Rockin’ the Scarf

I have never been a scarf sorta girl.  In fact, I’ve never been much on accessories at all.  I have my few nice pieces of jewelry I wear with my jeans and solid T or sweater, and my handbag is usually my most colorful accessory.  I’ve always admired a woman who could rock the scarf, but I never thought the look was for me.

Then a couple of weeks ago I was sent a pashmina scarf to review, and I was forced to figure out what to do with it.  I looked at pictures on the website and tried knotting it a couple different ways, but no matter what I did, it looked doofus.  Then I noticed a friend wearing her scarf in this really cute knot around her neck, so I asked her how on earth she did it.  And this is what she showed me.  (I’m waiting for my handheld video camera to arrive so I can start vlogging, and I was hoping to show you my scarf tying techniques on video, but I’ll have to settle for pictures this time.)

You start by folding the scarf in half like this.

Then place it around the back of your neck so that the looped end and the two loose ends both hang down in front, like this.

Next, take the two loose ends and stick them through the looped end so that it forms a knot at the neck.

Then adjust it so that the ends  hang down the middle of the chest or off to one side. You can make your knot loose or tight, depending on the top you are wearing beneath it and your comfort level.  When I wear it with a V-neck, I keep it tighter.  When I wear it over a turtle neck, I make it looser.

Voila!  All of the sudden, I’m a scarf sorta girl!

Then I was looking through some catalogs the other day, and I discovered this method.  This is a little more casual/sporty.  Take the scarf and place the middle of it in front of the neck, allowing the ends to dangle, like this.

Then take both ends and put them around the back, switching hands, and bringing both ends back to the front, but on opposite sides.

Then you just let the ends hang down.  Adjust the part around the neck for the desired effect.

I’m getting so into this scarf thing that I went out and bought a second scarf.  This one is more bulky/casual, so I tend to wear it the second way. Although sometimes I feel more like a car crash survivor than a fashion maven.  Whaddya think?  Is it too bulky?  Should I save it for my winter coat, or can it be a fashion accessory?

What’s your favorite way to wear a scarf?  I’d love to get more ideas!