Separation Anxiety and other Delightful One-Year Milestones

becca 10 mos - 1

Well, the honeymoon is over.

My sweet, happy-go-lucky baby who would go to anyone and play by herself for hours has turned into a clingy, mommy-obsessed tyrant who expects me to drop everything in order to cater to her every whim, which usually entails carrying all 20-some-pounds of her around the house as I perform all my housewifely duties one-handed.

If she happens to be playing independently, and I even think about sitting down at the computer, she is at my side instantly, reaching for me and whimpering.

If I am carrying her and pause to put her down momentarily while I do something that requires two hands, she immediately arches her back and flops backwards, all the while howling with righteous indignation.

And when I have the audacity to leave her in *gasp* the nursery, well, you would think someone inflicted her with some form of bodily harm.

My life, as I know it, is over for at least the next few months, if prior children are any indication. Meanwhile I am developing massive biceps and upper body endurance to rival any seasoned body builder.

In other noteworthy achievements, R is now pulling herself up to standing at will. She is utterly pleased with herself whenever she manages to perform this newest feat, and she loves it when we clap and cheer.

The other skill she has managed to acquire is that of climbing the first few steps, which means I have to drag out the dreaded baby gates. I have so enjoyed having a house free of babygates. Oh well, this too shall pass, right?

Finally, she is saying lots of words, the most obvious one being “Mama” much to my delight! She also says “Daddy” and “D” although it’s hard to tell those apart. She repeats everything she hears and babbles incessantly. We’re all trying to figure out how she will ever get a word in edgewise around here with her loquacious sister using up 90% of the sound waves.

Not that I’m complaining. She is happy, healthy, and thus far free of any known food allergies. (Little Guy is allergic to tree nuts and sesame, and Princess had allergies to eggs, dairy, and peanuts that she has fortunately outgrown.) She is a great eater, and she is finally sleeping through the night. Yay, Baby!!

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  1. It’s such a tough stage but before long she will be running away from you at full speed and hardly slowing down to get a hug in here and there. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. I feel for you! We’re at that stage also.

  2. I think you were in my house this past month! My little one who is 18 months hit the mommy only stage a while ago. You’re right. This too shall pass!

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