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1) I would pay ANY amount of money for a stylish pair of everyday blue jeans with a 9-inch rise.  Hello?  Anyone out there?  Lucky?  Seven?  Are you listening?  WHAT IS SO DIFFICULT ABOUT THIS?

2) I’m not sure which I like more — dogwood or redbud.  I just can’t decide.  They are both so beautiful, I wish they would bloom for two months rather than two weeks.

3) It is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to wear my new aligners for 22 hours a day.  I’m probably going to be wearing these things until I’m 40.

4) Trader Joes has discontinued its Mexican Red Sauce.  This is a huge disappointment.

5) I hate the blue funk.  I hate that I let it control me.  I hate that it makes me a miserable wife and mommy. 

6) I know intellectually that the blue funk is caused by hormones.  There is nothing to be in a funk about.  I love my life.  So how can I be in such a funk and be so content with my life at the same time?

7) Why do women have to be so complicated?

8) Even though we’re complicated, I’m glad I’m a woman.

9) Skipping two days of Nexium is a BIG mistake.  When will I learn to refill my prescription BEFORE it runs out?

That’s all.  For now.

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  1. Oh, what I wouldn’t give for some stylish jeans with a bit of a high rise to hold the muffin in.

  2. Just an FYI: I could probably get you a pair of jeans handmade to your exact specifications through a VERY talented seamstress here in Kyiv. I am sure they would cost less than most jeans that are bought in the States. Let me know if this sounds interesting…

    Or if you have an old pair of jeans that you would like duplicated, let me know.

  3. Oh there’s a NAME for it – blue funk. ok…cool. I got it too. ANd here’s the sad thing – it’s sunny out (FREEZING but sunny).

    We need a blue funk go away chant.

  4. Trader Joe’s also discontinued Golden Rounds Crackers (think Ritz) this is traumatizing my soybean oil allergic child. I feel your pain.

  5. Oh Trader Joes… since moving from California I haven’t been to one. I looong for their cranberry instant oatmeal and organic pasta. But not together in one meal. That’s just weird.

  6. It must be in the air this week – I definately have it as well. Sounds like we could all use a good glass of wine – or maybe I need to put those Mojito’s in the freezer!!

  7. I’m in the blue funk now and I hate what it makes me become. I’m thinking thought that I may just have PMDD! It’s getting worse as the months go by.

    I have the same problem with my RX’s. I never get my refils until i have been out for a few days!

    I’m off to find me some chocolate and potator chips! LOL!

  8. I’m in a blue funk as well. It’s beautiful here, the weather’s great, my kids and husband are wonderful, but I’m just…blah.

    I think my hormones are all screwed up still because of the nursing!

  9. Darn that Trader Joes. They also discontinued their Corn Tortilla soup that I *LOVED*.

    Good luck on the jean front. Let me know if you are successful in your quest.

  10. I’d suggest TrueJeans.com — it’s designer jeans but they found the perfect pair for me and I LOVE THEM!!!!

    AS for the funk . . . well it’s just a day. Tomorrow is a new one. We’ve all been there — I stay there more than I like! Chin up girl!

  11. Oh, the hormonal blue funk! Do mention this to your doctor. Pay attention to “when” in your cycle it hits. Sarafem is a miracle drug as far as this is concerned. Yes–I take medicine for this–and my family appreciates that.

  12. Your #6 question hits home with me! I have the most WONDERFUL husband in the world, two healthy sweet boys and am building our dream home. Why in the world am I “funkin”?? I think I’m just ready for Summer! That’s all I got 🙂 Oh, yea, one more thing…my husband is an orthodontist, so if you have any crazy questions about your Invisalign, you always know who’s got your back! Don’t forget to rinse out your aligners after drinking your Coke Classic (I totally agree with you here…nothin’ but the real stuff!) or coffee 🙂 They’ll be totally stained if you aren’t diligent about that! Good luck with them and YEAH for you for doing something about it!

  13. I have that same “funk” going on in my house! I’m so ready for school to be over, spring is causing havoc on my sinuses and I need to get on Nexium (I have a Dr. appt. in June. That’s the first chance I have to get to the Dr. That’s just terrible!).

    I guess there are a lot of us in the same boat!! I might have to look into the “Sarafem” recommendation!

  14. Okay. I can’t agree with you over the mid-rise jeans, I heart low rise! BUT, since you clearly need something different, try this website: http://www.zafu.com It asks you to answer certain questions about your body type and preferences, and then it TELLS you what jeans to go out and buy! So cool. It also works for bras, also a hard item to buy. Good luck!

  15. Chiming in on the blue funk note as well. Trying to chase it away with exercise and reordering my thoughts. It is not working too well. At least we can all know we are crazy together. 😉

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