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Instagram Roundup / What I Wore

Greetings and happy Saturday! It’s been almost a month since I posted an Instagram Roundup, so this one is a bit of a doozie! I’m going to focus more on my daily outfits and what I actually wore and skip over some of the looks you’ve probably already seen on the blog, although I’ll share a few of those that feature an item that’s currently on sale.


Wool Cocoon Coat + Stripes

Happy Friday, friends! Today I have another outfit with my grey cocoon coat. Since we were just talking about timeless wardrobe basics yesterday, I figured today was a good day share an outfit I created by combining a bunch of my favorite closet staples.


Timeless Closet Basics That Won’t Go Out of Style

I was asked by a few of you to write a post on timeless closet basics that will never go out of style, so I’m tackling that topic today! Because we’re talking about timeless closet basics, I’m going to include some of the iconic designer styles that made some of these wardrobe pieces classics, but with that said, I’m not telling you to go out and invest in super expensive items for each of these categories. I think you can find timeless closet basics to suit any budget if you’re discerning and patient, and I’ll try to find examples at several different price points.

Spring Transition Outfit with T.J.Maxx

Greetings, friends! We’re enjoying a slight reprieve from the cold temperatures we’ve had over the past few weeks, and it feels almost like spring around here. I know it’s just a tease, but it has me thinking about spring fashion and wanting to style some transitional outfits.


Best Denim Under $100 // Spend & Save

During the reader survey, I got this comment, and it made me giggle: “I would like some jeans suggestions at a price point under $100. I just can’t pull the trigger to spend more than that! Is it really worth it?!” I do think premium denim is worth it, with a few caveats. Always buy it on sale, and only if you’re going to wear them a lot. That said, there are perfectly good jeans for less than $100, so I’m going to do a roundup of those for you today!


High Rise Ankle Jeans with Leopard Mules

Hey guys! Happy Monday! I hope you had a good weekend. Over the weekend I tried my hand at styling these high rise ankle jeans from Madewell. This is a new silhouette for me so I’m experimenting with how to make it work for me and for those of us who may be a bit wary of this trend.