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We had a blast last night at Buca Di Beppo in Exton.  We were crammed into the Pope’s room, which we all found rather comical.  We literally had to remove a bust of the pope from the center of our table before we could eat.

We talked nonstop for three hours, at which point they finally kicked us out because the next party was waiting.  You’ve never seen talking until you’ve been in a room with 20 bloggers.  At one point it was so loud, I couldn’t hear the person next to me.  But we had a blast.

There was swag for each of us from Graco, newbaby.com, Smart Mom Solutions, Orville Redenbacher, Mom Central and the Handyguys Podcast.  And then there were even a few gifts to be won — I was the lucky and timely recipient of The No-Cry Potty Training Solution, which I intend to read cover to cover before the weekend’s out.  I sure could have used that a few days ago!  And two lucky ladies left with brand new Graco Nautilus carseats.  To top it all off, Graco graciously picked up the tab for dinner.

Here are a few pictures of the night.


That’s Margie from Gunning It, Lindsay and Melissa from Graco Blog, and girlymama.


That’s Colleen from Classy Mommy, Sarah from Genesis Moments, me, and Kris (aka Mommy Sparklykatt).


That’s Beth from Total Mom Haircut, Mel from A Box of Chocolates, and Sarah from Water, Water Everywhere.


Kris, Whitney from Mommies With Style, and Katia from Freeform Katia.


Finally, Amy from Crazy, But the Cool Kind, Amy from Occupation Mommy, and Erin from Graco Blog.

Also in attendance – my neighbor Kim from Situationally Single Mom, but she arrived after the picture taking frenzy.

I didn’t take the time to link to everyone, but there is a list of all the Philly Mom Bloggers on my blogroll.

I want to say a hearty thank you to everyone who made the evening a success.  We hope to do this again in the fall, so if you didn’t make it this time, hopefully we’ll see you then.

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  1. What a blast…definitley worth a 4 hour drive!! We absolutely have to make it a tradition. I’m trying to upload my pix to flicker, but need an invite so when you get a chance could you email me with it. I will try to get my post up sometime today, but I did promise my kids that I would finally go grocery shopping and then we have a recital tonight. I’ll do my best!! Happy Weekend!!

  2. We had a graduation dinner in the Pope room in the Buca di Bepo in Anaheim, CA. That room is a trip! It’s hard to concentrate with the Pope head in the middle of the table.

  3. It was great meeting you – thanks for the write up and picts (although what face I’m making is beyond me -that must have been after the second glass of wine!) Hope we all do it again soon!

  4. Oh how FUN! I’ve still yet to meet Lindsay from Graco OR Beth from Total Mom Haircut altho I’m sure we will meet someday, and I recognize some other find bloggers there I’d love to meet, too! Like Mel- Hi Mel!


  5. Wow, how did you get sponsors for your mom blog get together? I am truly interested. We are trying to get a bigger group of Dallas area bloggers together and I am sure something like that would help.

    Looks like you ladies had a great time!

  6. Look at you, Hot Mama! What a fun looking night, and so fun to associate “live” images with the blog names. 🙂

    If y’all ever come south for the winter…call me up!

  7. It looks like fun. I read Beth, how cool to see her!! (Total Mom Haircut).

    Now why do I live in the middle of the desert where there is no one else to meet??

  8. I love the detail with these photos- that will certainly make it easy to remember who is who for the next time we meet (I’m just assuming since the first time was such a success that we should absolutely meet again!) I had a great time- thanks for letting the Graco girls crash the party.

  9. This sounds like a great group of women and a super fun night. Its great to know so many other mommy bloggers are out there. I only wish I had been blogging sooner. I started yesterday and am tottally enjoying trying to figure it out and meet other bloggers. Your blog is great.

  10. That is great! I am a Philly-ish blogger. I was born and raised in Philly but now live in South Jersey. Wow! I had no idea there were so many Philly mom bloggers. How exciting. Please check out my blog. Maybe I can join in the fun next time around!?

    I had been thinking of starting a Philly Mom Blog for some time. There is a New Jersey Mom’s Blog, but most of the moms are from northern New Jersey which is a very seperate entitiy from south where I am. I didn’t know if I started a a Philly Mom’s Blog if there’d be anyone to blog on it. Now I know better.

    I am off to check out all of these Philly mom’s blogs.

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