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So the potty training is going swimmingly.  She hasn’t had a tinkle accident since Saturday morning (when she was trying to come in from outside but didn’t make it in time, so I don’t even know if it’s fair to count that, but any-WHO.)

She’s been in "big girl pants" (read: thick training pants) for two days, and she has even been waking up dry from her naps.  I’m still taking her to the bathroom when I see the potty dance taking place, but once or twice she has initiated the potty trek herself, so I feel like we are continuing to make good progress.  And she is so proud of herself when she accomplishes her task, it’s just the key-utest thing.

So you may be wondering, why the title?  The road block concerns the, ahem, other end of things.  We seem to be having trouble depositing certain little packages in one’s panties.  I don’t know if it’s fear or misunderstanding or bad timing or what, but something is preventing us from putting our business in the proper receptacle.

I know this isn’t an unusual problem for early potty trainers, but it’s not one that I’ve dealt with before.  Advice is welcome.  I guess I need to watch her more closely for signs of impending doom and hopefully catch her in time to get her to the right place.

I know this conversation is utterly riveting, to say nothing of appetizing (I do hope no one is eating dinner by the computer tonight) but hey, it’s my life at the moment.

So that’s the latest!  Tonight is my son’s first baseball game of the tournament, and I wish I could watch, but the thoughts of hanging out by the porta-potty is more than my tender sensibilities can handle (see, it always comes back to the potty training) so I think I’ll opt instead for a quick run to Kohl’s.  At least if we have to visit the facilities, it won’t be in a mobile unit.

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  1. Going #2 took FOREVER with my daughter! I have no tips. I think it just kind of takes care of itself.

  2. Any excuse for shopping, eh?!

    And I find it intriguing how mommy talk always comes back to poop – it is really the most interesting topic out there!

  3. Love your new look!

    Sounds like potty training is going pretty well. I am no help with #2, it took my son ages to master. Good luck though! : )

  4. Yep, me too…no great tips here either 🙁 I decided to throw in the towel with the whole potty training thing after the first day…I know…loser, that’s me! I do agree, I think “those things” just kind of take care of themselves when she’s ready. Just be feeding her a lot of bran and stuff…don’t want her to get all constipated because she’s scared—yes, spoken from a true veteran on that issue with Child #1!!!

  5. Ugh, i’m giving up for now…my 2 year 4.5 monther wants NOThing to do with depositing anything anywhere but the floor, a diaper, or her panties. *sigh*

  6. This part took a long time with my daughter. It was finally when we I started throwing her princess panties away if she went #2 in them that she decided to make it to the potty. She was 3 1/2, though! Pee pee potty trained by age 3 and another 6 months to get the other.

    I also used a special book that we went and picked out and she could only read on the potty when she had to poop. It helped.

    Good luck!

  7. I have a friend who used to make her daughter wear a pull up until she did her #2 duty each day before she would let her wear the big girl panties. I think you really have to know your child for this to work though. My daughter would have gladly worn the pull up all the time. Unfortunately this is the only advice I have to offer. Good luck!

    I’m about to embark on the same struggle with my youngest. For the last three days, she has been wanting to use the potty. I am SO not ready for this adventure!

  8. Love the new look. I wish I had some good advice for you but I had to bribe my oldest when I was potty training him. The pee was no problem it was the #2. I went to the $1 store and bought some toys and put them in a big bowl. When he went #2 he was able to pick a toy from the big bowl. After about $25-$30, he finally got it down!

  9. It took my son four years and an expensive Power Wheels bribe to be convinced that his poop needed to go in the potty.

  10. I do not envy you! Getting a little one to do #2 in the potty is hard! Your little one seems like she catches on easily – I know this sounds nasty, but maybe she needs to see that is where poop goes. Use your imagination!!! Good Luck!

  11. Our He-Child (just like a man) loved putting poo where it belongs right from the get-go. (Pee was more problematic…)

    Our She-Child…oh dear. She’d hold the load until the overnight diaper. Not until we finally said, “Real panties, 24-7” did she really start trying.

    Hang in there…she’ll do it!
    LOVE your new look! (and seriously, the comments on the design you did for me keep coming in!)

  12. I have no tips – sorry. You know about my plight – one entire year after #1 was conquered did we conquer #2. I read that those 2 skills are totally different.

    I don’t suppose that’s very encouraging.

  13. Ok – so here’s my advice. I figured out, that at first, my daughter was having a hard time feeling #2 coming on and that’s why she did it in her pants. So, I paid close attention to her pooping schedule and took her to poopy after lunch (her normal time). I took books and coaxed her into sitting there. It worked ok – but not great. And then, I bought these special Dora panties that she’s been wanting and I told her that the only time she could wear the Dora panties was after she went poopy. Do you know, the girl started pooping in the potty. Yes, we still had an accident or two every now and then, but for the most part, she began to learn the feel of the #2 coming on and she’d run to the potty. Hope this helps!

  14. We decided to give it another go here too. Reagan has done quite well, especially since she gets to see her results on her potty chart. She gets one sticker per tinkle, 2 per poopy. Today she got 7 stickers and had only one accident.

    It’s such a hard thing to get through, but I just keep my eye on the prize. NO MORE DIAPERS/PULL-UPS!!!

  15. Ohhh… mine is super stubborn. She tells me: “Mom, I know how to go poop in the potty!” and then she poops in her diaper or underpants, or not at all. She has been known to hold it for 6 days — yes, DAYS. Enter the miralax. It’s a nasty cycle. Good luck.

  16. Does she have any certain times when she usually poops? Some of my kids have been very regular — always going shortly after breakfast, for instance. That made knowing when to enforce potty sitting much easier. I’d put them on the potty, if necessary put it in front of the TV and keep an eye on things until they happened. It didn’t seem to take long once poop started not going in underwear before they really got the connection.

  17. It took another 6 mos to get B to dependably do it too. I praised her and rewarded her with M&Ms when she got it right, and I handled the accidents quietly and didn’t draw attention to them. What I’ve learned about her is that she has to be relaxed to do it (usually in the first few minutes after I put her down for a nap or for bed), so I could understand why doing it on command was tough. Just keep it positive and give her time.

  18. Like so many other posts, my daughter took another month after pee training to #2 train. My pediatrician told me to expect that. It’s so gross though and I wasn’t ready for the #2 in the panties thing. The problem we have is the my daughter is very unpredictable about it. Never the same time nor any real “cues”. She’s never had cues for #2.

    Good luck, and she really will get it.

  19. The first time she pooped in her panties I remember telling her “when you get that feeling in your tummy that you need to go poop you run to the potty right *then* and don’t wait.” I think teaching her about her body cues was helpful, but I dunno…she might have just been one of those who hates that squishy feeling.

  20. Sorry…no advise here. We had the opposite problem with my daughter. She held it in, and finally after 5 days we had to give her an enema! After insertion….we sat her on the toilet and it just came flying out. I think it traumatized her, and me, into using the potty.

    As for my son. Well….I am still trying to convince him poop is not a toy!

    Good luck…and if all else fails….bribery is a good thing to fall back on!

  21. So glad it is going better! I’ll be hoping for the business to hurry along as well.

    Our Kohl’s has a little potty in the family restroom. The Princess LOVES to use it!

  22. I’m NO help. I cleaned out two Toys R Us stores when my oldest finally poopied in the potty. He remembered every single bribe I had ever mentioned to him! LOL LOL !!! Good luck and it will happen when she’s ready.

  23. Just found you blog and am reading backwards a bit. When I was potty training I kept a kid’s potty in my trunk (first child) or in my van under the seat (2nd kid). Saved us so many times! I kept it lined with a plastic grocery bag in the removable section they pee in, then a few paper towels for absorbing the liquid. After they went tie it up and throw it away. Maybe you could go to some baseball games then.

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