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WHAT is the deal with the dang TV?  They are EVERYwhere these days.  Even at the nail salon.  I thought the salon was supposed to be relaxing.  I generally like to sit back, crack open a People magazine (I’m so cultured) and pretend like I don’t have a care in the world for 45 minutes while I get pampered and beautified. 

But last night I found myself watching HGTV instead.  WHY?  Because there was a huge TV plastered in front of my face.  And not a trashy magazine in sight. 

At least it was tuned to HGTV.  A few months back, I went to a new salon because it happened to be on my way to where ever I was going.  And they were playing some loud, rated-R action movie.  Seriously, they were dropping the F-bomb every five minutes.  Relaxing?  Notsomuch.  Besides the fact that she cut my cuticle when she was clipping them.  I didn’t go back there, needless to say.

Speaking of cutting cuticles.  My mom told me that it is outlawed in Texas.  Is this true?  Texans, speak up.  Someone supposedly DIED from an infection they got at a nail salon where her cuticle was cut to the point of bleeding.  And now it’s outlawed.  Ooookay.

True or not, now I’m paranoid, so last night I asked the girl not to cut my cuticles, but to just push them back.  She looked at me like I had two heads, but she agreed.

Back to the TV.  They do not belong at the salon.  The noise is over-stimulating, not relaxing.  It’s not that I hate the TV.  I totally have a double standard.  I love my TV shows, but if someone else in the house is watching it, and I’m not, the noise drives me bananas.  Especially when they have it turned up unnecessarily loud.  At least when I watch TV, I try to keep the volume down to a reasonable decibel, out of respect for those around me.  And I never EVER keep it on just for background noise.  Makes me CUH-razy.

Anyone else?

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  1. They have the tvs at the checkouts of the Acme we shop at. It drives me NUTS. Crazy (?) us, but we don’t actually even own a tv at home… but are considering buying one just so we can watch the olympics later this summer.

  2. I think the absolute worst TV noise is the ESPN. Drives. Me. Crazy.

    I’m with you on the cuticle thing too. I’m incredibly particular about my manicures.

  3. Well, I didn’t know it was “outlawed” as in officially a law or anything, but I know it is highly discouraged. However, the main factor in this case is that this girl had multiple chronic illnesses, at least two of which impeded her circulation to the point where she was wheelchair bound. Decreased circulation to the feet = MUCH higher risk of infection. Especially when you get a pedicure and they dig into your toenails and then submerge them in water….in a tub that has not always been sterilized.

  4. I also meant to add that dear friend of my mothers is an inspector nail salons. After hearing her talk AND being aware that certain types of Hepatitis can live on a counter top or on an instrument such as a cuticle cutter FOR UP TO A MONTH, I’ve never been a big fan of letting them cut my cuticles.

    The Texas story you heard about involved a pedicure. Do they cut cuticles for a pedicure?

  5. Oh yes, I totally have a double standard just like yours 😉

    I hate tv noise. Unless a good movie is on! LOL

    I don’t know about the cuticle thing…..

  6. I am with you on the TV thing. I would never go to a salon with one. Somethings are sacred, you know?

    Also, I try really hard not to eat at restaurants that have them either. Because if I wanted to watch TV while eating I could eat in my living room. Also, when a TV is on I have the communication skills of a 5 year old during Barney…If the TV is on, even if i don’t like what’s on it, chances are I am going to look at it. So if I am with my husband or with a friend, I want the distractions to be at a minimum! I already have ENOUGH distraction in my life!

  7. i seriously would not even own a t.v. if it weren’t for the kids. they have them in their rooms so i don’t have to listen to the noise. there isn’t much on that’s worth my time to stop what i’m doing and sit and watch (waste time) for an hour or more each day. gimme a good book! my hubby will turn it on for noise or to listen to a game. i could care less about it. i get my news and entertainment from the paper and the internet. i’ve got my trusty radio for emergency weather stuff.

    the salon i’ve started going to is t.v. free thank goodness! they also have a “no kids under 13” rule (its also a day spa) so while this makes it necessary for me to have someone watch the kids whenever i go – it is a nice escape.

  8. FYI, you can usually purchase your own cuticle set and have them use it. Some nail salons also store them for you. It is definitely a concern and the ability to get an infection is there!

  9. No People? No Us? Waaah! They need to inspect that salon on lack of fluffy magazines.

    I don’t know if it’s illegal to clip cuticles, but I don’t think they are supposed to use the razor things for callouses anymore. Which I never let them use anyway–scary!

    I agree about the TV. Grrr.

  10. I can so relate to the T.V. noise peeve. When I come home from work, Mama Mia is very kind to leave the T.V. off for at lease a half an hour to let me veg and relax before adding more stimulation to my brain!

  11. The last time I went to the nail salon, they had both their big screen tvs on a show all about reptiles. It was so soothing sitting there getting my toes done while giant snakes and tarantulas crawling across the wall in front of me.

  12. I had no idea that cutting cuticles was outlawed in Texas, but I had a bad experience once. My friend took me to a salon she goes and I had a manicure done, well this girl made my fingers bleed as she was cutting my cuticles. After this experience I never again allowed anyone to cut my cuticles, just to push them back. So it’s outlawed in my book, lol.

  13. I am totally with you! I hate when the TV is on and I’m not watching it, especially if I’m trying to read or something…. it drives me nuts. I also hate it when you go to someone’s house to visit and the TV is on.

  14. It is not a law in Texas. Come on down and get a pedicure sometime. We have People, Us, Star…all the good ones! The salon I go to in Dallas actually plays Christian music and it is very relaxing. They do have a box for each person that contains our own clippers and files. Super nice. I think I will stop by today for some pampering!

  15. The salon I go has one, but that’s because the ladies 14 and 12 yr. olds are always there. However, every time I’ve been there, it’s been on a channel that plays music videos.

  16. I refuse to eat dinner at any place that has a tv in it because my husband won’t take his eyes off of it (it’s always sports, blech!) If I wanted to watch my husband watch tv while he ate I’d stay home!

    My inlaws are the worst. Once I turned the tv off at their house because no one was watching and my brother in law thought it was broken!

  17. As someone previously said, it’s not outlawed, but highly discouraged. Typically, they just push your cuticles back after soaking, which works pretty well, unless you have super-raggedy dry cuticles, in which case they trim them.

    When I worked for Nordstrom, I had weekly manicures, and on occasion, when she was trimming my cuticles, she would get lost in conversation and look up just as she was about to snip. It was always so painful and I was always so worried I was going to get some crazy disease, even with the sterilization. I learned pretty quickly NOT to talk when she was in the cuticle clipping mode.

  18. It is so true you can get a BAD infection from getting your nails done…been there, done that, got that T-shirt! Not sure about the TX law, but wouldn’t be surprised.
    I did read it’s best to push them back instead of cut them; but I never listen!

    TV-can’t stand it on for background noise! I HATE that. I know people who turn the dang thing on the minute they walk in the door! I loathe that! I am not a TV person UNLESS my show is on. Then it’s down and I turn on closed caption so I can read it in case I miss something…and also so I don’t have to have it loud!

    Can’t stand to go into somewhere and a show is on that I don’t want to watch..and it’s loud..and I’m not watching it!

    Tell it like it is!

    Hey, I just got an idea! LOL
    Wait and see!

  19. Can I get a AMEEEEN!

    I get sucked into TV just like the next person, but that doesn’t stop me from hating it. In fact, that might be the very reason I hate it! It becomes an addiction. People can no longer just sit and be in a quiet room! In the grocery store, at resteraunts, at the salon… ALWAYS there is music & TV, music & TV… How about a little conversation? Inner reflection? PEACE and effing QUIET?!!! *I shake my fists helplessly at the universe.*

  20. Cutting cuticles in NJ is not permitted.

    I actually, back in the day, went to school to become a nail technician. I am licensed with the state & that is like rule #1. It’s on the state boards.

    Stay out of any place that cuts the cuticles!!!!

  21. I’m with you on the TV. I too can easily get sucked in, which is why I try to make sure it’s off unless I really want to watch it.

    When my son goes down for his nap–off it goes. Pure quiet.

  22. My nail place always has soccer on T.V. They all watch it over our heads while rubbing our feet. I look at it as a way to make the pedicure last longer while I read my book. I live in Texas and they trimmed my cuticles at my last visit on Sunday.

  23. I remember a news story here (in TX) about a woman who did get an infection in her foot from a salon however, I think it was one of those rare things.

    There’s a tv in the salon I go to but it’s rarely turned up. I just read the “trash” mags too while I am there…

  24. You are right. TV’s are EVERYWHERE these days. Sometimes that’s good, say when there’s going to be a long wait in line… but usually it’s not. You feel bombarded by commercials and airwaves ALL. THE. TIME. now.

    I haven’t seen this movie in awhile, but it’s reminded me of “Back to the Future”. Part 1 and 2 actually.

  25. Yeah, its not outlawed in Tx. Well at least if it is then every nail place I have been to has be breaking the law!

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