After moaning and groaning about the disappointing clothing options for my 5-year-old, I struck gold at the Gap outlet this week.  I found a cute Christmas outfit, a couple of cute dresses for church, and some tops that don’t require layering!  YAY!  The Gap usually comes through for me.  It just took them a little bit longer this year.

Yesterday I spent the day shopping and chatting and lunching with one of my oldest and dearest friends, D from Forty b4 Forty.  Despite the monsoon that ambushed us, we had a very successful day at the outlets.  Successful for me was NOT spending much oney, and I did quite well, if I do say so myself.  My husband has been reading David Ramsey (Do NOT allow your husband to read David Ramsey, this is a very dangerous book.  No really, I jest, but he doesn’t exactly encourage shopping, which is my favorite hobby after blogging, which fortunately is free, but I digress.) so we are trying to follow the rules which basically means NO FUN until we clear our credit cards and beef up our savings.  So I did a lot of looking and not touching.  Okay, so I touched, but I didn’t buy, so that was good.

But really, the point of the day was to visit and to get away from our collective six kids for some quality girl time, and that is exactly what we did.  We started and ended our day at Panera’s.  I’m afraid I’m a very bad influence because we had a couple of very South Beach UN-friendly desserts and lattes as we sat and chatted like two magpies for hours while it poured rain outside.  I hope D will forgive me for sabotaging her diet.  She’s been doing so well!

In other news, this week I will be live blogging the Generation Huggies events as the Huggies Mobile makes its final stop in Philadelphia!  Follow me on Twitter and in the Generation Huggies Philly circle at The Motherhood to find out the exact locations.  If you’re in the area, I hope you can come on down, say hi, and record a 60-second video about motherhood for your chance to participate in Huggies’ 30th Anniversary ad campaign.  If you’re too shy to record a video, you can enter the sweepstakes to win $30,000.  I mean, who couldn’t use $30,000?

If you’re not a local, you can still follow all the fun at The
Motherhood.  I’ll be posting photos and voice clips throughout the day,
and you can join in by leaving me a comment!  And you do not have to find a Huggies mobile if you want to make a
video and enter the contest.  You can make a video at home and upload
it directly to the Generation Huggies website.

Meanwhile, enjoy all the giveaways throughout the blogosphere this week.  I have a giveaway scheduled for every single day (and don’t miss the one I posted yesterday for Paper Shouts) so don’t go too far!