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Greetings, and happy Friday! Today I’m sharing the last of my photos from my Vero Beach trip.

Swimsuit season is fast approaching, and this year I added two new swimsuits to my summer wardrobe. I wore them both when I was in Florida, but my favorite by far is the one I’m wearing in this post.

My biggest struggle with swimsuits is finding one that can handle “the girls.” Most swimsuits made for those of us who are more well-endowed end up looking really frumpy.

I only wear swimsuits that have bra cup sizing and a complete built-in underwire bra — with a full detached back strap inside, not just a makeshift bra-like insert in the front. But even among those, most of the more youthful styles (like the ones from Athleta and Title Nine) don’t come large enough (for reference, I need a 32G), and the ones that do (I’ve tried Miraclesuit, Lands’ End, LaBlanca, Fantasie, Robin Piccone, and more) make me feel matronly.

I realize I’m probably super picky, and many of you have had good luck with some of those brands, but they just haven’t worked well for me.

I was absolutely dreading this summer season because my bathing suits were getting old, and I knew I needed to update them. I thought I had tried every option available, but then I discovered Rigby & Peller.

I stumbled upon this store when I was at the mall a few months back, and I went in to get fitted for new bras. While I was there, I noticed they also carried swimwear in larger cup sizes. I liked what I saw so when it came time to order some swimsuits for my Florida trip, I ordered a few to try.

Cue angels singing!

This tankini top is the Prima Donna brand, which was a new one to me. It comes in sooo many sizes, and I love how you can wear the straps two ways. The colors are pretty and youthful, and there is plenty of fabric to cover the tummy area too.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Prima Donna Rumba Tankini Chill Pink with AG The Hailey Denim Shorts in Vero Beach

I felt confident and comfortable wearing this swimsuit around the resort and on the beach because it provides a flattering shape and adequate support for “the girls” without showing a ton of cleavage. It’s also a little longer and looser than the tankinis from Title Nine and Athleta, so it doesn’t ride up and show my tummy when I move around, and it also skims the midsection without clinging to the lumps and bumps.

Basically, this is the most perfect tankini I’ve ever tried. Yes, it’s pricey, but you can’t put a price on confidence in a swimsuit, if you ask me. I’ll definitely be ordering more from this brand in the future.

This post is not sponsored, and in fact, I can’t even use affiliate links for my swimsuit — Rigby & Peller doesn’t have an affiliate program — so I’m just passing this info along to anyone who is looking for a flattering, supportive, pretty, youthful looking swimsuit with bra cup sizing that goes beyond a 34DD.

By the way, you can also find Prima Donna swimwear at Bare Necessities and Her Room — and those are affiliate links. Those sites don’t have my exact tankini top, but I really like this and this, and I’m thinking of ordering one of those. Now that I’m moving into a house with a pool in the backyard, I’m going to want more swimsuit options!

By the way, I’m wearing the matching bikini briefs in a size medium, but we didn’t take any pictures without a coverup on.

I also have these boyshorts from Title Nine that I like to wear with this tankini top sometimes. I definitely like the rear coverage they provide — they’re just long enough to cover my saddlebags (I do have them; trust me!) but they don’t add any extra bulk like board shorts tend to do.

I usually just throw on jean shorts and a tank top over my swimsuit and call it a day, but I decided my Florida vacation deserved a proper coverup so I ordered a few the week before I left.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Prima Donna Rumba Tankini Chill Pink with AG The Hailey Denim Shorts in Vero Beach

My favorite is this La Blanca lace trim tunic. (This is similar.)

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing La Blanca Island Fare V-Neck Tunic Cover-Up with a Raffia Packable Tote

I got my coverup on Amazon for $54, but they’re sold out now.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing La Blanca Island Fare V-Neck Tunic Cover-Up

I also love, love, love my rafia beach bag. I usually prefer a beach bag that stands on its own, but having a packable style worked really well for this trip, and it’s usually so full of stuff it stands up anyway.

Packable Raffia Tote -- Perfect for travel!

And no, I don’t normally wear jewelry on the beach, but I had this necklace on from a previous photo shoot and I left it on. I kind of like how it glams up the look.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Prima Donna Rumba Tankini Chill Pink with AG The Hailey Denim Shorts in Vero Beach

Looking at these pictures really makes me want to go back to Florida. It doesn’t help that it’s been raining here for three days straight with no end in sight. I’m so ready for summer.

At least when we get moved into my new house in a couple of months, I’ll be all set for swimwear. I plan to spend most of my afternoons by my backyard pool, and I cannot wait!

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Prima Donna Rumba Tankini Chill Pink with AG The Hailey Denim Shorts in Vero Beach

Outfit Details:

Prima Donna tankini tops // jean shorts // sandals // tote // coverup // necklace

photo credit: Martina’s Photography

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  1. Love that top, I have a hard time with swimsuits because I have a large chest. I end up scooping up all the Coco Reef ones I can when they go on sale at the end of the season. I’ve never heard of this brand and while it seems very pricey your tankini top looks very well made so it’s probably worth every penny. I’ d love to try one, better save my pennies! Thanks for sharing this!

    1. You mean every day isn’t a beach day when you live in Florida? 🤣 Haha, just kidding! It does SOUND so glorious, though… how far are you from the beach?

  2. That is a really cute suit Jo-Lynne!  I will have to check out that brand. I always have trouble with wearing a tankini because what fits up top never fits right across my tummy.  You look great!


  3. What a cute bathing suit! Love the colors and I’m glad you found something that suits your needs! I do like bathing suit tops that have good coverage + support for most of my momlife water activities, and even though I don’t have your exact size struggles, it’s still a challenge even for less endowed people to find something like that! Thanks for sharing this brand! Also, I can’t wait to see more of your new house!
    Gina – http://www.onthedailyexpress.com

  4. Gosh, I was just saying i need a new swimsuit….do you realize I haven’t bought one in over 5 years….eeek!!
    One of the small boutiques is having a bra event next month and the company has swim tops too, so I’m hoping it’ll help!!

  5. You look so nice in these pictures Jo-Lynne!  I cannot imagine you having lumps and bumps anywhere!  Yes, I’m serious!  I don’t even know how many years it’s been since I’ve had on a swimsuit.  I may still own 1, but that’s a big maybe.  I’m not a water person and with all of the skin cancer I’ve had, I stay out of the sun as much as possible.  I do love walking on the beach though.  It’s just so relaxing!  I feel your rain pain!  Last night they showed that for the next 7 days, we have a chance of rain.  Have fun today!☔️ 🏖

  6. Love the location shots where was the photo of you in front of what looks like a restaurant not recalling it. and your right you look so unnatural in a posed shot. i will be looking for new suits this year when i get out of this cast have just about worn my out. thank you for sharing where you got yours.

  7. What a pretty swimsuit and cover-up! I agree, it’s worth every penny to have wear a great fitting swimsuit you can really feel confident in. Can’t wait for the 21 days if summer fashion! 

  8. Love this! I’m also a 32G, and finding bathing suits that are small enough everywhere else, but large enough on top without making me look 20 years older than I am feels like the bane of my existence in the summer. I’ll definitely take a look at these.

  9. Great post, Jo-Lynne! I just had a friend text me last night about doing a swimsuit post, so I’ll pass this on to her. I’m not sure how I’ll handle that post since we all have such different bodies and that really makes a difference when it comes to suits. But you’ve handled it beautifully here, so I’ll give it a try. And my post will be just the opposite of yours – I have to find swimsuits that ADD A LITTLE up top!!!
    Hope your rain stops soon and you get to enjoy some sunshine. Have a blessed weekend!

  10. I have a similar style tankini that I wear with boyshorts and love it. I do not have a large chest and I would say you wear it better. Looks beautiful on you. 

  11. Man, these pictures make me want to go to the beach. PRONTO! I am so incredibly jealous that you get to have a pool in your back yard. How wonderful! Okay friend, I would have never guessed your “girls” were “G’s”. You do a great job of keeping them in check. Me and my A’s can’t even imagine😂. Cute top, shorts and cover up. I like wearing a little jewelry at the beach/pool, just because. Happy weekend!!! XO

    1. Ha. I’ve made it my life’s work to keep those girls in check. 🤣

      I usually wear my diamond studs when I’m going to the beach or pool because I figure they’re pretty much invincible. I rarely wear a necklace – mainly b/c I find them uncomfortable when I’m sweaty and hot. But I do like the look. I rarely get in the water so that’s not really an issue, lol.

  12. Great post. I have too many skin issues so can’t go in sun anymore so don’t need swimsuits. 🙁 but I can appreciate your post. Love your suit.

  13. I just ordered a miraclesuit one piece and a tankini set to accommodate my girls. Guess I’ll be looking matronly.

  14. Thanks for the link to that straw bag on Amazon. I had ordered the one from Nordstrom, and even though it was pretty, I thought it was too expensive for what it was, so I returned it.

    That suit looks nice on you. I never know where to go for bathing suits. As I’ve gotten older I want more coverage and a lot of them do skew matronly. The Lands End suits look so adorable in the catalog, but when I put them on, they age me. Last year I finally settled on a tankini top paired with board shorts.

    1. That’s how I feel about Lands End suits too. That said, I have friends who wear them and look good. I guess we’re all built differently, and different suits seem to work for different women. Thank goodness for so many options!

  15. I’m a 34H and I’ve had good luck with Bravissimo.com for swimsuits. They carry some well known brands like Freya and Panache, but they also have their own line. I picked up 2 (a one-piece and a bikini) really cute ones for my trip to Maui last winter.

  16. Just adorable on you.  It looks so young and love the colors. Looks great on you. You did good, as I know you mentioned before trying to find one that had support but didn’t look matronly.  DId I miss the link to the other one you bought for this summer?  I bought a new tankini last summer and only wore it once. I don’t get much use out of a swimsuit much these days, as hate to wear one at my age but owning a boat, need to have one when we take our grown kids out. I use to live in one back in the day when the family was home and boating/camping.  🙂  Thinking of you as you prepare for graduation.  I turned on the TV and was so sad to hear about the Texas school shooting, one day before their graduation.  Prayers for them all but I don’t know if all of you are getting tired of hearing “prayers are with them,” but nothing seems to be done and the shootings keep going on.  I don’t know the solution but its frustrating.  If any of you out there are from Santa Fe, thinking of you all.  

    1. I hadn’t heard about a school shooting. When was that??? Guess I’m off to google…

      I know people get tired of hearing the “thoughts and prayers” sentiment, but really, there isn’t much else most of us can actually do. And I will certainly pray for those families, for their peace and comfort as they process this tragedy. But yeah, it does feel empty to say that, knowing we can’t do much else is hard. I think we all struggle with what to say and how to process our feelings. xo

  17. No wonder you were so pleased to find it – the colours are fantastic! You look wonderful xx

  18. I can soooo relate to having issues with the top part of my bathing suit. Now that I think of it I have never had a formal bra fitting…

  19. I love that suit! I have the same problem. I’m a size 4 but I’m a 30ddd. It’s hard enough to find bras; swimsuits are even harder. I’ve tried “sister sizes” in the suits but it never seems to work out. We live in a very sunny/hot climate and I have a pool so a well fitting suit is important to me. I am going to give these a look. Thanks for the post!

  20. Thanks for posting this. The suit looks terrific on you! I am the same hard to fit size as you and hate bathing suit shopping more than anything. I also find wearing a bathing suit uncomfortable because the support is never very good. I’ve gotten bras at my local Rigby and Peller and now I know I have to go there for a new bathing suit.

  21. Good morning, you’re not missing anything!  Florida gal here and it’s been raining everyday since last Monday!  My daughter is getting married June 9th, so I pray it’s over by then!  Love the bathing suit top…it looks good on you!  

  22. Hi, where do you purchase your jean shorts at? I recently lost 20# and would feel comfortable wearing them. I don’t like really short lengths, however d/t saddlebags. At least 3.5 to 5 inches. I also prefer a light wt material on them for summer time. Not your usual thicker winter versions. By the way, I love your website especially the fashion. Can’t wait to see pictures of your new home! I’m soon to be 54 years old and looking to be more stylish with my new wt lost and comfort zone! Thank you for the time you take to manage this blog!

    1. Hey Karen, I linked them at the end of the post, but I guess the ones I had sold out and it was redirecting to the home page. I fixed it to link to all AG Hailey at the AG website, and they’re also on Amazon: httpss://amzn.to/2Lgi9WK

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