Random Thoughts

1) I would pay ANY amount of money for a stylish pair of everyday blue jeans with a 9-inch rise.  Hello?  Anyone out there?  Lucky?  Seven?  Are you listening?  WHAT IS SO DIFFICULT ABOUT THIS?

2) I’m not sure which I like more — dogwood or redbud.  I just can’t decide.  They are both so beautiful, I wish they would bloom for two months rather than two weeks.

3) It is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to wear my new aligners for 22 hours a day.  I’m probably going to be wearing these things until I’m 40.

4) Trader Joes has discontinued its Mexican Red Sauce.  This is a huge disappointment.

5) I hate the blue funk.  I hate that I let it control me.  I hate that it makes me a miserable wife and mommy. 

6) I know intellectually that the blue funk is caused by hormones.  There is nothing to be in a funk about.  I love my life.  So how can I be in such a funk and be so content with my life at the same time?

7) Why do women have to be so complicated?

8) Even though we’re complicated, I’m glad I’m a woman.

9) Skipping two days of Nexium is a BIG mistake.  When will I learn to refill my prescription BEFORE it runs out?

That’s all.  For now.