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It Just Goes Too Fast!

I just finished rocking my baby to sleep, perhaps my most favorite thing to do in the whole world.  As she slept in my arms, I sat and gazed at her sweet 8-month-old baby face, trying to memorize every inch because I know that my memory will fade so soon. Every time I sit and […]

“Why do we have to die?”

Honestly, the three-year-old mind just produces the most amazing comments and questions. I was laying with Caroline last night as I often do when I put her to bed, (this is where we have some of the most interesting conversations) and this is the question she asked me: “Why do we have to die?” Whoa. […]

Which Way?

Last night I was praying with Caroline, and at the end  I prayed that she and David would grow to repent and believe in Jesus. When I was done, Caroline said, “David doesn’t want to go his way.” I wasn’t  sure which “his” she was referring to, so I said, “What way does David want to  […]

Father’s Day

David and I were at Lowe’s this morning, and we walked by the riding mowers.  David piped up: “This is what Daddy wants.  When we were here, he got to try one.” Me: “Oh, he did, did he?” David: “Yeah.  That’s what I want to get him for Father’s Day.  When is Father’s Day?” Before […]

Middle Child Syndrome and Sibling Rivalry

It’s happening too soon! Caroline is starting to act out and is being very babyish lately.  We think she’s having a case of “Middle Child Syndrome.” She has started wetting her pants multiple times a day (she’s been potty trained for a year!) and is always whining to be held or picked up.  She wakes […]

Three-Year-Old Theology

Caroline and David were fighting over the leather chair in our living room.  They were both on it, each trying to claim their personal space.  They were pushing each other back and forth. Finally Caroline yelled, “He’s gonna hurt my arm… that Jesus made!” Well, at least she’s got her theology straight.


Caroline has this adorable pink gingham tie-up shade on the window in her bedroom. Her window is right above her bed. You get where I am going with this. After I spent 30 minutes folding it just so and getting the bows to look exactly the way I wanted them, I explained to Caroline that […]