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I know, I’m such a rebel.

Last night I spent a delightful evening in celebration of a friend’s birthday with her and a mix of her closest friends.  There were friends from her church, friends from her playgroup, friends from her college days, and friends she had met in unlikely places such as the doctor’s office.  I admire people who have such a diversity of friendships, and I love gatherings where there are many new interesting people to meet.

Funny thing about me, I believe in segregation when it pertains to friends and parties.  When I host a party, I select a particular group of people from my life and invite only them.  It stresses me out to mix company.  I worry about them not mingling.  I worry that there will be awkward silences.  I worry that I won’t be an adequate hostess.  It takes a very special kind of person to bring together a mix of people and make it work.  I don’t mind attending such parties; in fact I rather enjoy them.  I just don’t like to be the hostess with all that pressure.

But since I wasn’t the hostess, I had a lovely time getting to know everyone last night, although I shared way too much about blogging.  It was the source of much curiosity, and I was relieved when the limelight moved on to someone else.  You’d think I’d enjoy talking about myself in social situations; I certainly have no trouble talking about myself to the world wide web.  But I generally dislike being the center of attention.  I’m not shy, but I also prefer to blend into the crowd.

Actually, I think that’s a pretty common blogger trait.  It’s quite reassuring to hide behind a computer screen while sharing your innermost thoughts, or, in my case, your trifling commentary, for the world to read.

Speaking of trifling commentary, I announced quite intentionally on the way home from church today that I planned to take a nap this afternoon.  We are going out again for the evening, and I wanted to be sure not to let the time get away from me and wind up without my precious Sunday afternoon nap.  (This happened last week and I was NOT amused.)

So who do you think came home and promptly fell asleep on our bed?  And guess who is STILL asleep, almost 3 hours later, thus preventing a certain someone from getting her rightful nap?  (I’ll give you a hint; HE is not typing this post.)

Guess who is in the doghouse?

Napless in Philadelphia

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  1. I am not much of a nap person, but if DH doesn’t get one his whole week is ruined! Luckily our church has a Saturday night service now, so we have lots of time to do whatever we want on Sundays. 🙂

    I am with you on the party thing, however; it always feels weird to bring people from different segments together – makes me feel like I have multiple personality disorder, LOL!

  2. Oh I love a sunday afternoon doze. When we had just the 2 kids, and they are 5 and 3, the whole family still had a nap on a sunday afternoon – bliss!

    I am totally with you on the confidence thing – much easier to be me on a blog (although a did brave a self portrait pic on my blog this week).

    I still tend not to mention my blog at parties, but more and more my friends are mentioning my blog at parties! They just need to stop resisting and get their own 🙂

    Have you persuaded/influenced anyone you know to start blogging? I have just had one friend start, after I had already converted her to digi-scrapping.

  3. JanMary – Omygosh, YES! They can correct me if I”m wrong, but I believe it is safe to say that Blackbelt Oma, Situationally Single Mom, Muzbee Crazy, Forty B4 Forty, Genesis Moments all started their blogs b/c of my influence. Not that I told them to start blogs, but after reading mine, they decided to start their own.

  4. I LOVE naps! I took them daily during my first trimester. Now that I’m past the midway point, I reserve naps for Saturday AND Sunday. If I don’t them, I’m NOT a happy camper. Luckily, my toddler likes to wake up and then go back to sleep while cuddling with me.

  5. I’m the same way…preferring to blend in when I’m in social situations. I agree, it must be a common blogger trait.

    Sorry you didn’t get a nap!!!! Doghouse for sure!

  6. I HAVE to have my Sunday afternoon nap. It never occurred to me until right now to be thankful that my husband never wants to take naps, but now I am, because it means I get to take one!

  7. Today is the first Sunday in weeks that I have not taken a nap…and I wish I had. I am exhausted now. He is in the dog house…

    I don’t talk about my blogging to many people, it gets uncomfortable. I like to keep it on the back burner in “real life”

  8. I came in as fast as I could from church and took a nap immediately after finishing lunch so hubs could not beat me to it. He always takes a Sunday nap and I desperately needed it today. I am not a good napper, though. Always crabby when I wake up.

    I hope you did eventually get to take your nap. It sounds like it has been a rough week there in Philly. 🙂 Chin up! Praying it’s a delightful easy peasy week for you.

  9. I swear, sometimes I think you are eavesdropping on my life. My 40th Birthday is today and I swear, the months leading to it were a LOT of pressure for my dear sweet husband. Gregarious, outspoken friends pressured him for a big party. He knows me all too well and he knew i would hate it. Why? I HATE “friend mixing!” I have categories of friends: work friends, mommy friends, church friends, grad school friends, neighbor friends and it causes all sorts of internal conflict just at the thought of mixing them all up. I mean, what happens if they don’t talk to each other??? What kind of a party is that?

    In the end, we decided on one big bday party marathon. Saturday night we had a romantic date for two at our favorite restaurant, last night we had a fun couples party with my best friend and my favorite margaritas and then tonight it will be just family. Additionally, I have a huge string of lunch date arrangements with various friends to string out the bday partying even more.

  10. I always WANT to take a nap but I never do because they don’t seem to help me much. I wake up groggy, grouchy and sluggish. What’s the secret????

  11. I wake up groggy too. I think the secret is to nap when there is another adult around to watch the kids not only while you’re napping, but while you’re recovering from your nap, lol.

    Seriously, though, if I lay down when I’m along with the kids, I always get woken before I’m ready and I’m a grump until I come out of my stupor. On Sundays, I just lay in bed until I’m fully awake and ready to get up.

    Also, another trick is to just sleep for 30 minutes. It’s just enough to revive you. 🙂

    Yes, I’m a nap EXPERT!

  12. Oh, that stinks about your nap!

    Mixing groups of friends always makes me nervous, too. I’ve always had diverse groups, so diverse that putting them together would not make for a fun party. I think the stressful thing is the unknown – because sometimes it DOES work just fine. But you just never know which kind of gathering you’ll have – the fun, meet-new-friends kind or the awkward, I can’t believe you like these people kind. Nerve-wracking!

  13. I love naps. Lately, I’ve tried to take naps and my body just won’t let me.

    I also find it hard to blend all my “seperate” groups of friends together. I was going to have a cookie exchange party during x-mas season. I just couldn’t figure out who to invite due to the friend mixing.

  14. I’m so with you on the friend mixing. An old neighbor asked me to have a jewelry party since she just started selling a new line, and I said yes. (Still kicking myself for that one!! However, the jewelry is beautiful.) Now I have a double whammy ahead of me: constructing a guest list for a hostess party (shudder!) and the prospect of mixing friends. Yikes! Just like the previous poster, I’ve wanted to have a cookie party as well but can’t figure out what group(s) to invite so I’ve cancelled it. Perhaps I should be more brave like your friend. After all, we are adults and more than capable to talk to people we don’t know, right? 😉

  15. OK. I’m spilling it. It was me. It was me who mixed all my friends. Different ethnicities, heritages, backgrounds, religion, style, politics.

    Maybe I was too naive to realize they might not mix well. But you know what? No matter how we became friends, ALL my friends are GREAT! They are open, fun, interesting, intelligent, civil and kind.

    And that was the best birthday present of all: seeing all my friends enjoy each other in real time and confirm I have GREAT friends.

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