Rambling. There, take THAT, SEO!

I know, I’m such a rebel.

Last night I spent a delightful evening in celebration of a friend’s birthday with her and a mix of her closest friends.  There were friends from her church, friends from her playgroup, friends from her college days, and friends she had met in unlikely places such as the doctor’s office.  I admire people who have such a diversity of friendships, and I love gatherings where there are many new interesting people to meet.

Funny thing about me, I believe in segregation when it pertains to friends and parties.  When I host a party, I select a particular group of people from my life and invite only them.  It stresses me out to mix company.  I worry about them not mingling.  I worry that there will be awkward silences.  I worry that I won’t be an adequate hostess.  It takes a very special kind of person to bring together a mix of people and make it work.  I don’t mind attending such parties; in fact I rather enjoy them.  I just don’t like to be the hostess with all that pressure.

But since I wasn’t the hostess, I had a lovely time getting to know everyone last night, although I shared way too much about blogging.  It was the source of much curiosity, and I was relieved when the limelight moved on to someone else.  You’d think I’d enjoy talking about myself in social situations; I certainly have no trouble talking about myself to the world wide web.  But I generally dislike being the center of attention.  I’m not shy, but I also prefer to blend into the crowd.

Actually, I think that’s a pretty common blogger trait.  It’s quite reassuring to hide behind a computer screen while sharing your innermost thoughts, or, in my case, your trifling commentary, for the world to read.

Speaking of trifling commentary, I announced quite intentionally on the way home from church today that I planned to take a nap this afternoon.  We are going out again for the evening, and I wanted to be sure not to let the time get away from me and wind up without my precious Sunday afternoon nap.  (This happened last week and I was NOT amused.)

So who do you think came home and promptly fell asleep on our bed?  And guess who is STILL asleep, almost 3 hours later, thus preventing a certain someone from getting her rightful nap?  (I’ll give you a hint; HE is not typing this post.)

Guess who is in the doghouse?

Napless in Philadelphia