Road Block

So the potty training is going swimmingly.  She hasn’t had a tinkle accident since Saturday morning (when she was trying to come in from outside but didn’t make it in time, so I don’t even know if it’s fair to count that, but any-WHO.)

She’s been in "big girl pants" (read: thick training pants) for two days, and she has even been waking up dry from her naps.  I’m still taking her to the bathroom when I see the potty dance taking place, but once or twice she has initiated the potty trek herself, so I feel like we are continuing to make good progress.  And she is so proud of herself when she accomplishes her task, it’s just the key-utest thing.

So you may be wondering, why the title?  The road block concerns the, ahem, other end of things.  We seem to be having trouble depositing certain little packages in one’s panties.  I don’t know if it’s fear or misunderstanding or bad timing or what, but something is preventing us from putting our business in the proper receptacle.

I know this isn’t an unusual problem for early potty trainers, but it’s not one that I’ve dealt with before.  Advice is welcome.  I guess I need to watch her more closely for signs of impending doom and hopefully catch her in time to get her to the right place.

I know this conversation is utterly riveting, to say nothing of appetizing (I do hope no one is eating dinner by the computer tonight) but hey, it’s my life at the moment.

So that’s the latest!  Tonight is my son’s first baseball game of the tournament, and I wish I could watch, but the thoughts of hanging out by the porta-potty is more than my tender sensibilities can handle (see, it always comes back to the potty training) so I think I’ll opt instead for a quick run to Kohl’s.  At least if we have to visit the facilities, it won’t be in a mobile unit.