacket. 


5 Ways to Wear Red + My Casual Valentine’s Look

Since tomorrow is February 1st and Valentine’s Day is just two weeks away, I’m teaming up with a few of my fashionable friends to share some 5 ways to wear the color of the season — RED!


Fight the Frump: Update Your Eyeglasses

Fight the Frump is back today, and it’s all about eyeglasses. (If you don’t wear eyeglasses, these tips apply to sunglasses as well.) Eyeglasses are one of the easiest ways to date yourself (I try never to wear eyeglasses in family pictures for that reason) so if you’re trying to update your look or fight the frump, it’s probably time to reassess your eyeglasses.

Ways You Can Support Your Favorite Bloggers

I get a lot of questions from readers about how they can help support my business… If they comment on my blog posts, does it help me out in any way? If they click on one of my links and then click around, does it still count? If they comment too much on my Facebook Page, do they look like stalkers? (LOL!) After fielding several of those types of questions in the comment section, I started thinking about writing this post, but I always chickened out because it feels so self-serving… as if posting pictures of myself all over the interwebs isn’t self-serving enough! Finally I decided to ask you all outright if you would like a post like this, and quite a few of you said that you would, so here we are!