Sensory Overload

WHAT is the deal with the dang TV?  They are EVERYwhere these days.  Even at the nail salon.  I thought the salon was supposed to be relaxing.  I generally like to sit back, crack open a People magazine (I’m so cultured) and pretend like I don’t have a care in the world for 45 minutes while I get pampered and beautified. 

But last night I found myself watching HGTV instead.  WHY?  Because there was a huge TV plastered in front of my face.  And not a trashy magazine in sight. 

At least it was tuned to HGTV.  A few months back, I went to a new salon because it happened to be on my way to where ever I was going.  And they were playing some loud, rated-R action movie.  Seriously, they were dropping the F-bomb every five minutes.  Relaxing?  Notsomuch.  Besides the fact that she cut my cuticle when she was clipping them.  I didn’t go back there, needless to say.

Speaking of cutting cuticles.  My mom told me that it is outlawed in Texas.  Is this true?  Texans, speak up.  Someone supposedly DIED from an infection they got at a nail salon where her cuticle was cut to the point of bleeding.  And now it’s outlawed.  Ooookay.

True or not, now I’m paranoid, so last night I asked the girl not to cut my cuticles, but to just push them back.  She looked at me like I had two heads, but she agreed.

Back to the TV.  They do not belong at the salon.  The noise is over-stimulating, not relaxing.  It’s not that I hate the TV.  I totally have a double standard.  I love my TV shows, but if someone else in the house is watching it, and I’m not, the noise drives me bananas.  Especially when they have it turned up unnecessarily loud.  At least when I watch TV, I try to keep the volume down to a reasonable decibel, out of respect for those around me.  And I never EVER keep it on just for background noise.  Makes me CUH-razy.

Anyone else?