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I have never been a scarf sorta girl.  In fact, I’ve never been much on accessories at all.  I have my few nice pieces of jewelry I wear with my jeans and solid T or sweater, and my handbag is usually my most colorful accessory.  I’ve always admired a woman who could rock the scarf, but I never thought the look was for me.

Then a couple of weeks ago I was sent a pashmina scarf to review, and I was forced to figure out what to do with it.  I looked at pictures on the website and tried knotting it a couple different ways, but no matter what I did, it looked doofus.  Then I noticed a friend wearing her scarf in this really cute knot around her neck, so I asked her how on earth she did it.  And this is what she showed me.  (I’m waiting for my handheld video camera to arrive so I can start vlogging, and I was hoping to show you my scarf tying techniques on video, but I’ll have to settle for pictures this time.)

You start by folding the scarf in half like this.

Then place it around the back of your neck so that the looped end and the two loose ends both hang down in front, like this.

Next, take the two loose ends and stick them through the looped end so that it forms a knot at the neck.

Then adjust it so that the ends  hang down the middle of the chest or off to one side. You can make your knot loose or tight, depending on the top you are wearing beneath it and your comfort level.  When I wear it with a V-neck, I keep it tighter.  When I wear it over a turtle neck, I make it looser.

Voila!  All of the sudden, I’m a scarf sorta girl!

Then I was looking through some catalogs the other day, and I discovered this method.  This is a little more casual/sporty.  Take the scarf and place the middle of it in front of the neck, allowing the ends to dangle, like this.

Then take both ends and put them around the back, switching hands, and bringing both ends back to the front, but on opposite sides.

Then you just let the ends hang down.  Adjust the part around the neck for the desired effect.

I’m getting so into this scarf thing that I went out and bought a second scarf.  This one is more bulky/casual, so I tend to wear it the second way. Although sometimes I feel more like a car crash survivor than a fashion maven.  Whaddya think?  Is it too bulky?  Should I save it for my winter coat, or can it be a fashion accessory?

What’s your favorite way to wear a scarf?  I’d love to get more ideas!

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  1. Every day you teach me something. I had no idea how to wear a scarf and just stuffed them in the drawer. If it ever gets cold here I am going to try your tips. Thanks!

  2. You look so cute! I love scarves, but I actually discovered them when it was cold and windy and I was going all over the place selling real estate. Now that I’m a SAHM I definitely enjoy the more fashionable side of wearing scarves. I usually tie mine in one of the two ways you’ve shown and I’m always looking for a cute new scarf to add to my little collection.

  3. This is great. I’ve actually looked for scarf wearing directions online a few times. I don’t own any scarves except for one which I bought at the $1 store on a whim…and I get compliments every single time I wear it. I think scarves are a trend that I could get into.

  4. Another reason I’m digging the scarves it b/c they do keep your neck warm, even the not-so-warm ones. I tend to wear a lot of turtlenecks, but this will encourage me to dig out some of my crew necks and V-necks and get more wear out of them.

  5. I love my two scarves and I wear them in the first way you showed (not sure of the name of that knot). You look great and even without the video, I got what you were trying to get across. You ROCK it, girl!

  6. I’m just so jealous that you get to wear a scarf as an everyday thing. It’s going to be 80 degrees here in Houston on Thanksgiving. EIGHTY DEGREES!!! That’s just not right!

  7. When I lived in the South of France (yes! I did!), I wore them most often the first way you showed. All the little French women wear them that way.

    But sometimes I’ll also wear a variation of the way you show second, but I sort of half- knot those two loose ends together (like sort of how you would tie a men’s tie? but not) so it’s not quite as *sporty*. Like, tie the ends together but only once, not actually knot it… One side on top, like the aforementioned men’s tie.

    (Confused, much?)

  8. Save that last one for the winter jacket. I was wearing one like that at work last week and got a lot of funny looks. This weekend I went out and got a more office appropriate scarf and have been rocking the scarf every since!

  9. i wear scarves ALL the TIME, seeing as my in-laws live in india and are always giving me pashminas. i almost always do that first way you showed, but sometimes i do the second way AND knot the two long ends. i copied that one from a picture of jennifer anisten, so you know its cool 😉

  10. You look cute in the scarves. I think I like the second way best. I have some cute scarves that I think I may dig out and start using.

  11. Love the scarf tips! Just what I needed. And you look great in them. I’m a wanna-wear-a-scarf girl, and this is perfect timing. I’ve been pulling out scarves and have been working to throw them on top of what I’m wearing for fun. Okay warmth too.

    But . . . and here’s a kicker . . . I’m also knitting scarves! I went to a HIP TO KNIT class and it took. And no, I’m not that good. But mine are simple and fun. Definitely a style that’s coming back.

    Thanks! Now I know what to do with it! How fun.


  12. You look great in both!
    I adore scarves because I really don’t love necklaces but like a little interest at my neck.

    I like both ways you wore them there, although, I do often feel they are bulky worn those ways. Often I tie them in a loose knot kind of like the first step in how a man ties a tie. Does that make sense? Then they hang a little longer, too. (oh, funny – I just saw that up there from Moriah)

    I love the new very thin types of scarves that are popular now, too.

  13. Funny you bring this up! Today was the first day I’ve worn a scarf, and not felt like I look 6 yrs old. I folded it in half like your first demo. Now, I KNOW I’m not 6, I must be doing it RIGHT. 😀

    I have to go do a dorky dance to celebrate my coolness now.

  14. You look fab! I like the blue scarf better though. The other one is a little bulky. I think I would look silly in a scarf mainly b/c I live in TX and we rarely need one. But maybe I’m just too afraid to try.

  15. You’re so great. And that color blue is GORGEOUS on you! Scarves are #1. I wear them all winter in South Carolina.

    I think this is the way Moriah and Janel explain, but here’s a 3rd way that keeps the ends from awkwardly hanging several inches apart, like in way #2 that you show, and may feel less like a neck brace.

    Drape the scarf around your neck so the ends hang down in front, keeping one side a bit longer than the other. Let’s say the right side is longer. Take the right side, cross it over the left, and stuff it up through the hole you’ve made. It’s a granny knot around your neck. Then you can either arrange the longer part so it’s on top and covers the shorter one, so it looks more like a tie or an ascot, or scoot it to the side a bit so you can see both ends. This way looks cute tucked inside a coat, which isn’t as easy to say for #2.

    OR, to get it like a real tie, start the same way, making the longer side a little longer this time. Say the right side is longer. Take the right side and cross it UNDER the left, then wrap it OVER the left. Then stuff it up through the hole you’ve made, the same as for the other way, but THEN stuff it through the little loop created by bringing the right side over the top of the left. Ti-dah, a scarf tie!

  16. I love scarves! Every year I get one or two for Christmas. I usually wear them the way you showed in your first pictures, but maybe I’ll give the second style a shot. I think this would be great to cross post over at Chic-Critique.

  17. Thanks for the cute scarf tying ideas. I guess I need to buy some now. I always see them on other women and think they look great, but never think they look quite right on me. Maybe these ways of tying them will help.

  18. Spill it! I love wearing sheer printed (bold colors) scarfs, this helps to tie in my solid color blouse and solid colored slacks.

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