She is SO my daughter.

The two boys from across the street are here to play with my 5-year-old.  They decided to go outside, so I sent my daughter up to her room to grab a pair of shoes.

After a bit, I went upstairs to see what the hold-up was.  She had about five pairs of shoes and flip-flops laid out across the bed, and she was trying to get the boys to help her decide which pair to wear.

It’s in her blood, evidently.

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18 thoughts on “She is SO my daughter.

  1. teehee…Sounds sort of like my daughter except she knows exactly which pair she wants to wear and she would be telling the boys which pair they should be wearing.

    She’s a tad, shall we say, bossy.

  2. Do you know why that totally makes me laugh? I was leaving yesterday and she asked me on the way out: “Don’t you want to come see my shoes first?” I told her another time since I had to get home before the bus. She is great! Good to know we have immortalized ourselves in our children!

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