Pink Plaid in Maine

Winter Fashion: Pink Plaid in Maine

Good morning! Happy Thursday! In case you’re just tuning in, we’re in Maine right now, staying at my family’s lake house. Of course I couldn’t skip an opportunity to get some scenic outfit pictures!

Winter Fashion: Pink Plaid in Maine

Winter Fashion: Pink Plaid in Maine

Winter Fashion: Pink Plaid in Maine

Winter Fashion: Pink Plaid in Maine

Winter Fashion: Pink Plaid in Maine

Winter Fashion: Pink Plaid in Maine

This outfit is a great example of how a basic black sweater, blue jeans, and black boots can look cute and put together with a few well-chosen accessories. Nothing I’m wearing is new, but I’ll link to similar styles if I can find them.

I didn’t bring a lot of clothes to Maine because I tried to pack light, and I wasn’t even planning to do an outfit shoot so I didn’t bring any planned outfits. But this outfit came together easily, and I think it’s cute. The black turtleneck is cozy and practical for the weather, and these are the only boots I brought so I chose a lighter wash jean to create contrast between the black sweater and black boots.

This scarf is from J.Crew last year, and it’s super thick and soft. I like how the black in the scarf ties into the sweater, and the orange and pink are a fun and unexpected combination. I borrowed the pink pompom beanie from my youngest daughter. She got it in her stocking for Christmas, and I thought it went perfectly with this scarf.

Of course, I wore a coat when I went out, but I spent most of the day curled up in a cozy chair, reading a book. Yay for winter vacations!

Winter Fashion: Pink Plaid in Maine

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black turtleneck // DL1961 skinnies // similar boots // pink pompom beanie // plaid scarves // nails: CND Pretty Poison

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25 thoughts on “Pink Plaid in Maine

  1. Love the look and the scenery makes the outfit look so warm and snuggly. Tell you grandfather Happy Birthday, just out of curiosity what business did he start. Thanks for sharing Happy New Year Stella

  2. Just curious, is this something you would wear hanging out at home all day, doing housework, etc., is it comfortable enough for you, or do you wear yoga pants unless your going somewhere?

    1. I wore the jeans and sweater all day yesterday to hang out at camp (sans scarf and hat, of course, lol!) I wore the boots until I ran out to run an errand and then I switched to slippers in the house for the rest of the day. This is the type of thing I typically wear at home all day when I’m working. I hardly ever wear yoga pants all day, but if I had some up here, I might be tempted to pull them on for the afternoon since we’re snowed in. I meant to bring them and I forgot.

  3. Beautiful scenery! Thanks for sharing. I also wanted to thank you for a statement you made in one of your recent post. It was in regards to going up a size in our clothing. You said we should embrace our body for what it is. Good words for me. I know over the holidays I have put on some pounds and hopefully can get the weight off. But your words are telling me it is ok and to not be ashamed of how I look. Thank you so much.

  4. Love the outfit with the pop of color!!!!! Happiest 100th to your grandfather!! Your lashes look amazing!!! Will you share what mascara you are using?? Have a lovely vacation!!!!

  5. Hi Jo-Lynne! Please wish your grandfather a very happy 100th birthday! What a blessing! I love the outfit, how you look, and the scenery. I’m glad you decided to do at least one photo shoot for us. How wonderful it is that you are getting to have some down time. We all need that every now and then.

    Have a blessed day!

  6. Love it thanks for sharing beautiful!
    Please share snow pics !!!!
    I am loving the soft pastels and pink!
    Thinking spring …sunny in Chicago!

  7. Well, you certainly have longevity in your family genes. Happy 100th to your grandfather.
    I love your outfit! The scarf and pompon hat take a simple, cozy outfit up a notch.
    I do love seeing the scenery from your family cottage. It’s beautiful! Enjoy!

  8. Hi Jo Lynne,
    I have a question that I hope you don’t mind answering. I was wondering if you can wear a WHBM light blue turtle neck sweater with glitter through it after Christmas? Thanks for your help.

    1. Hey Nancy, I might actually have that sweater hanging in my closet. Ha!! Does it have the buttons on the turtleneck? You can definitely wear it after Christmas. It would be pretty and fresh with white jeans or winter white pants (or grey or black) in January and February.

  9. Yeah!! That is the sweater! My son bought it for me for xmas and I can’t break his heart and return it!, I have winter white skimmer jeans too! Enjoy your vacation and Happy Birthday to Papa!

  10. What a great impromptu outfit and photo shoot. Wonder if I was as young and cute as you, if my PC would be less argumentative about taking my picture. Boo hoo!

    As a child, I stayed at a cozy cabin in Rockport, Maine with my parents, where the water was icy even in the warmer months. Were you freezing in your lovely pictures above?

  11. I am really enjoying your outfits lately… they feel like something I really would wear… I like more casual looks… the kind you wear when you have no wear to go… but don’t want to look like a slob 🙂 …. you are lookin’ so cute these days…. whatever you are doing… keep it up…. you look AMAZING!!!!

  12. I love your earrings! Do you know if they have nickel in them, or if they are gold? I find that even ‘nickel free’ earrings bother my ears, but gold ones do not.

    I love your blog!

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