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Kelly the Kitchen Kop was the very first real food blog I found after I read Michael Pollan’s book and decided to change the way our family eats.  There were weeks that I spent hours and hours poring over her site, reading post upon post upon post.  Her information is well researched and easy to read, and she is down to earth and relatable.  She’s just a regular mom, like me, with school aged kids who were raised on fast food and boxed breakfast cereals until she discovered the Weston A. Price website, and the rest is history.

I spent so much time on her site and left so many comments in those first few weeks that I was afraid she was going to be frightened away by my zeal, but instead I found a new friend.  Over the past year, she has become a trusted resource along my whole foods journey, and I still email her first when I have a question or am confused by an issue I’m researching.

I’ve been waiting anxiously for Kelly to launch her Rookie Class ever since she told me it was in the works a few months ago.  If taking a Real Food course is something that has interested you in the past, but you felt like the courses offered were too advanced or extreme, this is the one for you.

Her Real Food for Rookies online course is just that — it’s designed for the beginner.

Perhaps you have been reading about my whole foods journey and want to incorporate more nourishing foods into your diets but feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin.

Perhaps you’ve seen Food, Inc. and are disgusted by the factory food system but feel like you can’t afford to eat better.

Perhaps you’ve started making small changes, but you’re not sure what step to take next.

Perhaps you think we’re all nuts… okay, then this course may not be for you!

But if eating more “real food” interests you, and you need a little hand holding to get started, you should really consider taking Kellly’s Rookie Course.

Take a look:

By way of disclosure, my links to her Real Food for Rookies are affiliate links. I do make a small profit on any purchase made from my links, but as always, I only promote products I can endorse wholeheartedly.  Kelly is the real deal, and if you’ve been waiting for a little nudge to get you into the real food camp,  she’s just the person to do it.

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  1. Thanks for the link (aka. nudge in the right direction). I really do generally cook well for my family and my mom had told me about her website but I had never checked it out myself. I’m always looking for yummy healthy meals for my family so I will definitely become a reader!

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