Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice | 22 Days of Fall Fashion

Happy hump day, friends! If today’s outfit won’t put you in the mood for fall, I don’t know what will. This sweater is the next best thing to a pumpkin spice latte… and it’s calorie-free!

Not only is it the perfect shade of burnt orange, but it’s super soft and cozy — like putting on a warm hug.

Okay, so I know I waxed eloquent on Sunday about the apple getting its month, but once October is here, I’m wearing this sweater at least twice a week.

This is the Chelsea28 cowl neck sweater that sold out during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and it’s back in stock! I love the relaxed cowl neck and the 23″ length and the long ribbed cuffs.

It’s made of that soft, spongy knit that feels so good against the skin and never stretches out. It runs true to size, by the way; I’m wearing the small.

FYI, if you prefer longer lengths, this Caslon chenille turtleneck is a very similar color and looks super cozy too.

I paired it with the rag & bone Nina High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans, also from the #NSale. In fact, my ankle boots are from the sale too! I hope a lot of you have these pieces and are looking for styling ideas.

These booties are great for those who like to wear a lower heel. My foot doctor always tells me a small heel is actually better than flats, and these have the perfect 1 1/2″ heel for finicky feet.

They also have great style. The notched shaft flatters your ankle, and the tiny dome studs up the back give them a bit of an edge.

This is the Taupe Snake Print Leather, and I love the subtle texture they add to the look. FYI, I recommend sizing down a half size in these boots; I ended up with the 7 1/2, for reference.

These jeans have a nice medium wash and an 11″ rise, which I find very comfortable. I like how they hold in all the jiggle, but I prefer to wear them with a top that I can leave untucked.

When I front-tuck a top into jeans with an 11″ rise, it throws off my vertical balance and accentuates my belly, but this sweater is the perfect pairing!

I kept my accessories simple, since there’s a lot going on with the cowl neck and the long, cuffed sleeves. All I added was gold hoops and my trusty sunnies.

These rag & bone oversized square sunglasses are so chic, and they finally went on sale at Shopbop! They also come in a really cool black leather-like case. It’s the little things, ya know?

This is the type of outfit I wear almost every day in fall and winter. As much as I love trying new color combinations and layering with jackets this time of year, I’m most comfortable in a cozy pullover sweater and jeans. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

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Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the fall look she’s styling today!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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27 Responses

  1. I meant to respond yesterday – I bought the drape jacket you had on yesterday in black & wore it yesterday as our weather is nuts here – we had a high of 60 yesterday with 45 & rainy afternoon noon. 

    I love today’s sweater & look. While I’m not ready for winter – fall is looking better all the time. Lol

    Glad your dad appointment yielded an all clear. Woo hoo. 

    Have a great day. 

  2. My favorite color sweater for fall!! Beautiful look.  I was able to get those earrings as well as the Kendra Scott Maggie gold hoops from Nordstrom .  One pair during the Nsale and the KS when they restocked. They came yesterday and are beautiful!  
    The grandkids all got off to school yesterday as well as our teacher daughter. Soo many changes!  Our little guy does all day kindergarten Tue/Thu. Our teacher daughter has to teach “on camera” to the online kids as well as the classroom ones. Said it’s soo strange!  One class, she only had 4. But others,  her count was 10-12. Strange times indeed!

  3. I just finished that book. It was hard to put down. I don’t usually read the free Prime book of the month, but I did this time.

    1. Pretty much, but it was nagging at me today… I think I’ve been sitting too much again. I’m eager to get back to PT tomorrow and have her work on me. I’m still going once a week.

  4. Glad you got a good report. I have the pre cancers that I deal with from too many years in the sun. I downloaded that book also on your recommendation. Have not started yet. Is it really that good. I would like that sweater in oatmeal but don’t need another sweater. That pumpkin color is great on you.

    1. Yes, it’s the first book I’ve read in a while that I’m dying to finish to see how it ends. The characters are all flawed in some way, and yet you can’t quite hate them. It’s light but not silly, and fast-paced so that it keeps my interest – which is hard to do these days. Definitely start it when you have time to finish it in a couple days!

  5. This outfit is an example of why you are my favorite blogger. You look fantastic and it’s my favorite kind of outfit. I have plenty of jeans, boots and sweaters in my closet, but almost bought the sweater and boots during the NSale, but controlled myself by sticking to the things I had planned. I did enough damage to my budget already 😊. But Here you are, tempting me again!  I went ahead and put them on my wishlist so I can think about it some more!

    1. Yeah, I can see why you’re tempted. They’re both great pieces! I would definitely recommend considering the boots… they’re different than most, and the low heel is nice to have. Funny story, I originally got the 8, my usual size. I realized during a photo shoot that they were too big, but I was wearing them outside so they couldn’t be returned. Alison (my photographer) loved them and bought them off me, right on the spot. I ordered the 7.5, and they’re perfect. LOL!!!

      1. Cute story!  I once accidentally bought 2 pair of cute Nike’s from Lord &Taylor and my trainer really liked them. I offered to sell her my second pair and she bought them!
        I am glad you told me about the boot sizing issue. I always wear a 7 in boots and that’s what I put on my wishlist. I had better change that to a 6.5. Thanks!

  6. I was out shopping yesterday and saw a lot of pumpkin spice coloured clothing. Looking at how nice it looks on you, makes me reconsider my original thought of “ugh!” 

      1. I’m not sure why. I love orange but this burnt orange? I’m going to go try a sweater on tomorrow and see if it flatters me, or not. I may be a convert. Lol

  7. This is a great outfit and I love the colors! We are still in full summer mode here with the temperature close to 90 today so I’m not sure when we will get to wear the fall clothes. My plan is to get in some more pool time lol… 

  8. I love this outfit! The color of the sweater is gorgeous and it looks so much better on you than the model. I only made one purchase from the Nordstrom sale and it was these boots. I love them and agree that you need to size down a half size. My foot is very narrow and they fit perfectly. Thanks for the great fall outfit! Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s outfit!

  9. You look so pretty in this sweater color. I love this look and so easy like you said. You don’t have to over think it and during these times, no one wants to over think.  We are having highs of 90 today and suppose to be 94 tomorrow. This is not our norm for NW Oregon. Our state is raging with fires everywhere and such a concern. My husband is a Fire Chief, so he’s on high alert right now.  Even when he’s home, he’s not present, as he’s busy on his fire maps and on the phone to other departments and agencies.  Praying for those who have already lost their homes. Many in Oregon have evacuation orders.  I’m like you, its been hard to focus and keep my attention on reading lately, so I’m sure you were happy to find a book that you can’t put down. I love those kind. Its neat you are the authors friend. I haven’t read her books before.  Glad your apt. went well for your skin check.  I’ve had some basil cell taken off and get concerned for spots too.  Glad your kids online schooling has gone so well. I’m sure Caroline is so glad she’s already been in the loop all these years and its old hat for her.  

  10. Love the fall looks! As much as I love summer, fall is always a welcome change. Happy to hear your all clear on the skin check. I had a melanoma at 25 years of age. 21 years later I am still doing great with no other issues, but I have always done yearly skin scans with my dermatologist and have anything suspicious removed. No family history in my family, but everyone should be aware of how serious (and deadly) skin cancer is. Happy to hear after all these years that more people take it seriously! Good PSA JoLynne!

  11. This is my kind of outfit!  And I love the burnt orange.  I really want something in that color.  We are expecting 90’s for the next couple of days, so Fall and sweaters aren’t in the picture just yet.  I was just praying we’d have good weather for our daughter’s mini wedding ceremony in the woods on Sunday, and we got it!  I can now embrace Fall and all the rain that will most likely come with it.  Ha.  And then bring on the sweaters and jeans!

  12. Love this look! And I love the color of the sweater. I actually returned this sweater during the Nordy sale because while I loved the color, I realized I buy cozy sweaters because I like the idea of them, but then rarely wear them. I find that most indoor places I would wear them (other than my house!) are too warm for this type of sweater, even in mid-winter in DE. I do better with thin sweaters and a jacket if it’s cold– that way I can always remove a layer, if necessary. It was soooo hard to put that sweater back in the box, but I’m trying to be more conscious and realistic about what I wear and therefore, buy.
    Thanks for the book recommendation. As someone else said, I rarely download the free Prime books, but this looks intriguing. I finished a book last night so I needed a new one!

  13. You look great as always. I have to run some errands today and it’s 35 outside.  I’ll style something like this.  Just added the sweater to my cart from your post.  I tried to get the ivory during the sale but it still isn’t in stock. I also added a couple of the Caslon ones. I have to get a few things for hubby. Do they give your credit for everything that’s in my cart? Hope so, because you deserve it. Have a great day.

  14. I love this outfit!  If the booties came in narrow I would own a pair.  I’m so glad you had a good skin check yesterday.  I had a DD pumpkin iced coffee today and they removed all of the calories 🤣!  Enjoy your relaxing afternoon!

  15. Thanks for reminding everyone to get a yearly skin check!  I had mine today.  I usually have at least one mole they biopsy each year, but am so glad I started going years ago since they have had to remove several over the years.  My doctor said she’s pretty sure some of those would have been cancerous by now had they not been removed.   While I was there I had her write me a prescription for Retin A.  I hate this getting older stuff!

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