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Weekend’s Almost Over

The weekend’s coming to an end. My parents, who were visiting, went home today.  Caroline is very sad to lose her playmate, her “Gandee” (grandfather).  She said to me just now, “I want them to come down next week.  Cause I love them.” We had fun shopping. My mom was in the mood to shop, and […]

Glutton For Punishment

You should have no pity on me when I complain about sleep deprivation later today. Here’s why. It’s 7:45am, and I’ve been awake since 5am, thanks to Rebecca, who decided to wake up at the butt-crack-o-dawn this morning.  But she went back down for her morning nap at 6:30, and I should have joined her. […]

Catch Up

We’re home from vacation. I’m happy to say, the weather at the beach wasn’t torrential downpours as it was here at home. It wasn’t ideal beach weather either, but we managed to get to the beach most days. We also got an evening at the boardwalk. The cousins all got along great, and my kids […]

Sibling Generosity

We spent the afternoon at the pool. Paul met us there for dinner, so we had both cars to take home. Naturally both of the big kids wanted to go with Paul in the behemoth truck. He only has one booster in his truck, so he didn’t want to take both kids, and I wanted one of […]

Night Terrors and a Sappy Mommy Moment

I think the other night Caroline had what is called a night terror. I had heard about these, but never really experienced one until last Sunday night. She was sleeping between my husband and me in our bed. Out of a sound sleep, I was awoken by screaming and the flailing of 3-year-old limbs. I immediately reached out and […]

And don’t call me ‘Dude’

Paul: “Hey, David, turn off the video games.  Time’s up.” David: “Duuuuude. I just got on. It’s only been like five minutes!” Paul: “You’ve been playing at least 20 minutes. Find something else to do for a while.” “And don’t call me ‘dude’.”

It Just Goes Too Fast!

I just finished rocking my baby to sleep, perhaps my most favorite thing to do in the whole world.  As she slept in my arms, I sat and gazed at her sweet 8-month-old baby face, trying to memorize every inch because I know that my memory will fade so soon. Every time I sit and […]