Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

caroline and santa

I’ve never been big into the whole Santa thing. I mean, we do “Santa gifts” under the tree and all.  But we don’t go to great lengths to keep our kids believing that he is real and all that.

And yet.  There is something about that traditional picture of the kids sitting on Santa’s knee that I love. Unfortunately, my kids have never dared approach Santa.

In fact, my kids are terrified of Santa.

Sure, they’ll wave to him from afar as we walk past him at the mall.  But every year, multiple times a Christmas season (because I do find myself at the mall quite often, which should surprise no one) I have offered whichever kid or kids are with me to go up and sit on his lap.  But they won’t go near.

The first year I was disappointed when D refused to sit on Santa’s knee.  But I figured he was just too young.  Probably next year.  But the next year it was the same.  And then C came along, and she did the same thing, and finally I gave up.

I guess I gave up too soon.