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Tell Us What You REALLY Think

My brother joined us here in Maine a few nights ago, and Caroline was sitting on his lap, getting reacquainted with her uncle. She reached up to touch his goatee at one point and said, “Why do you have this beard?” He said, “I don’t know. Do you like it?” She looked at him very seriously […]

Happy Hour With The Kids

Did you ever have one of those moments when you just want to freeze time? I had  one of those this afternoon. It was about an hour before dinner. Everything was prepared and ready to go on the grill. Baby was asleep. The big  kids were finishing up a video. The house was relatively straightened […]

If You Take Your Kids To The Mall…

They’re going to want to push the buttons that operate the automatic doors. Of course it’s too convenient that there are two buttons and two children, one button for each child to press.  A fight will probably ensue because both children want to push both buttons. The fight will soon be forgotten when they see […]

Another Pool Escapade

Can someone please tell me HOW one mother is supposed to keep track of 3 kids at a crowded swim club?  I know, you moms out there with 5 and 6 and 7 kids are like, “Get a life.  Three’s nuttin!”  But this mother-of-three thing is taking all the mental faculties I have left. I […]

Favorite Things

I have lots of favorite things.  I love chocolate and wine and coffee.  Are you sensing a theme here?  Okay, so I love other things besides food.  Really. Let me tell you about my favorite place on earth… my Grandpa’s camp in Maine.  Now, for the record, it’s NOT camping.  It’s just that everyone in […]

Kid Update

Rebecca is nine months old, and she has all sorts of new tricks this week, which I’m sure are designed to put another 20 gray hairs on my head and shorten my life span by at least 5 years. Yesterday morning she fell off the bed when I left her unattended for barely a second. I […]

Back in the Land of the Living!

I finally hit my limit with the heat and humidity around 2pm yesterday and packed the kids up and headed to my in-laws’ house to camp out, which is about 45 minutes away.  We stayed there for the night.  It was a nice break from the heat, but it didn’t really provide us with a […]

Toto, We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

We got the mother of all storms the other night, at least the worst storm I’ve ever witnessed. We’ve been without power since. I’m borrowing a friend’s computer to stop by and say hi and give an update. We watched the storm from our sliding doors. Menacing black clouds were the only warning that a […]