Score!! (An Update on the Birthday Party)

After perusing two "dollar stores", Tarjay, and A.C. Moore, I came up with these.

The cupcake decorations:

And the party favors:

I also ordered 18 balloons. 

I found both sports themed and Star Wars themed plates and napkins at the dollar store, but they cost three times what the generic "happy birthday" plates and napkins cost me at Wal*Mart yesterday so I decided to leave well enough alone.

By the way, did you catch that?  Wal*Mart is cheaper than the dollar store.  Gone are the days when everything in the "dollar store" is a dollar, evidently.

Any-Who.  My son couldn’t care less if his party has a theme or not.  So I decided to take the cheap and easy way out and stick with what I have.

Now all I have left to do is to make cupcakes.  Which is what I plan to do right now.  TTFN!